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Viveros.galindo.karla autonomous learner


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Viveros.galindo.karla autonomous learner

  1. 1. O Viveros Galindo Karla “Why I feel I can be an autonomous learner”
  2. 2. Autonomy The freedom and ability to manage one’s affairs, which entails the right to make decisions as well
  3. 3. Being an autonomous learner Cooperator Planner Evaluator Creative Autonomous learner Motivator Responsible Monitor
  4. 4. Motivation Human behaviour is motivated by 4 drives: 1. The drive to acquire 2. The drive to bond 3. The drive to defend 4. The drive to learn
  5. 5. (1980,Knowles) Bases of adult learners.• Increasing self-directed • Increasing experience learning • Motivation to learn • Concern about developing competence to achieve their full potencial • Prefering participation in performance-centred learning activities
  6. 6. Learning and Facilitating Principles • • • • • • Good health, well rested & distressed Good learning environment Planning activities with flexible time Past experience is used by both Opportunities for testing activities Positive self-concept and high selfesteem • Self-direction in learning is facilitated when the learner is assisted to learn how to learn
  7. 7. Selfesteem Ability to take control of the process Autonomou s learner Positive selfconcept Evaluate my progress Accept changes Solve problems
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