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Tony Ryan


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Published in: Education
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Tony Ryan

  1. 1. Six Steps To Surviving And Thriving In Teaching In recent years, highly professional teachers throughout the world have become exhausted by the increasing pressures of their daily work. In spite of their dedication, they have sometimes struggled to survive, let alone thrive. In such a dramatically changing workplace, it can become difficult to attain any semblance of a balance between professional work and outside ‘life’. There are no quick-fix cures available for this daily struggle. However, we have offered below six key points for helping you to thrive through a very busy year. 1. Look after yourself first. It is not a selfish action to look after yourself before you look after others. In fact, if you are a teacher, it is vital that you have the personal energy to thrive in your everyday environment. Otherwise, you will not be able to do the best that you can for the students in your care. Take time out to simply be yourself. List ten activities that cre