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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Consortium Directory Online Slide Show Demonstration
  2. 2. Home page
  3. 3. Log-in Usernames and passwords are provided for remote access, users within an IP range providing access will not see this screen.
  4. 4. Search screen All searches can be run in conjunction with each other, e.g. search by country and vendor.
  5. 5. Search by name Search can be by name or acronym, and can be a truncated if you are not sure of the full name.
  6. 6. Search results Link to Link to PDF profile consortium Ringgold’s details Identify database Links to the Ringgold database require users to be logged in to Identify
  7. 7. Search by member institution Search by member institution with truncated search. Select “Consortium member” from the drop down box.
  8. 8. Search resultsClick on link toconsortiumdetails
  9. 9. Consortium details Live links to vendorLive link toconsortiummember whichlists consortiaof which it is amember
  10. 10. Link from consortium details Clicking on link from consortium details displays institution selected and lists the consortia of which it is a member, enables free flowing browsing. Links from vendor display consortia licensing content from that vendor.
  11. 11. Search geographically By Region
  12. 12. By Country
  13. 13. By State orProvince forNorth America
  14. 14. Search for consortia in France
  15. 15. Search results Click on PDF link to reveal profile.
  16. 16. PDF profileContact detailsincluding keycontacts fornegotiation
  17. 17. Information about the consortium Listing of the vendors/products licensed
  18. 18. List of members, by type or geographically
  19. 19. Background information such as history and aims ofthe consortium, information about its structure withlists of committee members.
  20. 20. E-content acquisition policy including: information on how theconsortium goes about licensing; links to model licences and FTEdata; information about timing, processes and deal breaking licenceterms.
  21. 21. Information about funding, and where possible budget. Services consortium offers in marketing to members
  22. 22. Search by consortium activity Licensing – Closed reveals consortia operating all-in, en bloc procurement. Licensing – Opt-in reveals consortia operating opt-in deals.
  23. 23. Search for subject specialist consortia Reveals consortia which are specialists, e.g. only interested in Law.
  24. 24. Search by member type Search will reveal all consortia with selected member type amongst its members.
  25. 25. Search by vendor licensed All vendors licensing to consortia.
  26. 26. Search for consortia licensing from ACS
  27. 27. Search resultsList of consortialicensing contentfrom AmericanChemical Society
  28. 28. Export function - contactsTick to exportcontact detailsto Excel.
  29. 29. Preview screenList of theconsortiaselected tocheck
  30. 30. Exported spreadsheet Consortium Contact Person, Job Address, Phone, Fax, Email, Title, Email, Phone No. Web Address
  31. 31. Export function - membersTick to exportmembers lists toExcel.
  32. 32. Preview screenList of theconsortiaselected tocheck
  33. 33. Exported spreadsheet Consortium(acronym, full name and Ringgold number) Membership with Ringgold number Next Consortium
  34. 34. Analysis tools Boolean searching by vendor licensed. Up to four vendors can be included.
  35. 35. Using the tools Select the region if required“NOT” functionenables creation oftarget lists based on Select vendorsconsortia licensingfrom competitorsbut not your owncontent.
  36. 36. Live links to Results column shows consortia consortium which have licensed content fromResults details ACS but not RSC. Export contacts or members Open PDF Profile Link to Identify
  37. 37. Glossary
  38. 38. Useful InformationLinks to majorlibrarystatementsand licensingprinciples, often adhered toby libraryconsortia andreferred to inPDF profile.
  39. 39. Access Access is provided by IP range authentication and username and password access for remote use. Access is organisation-wide with no restrictions on usage or number of users. Access is not provided to external sales representatives which are also representing other organisations unless they subscribe themselves.
  40. 40. Subscriptions The Consortium Directory Online is available on annual subscription for organisation-wide use. Subscriptions operate on an anytime start basis. Subscriptions are available covering consortia worldwide, or by region:  North America  Europe  Rest of the World. Bespoke geographical selections can be created on request.
  41. 41. Thank youFor further information please contact:Laura CoxRinggold, Inc.laura.cox@ringgold.comTel: +44 (0) 1327 858902