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Secondary granule


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Dear ladies and gentlemen!
An enterprise on processing of polymers offers a secondary granule:
- Polyethylene of low-density(LDPE)
- Polyethylene of high-density(НDPE)
- Linear polyethylene of low-density( LLDPE)
-Polypropylene( РР).
- pipe granule of HDPE + LDPE
We hope on a fruitful and mutually beneficial collaboration.

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Secondary granule

  1. 1. Production of secondary granulePromoted company in 2004.Engages in processing and sale ofsecondary granular andagglomerated raw material.
  2. 2. Secondary granule Services- Polyethylene of low-density (LDPE) - Processing of wastes(recycling)- Polyethylene of high-density (НDPE) - Utilization of wastes of container and- Linear polyethylene of low-density packing ( LLDPE)- PS (HIPS)- Polypropylene ( РР)- pipe granule of HDPE + LDPE- Agglomerated stretch (washed)
  3. 3. -Secondary granule LDPE -158-03Feedstock- sleeve tape.Volume of 15 t/monthFor the receipt of small and big, blownwares, thin and thick tapes, tapes of thegeneral setting.- Polyethylene high-pressure a153(feedstock - that tape) -10-30-t/month, color - natural, is grey.Volume of 20 t/monthFor making of stand-pipes, фитингов, forming of the blownwares of large capacity, for tapes andpellicle wares
  4. 4. - polyethylene of LP is castable (a feedstockis a box, pelves, buckets) - a 20t/month, color - white, isgrey, black, red, yellow, blue, green.The selection of color is possible on thecatalogue of RAL.For making of corps, put., boxes, andother, 277 with the improved descriptions.For making of container and wares of thecultural and welfare setting and economiceveryday life.- polyethylene of LP is an extrusion (afeedstock is tanks, vials from undercleansers) - a 20 t/month, color - white, isgrey, black, red, yellow, green, blue.The selection of color is possible on thecatalogue of RAL.For making of capacity., pipes(gas-water), hoses of and other 276 with theimproved descriptions(firmness tospalling).For shaping of capacities, forpacking, technical liquids(oils, antifreeze).
  5. 5. - secondary granule of stretch for theproduction of polymers tile, ruberoid.Volume of 50 t/month- polyethylene high-pressure linear(afeedstock is stretch tape) -10-30-t/month, color - natural.Used as addition at the extrusion oftape, at casting of any plastic wares, forcomposition materials of and other
  6. 6. Secondary granule PS (HIPS), initialmaterial is entrails of refrigerator, lid oftelevision.The selection of color is possible on thecatalogue of RAL.Color grey, black.Volume of 15-20 t/monthIntended for making by the methods ofextrusion, vacuum-moulding andcasting under constraint. Making ofwares of industrial-use and commoditiesof folk consumption; in particular,stuffdetails of refrigerators, electricalengineering, radiotechnical wares.
  7. 7. Polypropylene - castable(feedstock -domestic plastics) - a 15 t/month, color -white, isgrey, black, red, yellow, green, blue.The selection of color is possible on thecatalogue of RAL.For making of tape, those. wares and sofurther.(analogue And-4, Lysychansk)
  8. 8. Secondary granule for the production ofpolyethylene(PE) pipes – HDPE 50 % +LDPE 50 %. Color black.It maybe to make composition underYour material. For example: 30g0 etc.Volume to 50 t/monthFor making of connecting details etc.For a pipe polyethylene cold water-supply, sewagesystem, ventilation, systems of gas-supplying etc(PE - black)
  9. 9. Agglomerate of polyethylene high-pressure linear(a feedstock is stretchtape) - 50 ton. Color - natural, white.Material passes the stage of washing.Used as basic material is in theproduction of stretch tape.
  10. 10. Our enterprise is ready to render next services you in processing of secondary wastes;- crushing of hard plastics(box, different wares) (ПП, PE, PS).- agglomeration of LDPE, HDPE, stretch - tapes with sorting and without.- washing of PP, LDPE, HDPE, PS.- processing PP, LDPE, HDPE, PS.It maybe to consider the variants of delivery of the prepared granule.We accept on processing, to any complication, wastes of different plastics by crushing, washing, drying and granulation.We will be glad to cooperate with enterprises, searching the way of utilization of wastes of polymers, and also with enterprises using secondary granule.
  11. 11. Our company offers and produces services in collection, sorting, transportation, processing and utilization of the container(packing) actually used by an enterprise for packing and transportation of the products(license of Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine ) produced and imported by him.Execution of works on utilization of wastes takes place methods, providing safety of life, health of man and environment.We guarantee:- to give all necessary package of documents, confirmative fact of utilization;- conclusion of treaty and export of material in short terms ;From a customer required:- in the telephone mode to give more exact information about kinds, amount of wastes subject to utilization;- to design as a request.The final cost of order is determined by the specialist of department of enterprise from declared to utilization of wastes and his amount.We work for those companies that begin to think about ecology of environment and utilization of garbage, and it:• it is utilization of industrial wastes;• it is recycling;• it is processing of plastic bottles;• it is processing of plastic wastes• it is processing of wastes of polymers;• it is processing of plastic.
  12. 12. If you are interested in a collaboration with our Company, we ask to apply to this address: Address: Ukraine 50022 Str. Pereyaslovskaya, 7 Tel:(097) 414-39-54, (056) 401-08-91, (067) 591-49-39 Fax: (056) 401-08-91 E - Mail : E - Mail: Internet: