ODaF 2010 Linked Data in the Netherlands


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ODaF 2010 Linked Data in the Netherlands

  1. 1. Linked Data: Ongoing Activities in the Netherlands<br />Rinke Hoekstra<br />
  2. 2. Overview<br />http://www.slideshare.net/rinkehoekstra/<br />Quick overview<br />Rinke Hoekstra (VUA/UvA)<br />Linked Data usage in the Dutch government <br />OWMS<br />Hans Overbeek (ICTU)<br />Access to Political Data<br />Mark van Assem (VUA/Geencommentaar)<br />Augmented Reality<br />Dan Brickley (VUA)<br />
  3. 3. Community<br />Dutch Semantic Web Meetups<br />Informal meetings<br />Broad community<br />http://esw.w3.org/DutchSemanticWebMeetups/<br />Meetups<br />12th February 2010<br />Linking Open Dutch Data<br />~100 participants<br /> 3rd June 2010<br />Usage of Semantics (JansAasman, Franz Inc.)<br />29th June <br />Belgian “Semantic Meetup” in Amsterdam<br />
  4. 4. Current State<br />Linked Data vs. Linked Open Data<br />Academic community<br />Linked data as a technology (Semantic Web)<br />Applied to a domain<br />Cultural heritage<br />Health Care & Life sciences<br />Law<br />Community outside academia<br />Grassroots<br />Closely tied with open data initiatives, <br />e.g. Hack de Overheid (hack the government)<br />Institutions<br />Cultural heritage, some eager government bodies<br />
  5. 5. ... and government policy?<br />NL gov. has not quite seen the light yet<br />Government structure does not help<br />Open data still scares people<br />... afraid of having to open up more data<br />Standards usage<br />Hesitant move to “open” (read: non gov) standards<br />G2G, B2G, G2B increasingly standardised<br />C2G somewhat standardised<br />Filing taxes, online forms etc.<br />G2C increasingly standardised<br />Accessibility guidelines (for the visually impaired)<br />OWMS, standaarden.overheid.nl<br />
  6. 6. Open Data in NL (1)<br />Lots of municipalities<br />Delft, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam ...<br />Mostly statistical “data” (buurtmonitor)<br />National government<br />Schools, school performance (OCW)<br />Police and Crime<br />Health and Environment<br />Traffic Data<br />Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)<br />Government owned buildings<br />Political debates (Parlando/Parlis)<br />Laws, judgements (deep links)<br />Spatial plans (has a WFS service)<br />Often no URIs, no REST APIs<br />
  7. 7. Open Data in NL (2)<br />Small scale subsidies, grassroots initiatives<br />www.hackdeoverheid.nl<br />www.vrijedata.nl<br />www.schoolvinder.nl<br />www.vervuilingsalarm.nl<br />www.datzouhandigzijn.nl<br />www.openkvk.nl<br />www.politwoops.nl<br />www.ikregeer.nl<br />www.parlis.nl<br />www.geencommentaar.nl/parlando/<br />www.politix.nl<br />qkoorts.openstreetmap.nl<br />cc.geencommentaar.nl... ask Mark van Assem<br />http://nl.ckan.net<br />... being translated to Dutch<br />... some data from the municipality of Delft<br />
  8. 8. Linked Data in NL (1)<br />National Government<br />Overheid.nl Web Metadata Standaard (OWMS)<br />ICTU, Ministry of the Interior<br />http://standaarden.overheid.nl/owms<br />step towards http://data.overheid.nl<br />... talk to Hans Overbeek<br />Metadata Workbench<br />JustitiëleInformatiedienst (JID), Ministry of Justice<br />Conceptual model in OWL<br />XML Schemas, and XML messages refer back to these categories<br />
  9. 9. Linked Data in NL (2)<br />National Government/Law<br />Rechtspraak.nl (Judgments)<br />Council of the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice<br />Step-by-step migration to Linked Data, now still XML<br />http://www.rechtspraak.nl<br />Shameless self-ad: http://www.best-project.nl<br />Legal advice database (internal)<br />Council of State (Raad van State)<br />Pilot project<br />ESCAPE<br />University of Groningen/University of Twente<br />Notes on new judgments written by legal professionals <br />http://escape.utwente.nl/show/80<br />
  10. 10. Linked Data in NL (3)<br />Law/Legislation<br />MetaLex/FastLex and AkomaNtoso<br />Family of XML languages for expressing legal sources<br />Use of RDFa attributes to encode metadata<br />Adoption by European Parliament is foreseen<br />http://www.metalex.eu<br />Cultural Heritage<br />Europeana<br />Connect all European libraries<br />Thought Lab<br />Louvre, Rijksmuseum, Netherlands Institute for Art History<br />http://www.europeana.eu/portal/thought-lab.html<br />Standard vocabularies in SKOS<br />KoninklijkeBibliotheek (KB), VU University Amsterdam<br />National History Museum<br />
  11. 11. Linked Data in NL (4)<br />Government Statistics<br />Onderzoek en Statistiek Amsterdam<br />Pilot study<br />Adopting SKOS, SCOVO, SDMX-RDF<br />Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS)<br />... must be doing something, since they’re here.<br />
  12. 12. Linked Data in NL (5)<br />Technology and Research<br />Large Knowledge Collider (LarKC) <br />Large scale reasoning and analysis<br />Pluginarchitecture<br />Efficiency improvements<br />Storage, querying, reasoning (WebPIE)<br />Linked Data and Augmented Reality<br />... ask Dan Brickley<br />
  13. 13. Linked Data in NL (6)<br />Technology and Research<br />Vocabulary development<br />Vocabulary merging and alignment<br />Automatic annotation, entity extraction<br />Domain dependent applications<br />Language development (e.g. via W3C)<br />Friend of a Friend (FOAF)<br />Vocabulary specification (SKOS)<br />Ontology specification (OWL, OWL 2)<br />Linked data specification (RDF, RDFa)<br />SDMX-RDF... who knows?<br />
  14. 14. On Elephants and Rooms<br />community<br />mass conversion<br />linked data != open data<br />scalable tools<br />
  15. 15. Thanks<br />Dan, Mark, Christophe, Hans <br />
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Access to political data<br />Kamervragen & Kamerstukken (agenda's, Handelingen)<br /><ul><li>Data managed by a company, SDU
  18. 18. http://parlando.sdu.nl/
  19. 19. Site is badly designed
  20. 20. Does not provide stable URLs 
  21. 21. promised solution in 2006
  22. 22. nothing happened
  23. 23. (finally replaced by parlis.nl)</li></ul>http://www.geencommentaar.nl/parlando/  (early 2007)<br /><ul><li>Shell around original system
  24. 24. Stable URLs based on document number
  25. 25. Built in 8 hrs </li></li></ul><li>Access to political data<br />Votes<br /><ul><li>individual votes are registered, but not published
  26. 26. only votes of whole party are published
  27. 27. repeated requests and petitions to Parliament have been rebuffed </li></li></ul><li>Access to political data<br />Kamervragen & Kamerstukken (agenda's, Handelingen)<br /><ul><li>Data managed by a company, SDU
  28. 28. http://parlando.sdu.nl/
  29. 29. Not very user-friendly
  30. 30. Does not provide stable URLs (no way to “save” your search result 
  31. 31. promised solution in 2006
  32. 32. nothing happened
  33. 33. (finally replaced by parlis.nl)</li></ul>http://www.geencommentaar.nl/parlando/  (early 2007)<br /><ul><li>Shell around original system
  34. 34. Stable URLs based on document number
  35. 35. Built in 8 hrs </li></li></ul><li>Access to political data<br />IkRegeer.nl (early 2008) <br /><ul><li>Kamerstukken, categorized
  36. 36. OK interface
  37. 37. Dossiers
  38. 38. Linking of questions to answers
  39. 39. email alert for answers
  40. 40. Twitter feed
  41. 41. Open API </li></li></ul><li> <br />Political tools, mashups, ...<br />Politix.nl (2008)<br /><ul><li>Law proposals
  42. 42. Amendementen
  43. 43. Voting of parties
  44. 44. Data: from Parlando (probably scraping)</li></li></ul><li>Political tools, mashups, ...<br />CoalitieChecker – http://cc.geencommentaar.nl<br /><ul><li>Which coalitions are possible? 
  45. 45. Above X seats?
  46. 46. In/excluding these parties?
  47. 47. How many seats does my preferred coalition have?
  48. 48. Ranking of coalitions based on seats
  49. 49. Based on poll data
  50. 50. Manually entered</li></li></ul><li>
  51. 51. AR Themes<br />Open geo data<br />Social Web<br />Privacy<br />OAuth APIs<br />newbreeders.com<br />layar.com<br />Cultural Heritage<br />Startups...<br />wikitude.org<br />Govt data<br />Facebook’s Open Graph<br />newbreeders.com<br />newbreeders.com<br />
  52. 52. AR as iceberg...?<br />From the bits we can<br /> see (3D, mobile, ...)<br />...to the things that <br />need to happen to <br />get the right info where <br />and when you need it.<br />(open data, common <br />formats, shared APIs,...)<br />