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Hoekstra Dutch Semweb Gettogether 20090316


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Hoekstra Dutch Semweb Gettogether 20090316

  1. 1. Law and Semantic Web<br />Representation of regulations using Semantic Web languages<br />Legal reasoning using standard (DL) reasoners<br />Issue: “What if two sources say different things?”<br />Specificity (…)<br />Lex Superior<br />Temporal Validity (overwrite)<br />Lex Posterior<br />Applicability to old cases<br />Authority (implicit)<br />Lex Superior<br />Jurisdiction<br />Location (…)<br />Jurisdiction<br />Scope (deeming provision)<br />Import (documents)<br />References to definitions, not documents<br /><br />Rinke Hoekstra (VU/UvA) and Saskia van de Ven (UvA)<br />