Nice collection of ring enhancers at ringguards


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Ring enhancers are the ring bands. They are meant to be worn with or around a solitaire diamond if you are going to buy solitaire-enhancers then visit to there is a lot of range of solitaire-enhancers.

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Nice collection of ring enhancers at ringguards

  1. 1. Nice Collection of Ring Enhancers At ringguards.comGuards and Wraps are a type of ring enhancer. Both types are usually used as aform ofprotection for an engagement ring. Thankfully there are many more option forbeautiful anddiversified looks in this area of jewelry. Having said that, purchasing one can be alargecommitment, so knowing what you want is key. The biggest factors to consider arewhat yourgoal is in purchasing one, budget, and ensuring the perfect fit for your engagementring.Guards come in many shapes. The most usual type is simple plain and safe allmetal guard.These are the ones that are used most certainly for the protection of theengagement ring.Normally they are made with only one thing in mind, and that is protecting the weakpoints ofan engagement ring, with no regard at all to fashion. The center stone, evendiamonds, have alot of exposed edges, which are delicate and easily chipped or damaged. Adding asimple metalguard will give a high level or protection by simply providing a layer of metalbetween the stoneand anything that comes into contact with the stone.For those people that prefer to see some dazzle, thankfully, they have many optionswith moreornate options. Many people love the three stone look, but have a solitaireengagement ring.Adding a guard or wrap can offer the illusion of a gorgeous three stone ring withoutactuallyadding anything or adjusting anything to the engagement ring. Also, many optionsare added by
  2. 2. adding several side stone shapes or side stone type to give a completely differentlook to thebridal jewelry set. The possibilities are endless once one considers the possiblecombinations ofgemstones, diamonds and moissanite. Furthermore, one can also explore theoptions of detailwork such as millgrain or filigree. Adding detail work such as filigree or millgrain to aguard orwrap can give your entire bridal jewelry set a new looks. It can take your bridal setfrom simpleto ornate or even to vintage and antique. Adding semi-precious stones are agrowingly popularlook. Adding a birthstone can make your bridal jewelry set not only fashionable butsentimental.You can also add colored stones to match eye colors, making it an increasinglypersonal lookand feeling. Having said that, using a child’s birthstone gives the jewelry anincreasingsentimental value.About Us:-We own and operate as We offer endless combinations of gemstonesand metals. Some of the metals we offer are sterling silver, yellow gold plated sterling silver androse gold plated sterling silver. Every ring is carefully hand crafted and made to yourspecifications.Contact Us:-Address:-TwoBirch, LLC,265 E 66 Street,Suite 17E,New YorkNY 10065Contact No.-646-723-0383