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Ringgold Webinar Series: Learn How to Use the CDO to Maximum Advantage


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Ringgold wants to ensure that the Consortium Directory Online is helping our customers to reach their sales goals. We offered this general training session on Tues 20 Jan 2015 which reviewed key features, showing our customers how to:

- Create target lists of consortia to align with your broader sales strategy
- Download contact details, membership lists, and full profiles
- Find consortia licensing competing content but not your own
- Reveal information to assist with negotiation & creation of offers

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Ringgold Webinar Series: Learn How to Use the CDO to Maximum Advantage

  1. 1. Ringgold Webinar Series January 20 2015
  2. 2. Ringgold’s Vision A scholarly supply chain where information and data about subscribers, authors, readers, and content is able to flow easily and without confusion. Trust in data increases, and more confident decisions can be made.
  3. 3. High-Quality Institutional Data  Ringgold’s established expertise in providing validated, structured, curated information on institutions which make up the scholarly supply chain.  Identify database was founded in 2005. It has since grown to include entries on more than 400,000 institutions – including consortia. Home of the Ringgold Identifier, a unique ID used to link data in the CDO, and by many publishers and intermediaries.  Consortia are a particularly complex set of institutions of high value and importance to publishers.
  4. 4. Consortium Directory Online
  5. 5. What We’ll Cover Today  Develop prospect lists  Consortia licensing similar content  Specialist consortia  Gauge global or regional consortia market for your products  Enhance your CRM & creation of mailing lists  Inform negotiations with key information  Review consortia information available in Identify  Reduce time spent on research
  6. 6. CDO Contents  All content researched by Ringgold’s CDO Editor, Moritz Schick. Only verifiable information is included, according to Ringgold’s editorial policy.  Over 425 active consortia records from more than 100 countries  All consortia fully profiled for membership, vendors licensed, with information on licensing terms, negotiation process, and full contact details.
  7. 7. Expansion & Maintenance  We added 16 new consortia profiles in 2014: 3 in India, 2 in the United States, 1 in Canada. Six were in countries which had not been previously included in CDO (Algeria, Cyprus, Morocco, Myanmar, Romania, Tunisia).  Three records were created due to customer requests.  New CDO entries are disseminated in our Customer Bulletin, CDO Bulletin (3x per year), and Twitter feed.  Regular updates: All entries are fully reviewed at least once per year, highly active consortia are updated more frequently.
  8. 8. Reminders About Your Subscription  Access is enterprise wide: All divisions may utilize complete array of CDO features and data.  CDO Online: Ringgold’s web interface. Accessible via UN/PW and IP addresses.  Weekly data feed: Direct feed of complete CDO database for incorporation into your own data warehouse or systems is available upon request.  Subscriptions available for CDO Complete and pre-set regions (North America, Europe, ROW). Customized regions also available.
  9. 9.  Training sessions for your team are available upon request  Contact or your account manager  Request a new consortia profile or update of an existing one via the Feedback button  Help & support links are embedded throughout the CDO
  10. 10. Any Suggestions? Questions?
  11. 11. Christine Orr Sales Director christine.orr @ Tel: 540.359.6620 Clean Data. Confident Decisions.