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Titles in Nephrology 2010
Regenerative Medicine, Artificial Cells and Nanomedicine – Vol. 2                               ...
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Titles in Nephrology 2010

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Nephrology 2010


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Nephrology 2010

  1. 1. C o n n e c t i n g G r e a t M i n d s Titles in Nephrology 2010 A PRACTICAL MANUAL OF RENAL MEDICINE RECENT ADVANCES IN IGA NEPHROPATHY Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation edited by Kar Neng Lai (University of Hong Kong, edited by Kar Neng Lai (The University of Hong Hong Kong) Kong, Hong Kong) IgA nephropathy is the This manual provides practical and accessible most common primary information on all aspects of general nephrology, glomerulonephritis in dialysis, and transplantation. It outlines current developed countries. The therapies in straightforward language to help primary defect lies in the readers understand the treatment rationale, and abnormalities of the IgA does not assume extensive knowledge of anatomy, molecule. The disease biochemistry, or pathophysiology. Consisting affects all ages, mainly in of 33 chapters written by 31 experts from four the young adults, and may continents, this volume covers all the practical recur in a transplanted tips in the emergency and long-term management kidney. of patients with electrolyte disturbance, acid- This outstanding volume base disturbance, acute renal failure, common provides a comprehensive glomerular diseases, hypertension, pregnancy- overview of the advances related renal disorders, chronic renal failure, and in this disease over the renal replacement therapy. It is thus an essential last ten years. It covers the source of quick reference for nephrologists, genetics, epidemiology, internists, renal fellows, and renal nursing clinicopathological specialists, and is also suitable for graduate students and research scientists in the field features, pathogenesis, prognostic mechanisms, and treatment of kidney diseases. of this unique disease. Twenty-seven chapters are written by 43 Contents: General Management of Renal Patients: Potassium Disturbances (J C M experts from 13 countries; these experts have been providing Chan); Sodium and Water Disturbances (T S Ing); Acute Renal Failure (K N Lai); Selected forefront scientific findings to the scientific community for the Problems in General Nephrology (K N Lai); Urinary Tract Infections (E Lee); Chronic last 20 years. The book covers all clinical, pathological and Renal Failure and Dialysis: Hemodialysis (A K Cheung & B Reddy); Hemofiltration (K molecular aspects of IgA nephropathy. L Tong); Prevention and Management of Renal Osteodystrophy (D B N Lee); Treatment This is an essential source of reference for nephrologists, of Renal Anemia (B Pussell & R Walker); Routine Investigations for Dialysis Patients internists, pathologists, and molecular biologists. It is also (S Tang); Renal Transplantation: Pretransplant Donor and Recipient Work-up (L suitable reading for graduate students or research scientists in Chan); Management Guidelines for Peritransplantation (J Chapman); Management of the field of kidney diseases. Other Medical Complications After Renal Transplantation (T M Chan); Special Renal Investigations: Diagnosis of Renal Tubular Acidosis (J C M Chan); Treatment of Renal Readership: Nephrologists, internists, pathologists, and Tubular Acidosis (J C M Chan); Radiology in Renal Patients: Imaging and Interventional molecular biologists, as well as graduate students or research Treatment of Nephrological Problems (A Lai & F Chu); Imaging and Interventional scientists in the field of kidney diseases. Treatment of Dialysis-Related Problems (A Lai & F Chu); and other chapters. 440pp Jan 2009 Readership: Nephrologists, internists, renal fellows, and renal nurses; graduate medical 978-981-283-586-4 US$136 £110 students and research scientists specializing in kidney diseases. 528pp Jul 2009 978-981-283-871-1(pbk) US$58 £44 Preferred Publisher of Leading Thinkers
  2. 2. Titles in Nephrology 2010 Regenerative Medicine, Artificial Cells and Nanomedicine – Vol. 2 ACUTE RENAL FAILURE IN PRACTICE PRESENT AND FUTURE THERAPIES FOR END-STAGE RENAL DISEASE by Paul Glynne, Andrew Allen & Charles Pusey edited by Eli A Friedman & Mary C Mallappallil (SUNY Downstate Medical Center, USA) (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London) Written by an interdisciplinary team of experts, this book contains historical information as well as current update on renal replacement therapy. New technology and techniques are Acute Renal Failure in Practice, presented in a concise, easy-to-read style that keeps the reader interested. e d i t e d by p ra c t i s i n g r e n a l The contributors include physicians who practise uremia therapy since its conception to more physicians, is the essential guide recent graduates, along with surgeons, pioneers and physicians who are patients themselves, to the clinical management of thus giving readers the broadest perspective. patients with acute renal failure and its complex, life-threatening The aim of the book is to update the reader on renal replacement therapy as of 2009. It is a metabolic sequelae. This book textbook that can be read cover to cover and still serve as a fine reference guide. The book explains the workings of the is targeted at anyone interested in kidney replacement therapy, from students and patients to normal kidney, illustrates the the professorial level. aetiology and pathophysiology of 200pp (approx.) Winter 2009 acute renal disease, and provides 978-981-4280-02-0 US$85 £64 practical treatment guidelines relevant to the day-to- day needs of the practising clinician. There is a clear emphasis on the underlying pathogenic mechanisms DIALYSIS: History, Development and Promise naturally leading to a full understanding of the rationale edited by Todd S Ing (Loyola University Chicago, USA & Veterans Affairs Hospital, USA), behind the recommended treatments. Each chapter is Mohamed Rahman (Alexian Brothers Medical Center) & Carl M Kjellstrand (Loyola illustrated throughout by coloured tables and diagrams, University Chicago, USA) and incorporates unique easy-to-follow “practice points” algorithms which detail, step-by-step, the precise treatment This book describes the past, present and future of dialysis and dialysis-related renal protocols required to succeed in caring for these complex replacement therapies so that the reader can acquire a firm grasp of the medical management patients. An entire section is dedicated to dealing with of acute and chronic renal failure. patients who develop acute renal failure in specific By becoming thoroughly conversant with the past and present of dialysis, a health care hospital settings, such as the labour ward or intensive care professional will be in a much better position to provide the best standard of care to patients unit. Doctors working in a wide range of acute medical suffering from renal failure. As the book highlights the unsolved operational obstacles in specialities frequently encounter patients with acute renal the field of renal replacement therapies, future innovators may be inspired to develop novel failure and will therefore find this an invaluable clinical solutions to tackle these problems. This remarkable work is a must-read not just for health handbook. care providers in the dialysis industry, but for patients, dialysis equipment manufacturers as 596pp Nov 2002 well as pharmaceutical companies. 978-1-86094-216-7 US$159 £128 700pp (approx.) Winter 2010 978-1-86094-287-7(pbk) US$76 £61 978-981-4289-75-7 US$98 £74 :: Textbook :: Textbook CLINICAL NEPHROLOGY DIABETIC FOOT PROBLEMS 2nd Edition edited by Aziz Nather (National University of Singapore, Singapore) by Woo Keng Thye (Singapore This pioneering textbook is the first one ever on diabetic foot General Hospital & National problems. With contributions from a multidisciplinary panel of University of Singapore) experts, it presents a comprehensive curriculum on the topic. This This textbook provides a broad includes global and socio-economic aspects of diabetes; a team review of kidney diseases with approach; basic science of the foot (anatomy and biomechanics); regard to symptoms, investigation clinical assessment and classification systems for diabetic foot and treatment. It deals with a problems; endocrine aspects; diabetic foot infections (clinical variety of clinical entities, such as glomerulonephritis, renal presentation and management); amputations in diabetic foot surgery stones, hypertension, urinary infection and renal failure. (predictive factors, major and distal amputations, rehabilitation and Chapters on dialysis and transplantation highlighting phantom pain management); care of diabetic wounds (including local incidence and statistics are included. The current the role of the latest technologically advanced dressings, vacuum concepts and therapies of kidney diseases as well as the dressings, anodyne therapy, ultrasonic debridement and extracorporeal shockwave therapy); latest statistics on kidney diseases are also covered. In this and diabetic footcare and diabetic footwear. edition, the author has incorporated the results of recent Readership: Endocrinologists, orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, infectious disease consultants, clinical trials in renal therapeutics into various chapters nurse educators, specialized wound care nurses, foot screen nurses, counselors, rehabilitation of the book, and provided abstracts and references where professionals, dietitians, vascular surgeons and skin cover surgeons. relevant. 604pp May 2008 Written in a clear and concise style, Clinical Nephrology will 978-981-279-151-1 US$118 £74 serve as an invaluable practical guide for medical students 978-981-279-152-8(pbk) US$78 £48 and doctors preparing for their higher examinations. 360pp Nov 2002 978-981-238-085-2(pbk) US$27 £22 2
  3. 3. Essential Books for Scientists WORLD SCIENTIFIC ~ IMPERIAL COLLEGE PRESS WHEN THE SCIENTIST PRESENTS SCIENCE RESEARCH WRITING FOR An Audio and Video Guide to Science Talks NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS OF ENGLISH (With DVD-ROM) by Hilary Glasman-Deal (Imperial College London, UK) by Jean-Luc Lebrun (Trainer of researchers and scientists from A*STAR Research Institutes, Singapore & Former Director, This book is designed to enable non-native English speakers Apple-ISS Research Centre, Singapore) to write science research for publication in English. It is a practical, user-friendly book intended as a fast, do-it-yourself “This is by light-years the best guide to designing and presenting guide for those whose English language proficiency is above lectures. Lebrun writes in a lively, direct way, and every page intermediate. The approach is based on material developed from is brimming with good sense and practical hints. It’s just plain teaching graduate students at Imperial College London and has fun to read When the Scientist Presents, even if your lecture is been extensively piloted. The book guides the reader through perfect!” the process of writing science research and will also help with Roald Hoffmann, Nobel laureate in Chemistry and writer writing a Master’s or Doctoral thesis in English. 280pp (approx.) Fall 2009 180pp (approx.) Fall 2009 978-1-84816-309-6 US$68 £51 978-981-283-919-0 US$55 £41 978-1-84816-310-2(pbk) US$38 £29 978-981-283-920-6(pbk) US$35 £26 SOLVING EVERYDAY PROBLEMS WITH THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD Thinking Like a Scientist by Don K Mak, Angela T Mak & Anthony B Mak This book describes how one can use The Scientific Method to solve everyday problems including medical ailments, health issues, money management, traveling, shopping, cooking, household chores, etc. It illustrates how to exploit the information collected from our five senses, how to solve problems when no information is available for the present problem situation, how to increase our chances of success by redefining a problem, and how to extrapolate our capabilities by seeing a relationship among heretofore unrelated concepts. 236pp Jan 2009 978-981-283-509-3 US$40 £24 C h e c k o u t t h e s e b o o k s a t w w w. wo r l d s c i b o o k s. co m Check out more titles at AD XQ 06 09 28 A52.indd 1 6/23/09 10:11:26 AM TITLE AUTHOR PUB ISBN13 US$ £ DATE ACUTE SURGICAL MANAGEMENT HWANG NIAN CHIH ET AL Jul-04 9789812386816 176 99 AUTOLOGOUS AND CANCER STEM CELL GENE THERAPY BERTOLOTTI ROGER ET AL Dec-07 9789812775863 172 140 CLINICAL APPROACH TO MEDICINE, A (2ND EDITION) ONG YONG YAU ET AL Dec-04 9789812389268 199 129 CLINICAL APPROACH TO MEDICINE, A (2ND EDITION) ONG YONG YAU ET AL Dec-04 9789812560735(pbk) 105 68 CLINICAL INTENSIVE CARE MEDICINE GOMEZ CARLOS M H Jan-11 9781848163881 158 119 CRISIS CALL FOR NEW PREVENTIVE MEDICINE, A: KNIGHT JOSEPH A Aug-04 9789812387004 135 102 EMERGING EFFECTS OF LIFESTYLE ON MORBIDITY AND MORTALITY DIALYSIS ACCESS: CURRENT PRACTICE AKOH J A & HAKIM N S May-01 9781860941696 95 77 HISTORY OF ORGAN AND CELL TRANSPLANTATION HAKIM NADEY S & PAPA- Mar-03 9781860942099 146 113 LOIS VASSILIOS E INTRODUCTION TO ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION HAKIM N S May-97 9781860940255 59 40 LIFE-ENHANCING PLASTICS: PLASTICS AND OTHER MA- HOLMES-WALKER W AN- Aug-04 9781860944628 90 56 TERIALS IN MEDICAL APPLICATIONS THONY ORGAN HISTOLOGY: A STUDENT’S GUIDE HINRICHSEN C Mar-97 9789810226121 72 54 ORGAN HISTOLOGY: A STUDENT’S GUIDE HINRICHSEN C Mar-97 9789810226138(pbk) 36 26 STEM CELL REPAIR AND REGENERATION HABIB NAGY A ET AL Sep-05 9781860945588 114 67 STEM CELL REPAIR AND REGENERATION - VOLUME 2 HABIB NAGY A ET AL Mar-07 9781860947117 105 64 STEM CELL REPAIR AND REGENERATION - VOLUME 3 LEVICAR NATASA ET AL Apr-08 9781860949807 125 71 STEM CELLS AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE LOW WALTER C & VERFAIL- May-08 9789812775764 147 86 LIE CATHERINE M STEM CELLS: FROM BENCH TO BEDSIDE BONGSO ARIFF ET AL Jul-05 9789812561268 166 98 3
  4. 4. Titles in Nephrology 2010 HANDBOOK OF PORPHYRIN SCIENCE in leaves (chlorophyll); they are also excellent ligands that With Applications to Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, can coordinate with almost every metal in the Periodic Table. Engineering, Biology and Medicine Grounded in natural systems, porphyrins are incredibly versatile (A 5-Volume Set) and can be modified in many ways; each new modification yields edited by Karl M Kadish (University of Houston, USA), Kevin derivatives demonstrated new chemistry, physics and biology, M Smith (Louisiana State University, USA) & Roger Guilard with a vast array of medicinal and technical applications. (Université de Bourgogne, France) As porphyrins are currently employed as platforms for study From the same editorial team that produced the Porphyrin of theoretical principles and applications in a wide variety of Handbook which was recognized as the “Best Chemistry Book fields, the Handbook of Porphyrin Science represents a timely of the Year” by the Association of American Publishers, Inc. in ongoing series dealing in detail with the synthesis, chemistry, 1999, here comes a new multivolume series entitled Handbook physicochemical and medical properties and applications of of Porphyrin Science. polypyrrole macrocycles. Professors Karl Kadish, Kevin Smith and Roger Guilard are internationally recognized experts in the “This new series of volumes of the monumental Porphyrin research field of porphyrins, each having his own separate area Handbook, under the expert stewardship of the same three of expertise in the field. Between them, they have published over editors, is vivid testimony to the continuing broad interest and 1500 peer-reviewed papers and edited more than three dozen deep impact of the chemistry of these Pigments of Life.” books on diverse topics of porphyrins and phthalocyanines. In Jean-Marie Lehn assembling the new volumes of this unique Handbook, they Nobel Laureate, Chemistry have selected and attracted the very best scientists in each sub- College de France, France discipline as contributing authors of the chapters. “Everyone interested in the biological and chemical properties of porphyrins This Handbook will prove to be a modern authoritative treatise on the and related macrocycles will want to own the new and improved version of The subject as it is a collection of up-to-date works by world-renowned Porphyrin Handbook. The editors have done a terrific job in linking together experts in the field. Complete with hundreds of figures, tables and the volumes in this very valuable resource for investigators in the chemical and structural formulas, and thousands of literature citations, all researchers biological sciences.” and graduate students in this field will find the Handbook of Porphyrin Harry B Gray Science an essential, major reference source for many years to come. Wolf Laureate, Chemistry California Institute of Technology, USA Readership: Chemists, physicists, material scientists, polymer scientists, spectroscopists, electrochemists, electronics and photonics engineers, biochemists, biophysicists, medicinal chemists and clinicians. Porphyrins, phthalocyanines and their numerous analogues and derivatives are materials of tremendous importance in chemistry, materials science, physics, 2000pp (approx.) Spring 2010 biology and medicine. They are the red color in blood (heme) and the green 978-981-4280-16-7(set) US$1480 £1110 ORDER FORM Please complete the form and send it to any of our offices below. Alternatively, you can order via our online bookshop at NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA EUROPE & THE MIDDLE EAST ASIA & THE REST OF THE WORLD World Scientific Publishing Co. Inc. World Scientific Publishing (UK) Ltd. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. 27 Warren Street, Suite 401-402, Hackensack, NJ 07601, USA c/o Marston Book Services Farrer Road, PO Box 128, SINGAPORE 912805 Toll-free fax: 1 888 977 2665 PO Box 269, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4YN, UK Fax: 65 6467 7667 Toll-free tel: 1 800 227 7562 Fax: 44 (0) 123 546 5555 Tel: 65 6466 5775 Email: Tel: 44 (0) 123 546 5500 Email: Email: TiTLe SeLecTion conTacT inforMaTion TITLE(S) ISBN QTY PRICE (US$/£) Title & Name Organization Mode of deLivery • For delivery charges and duration, please contact any of our offices. ❏ Air Mail ❏ Surface Mail Address • For US customers, delivery will be via UPS (1-2 weeks) MeThod of PayMenT ❏ Cheque/Bank draft enclosed for US$/£ • For cheque payment in USA, please make cheque payable to “World Scientific Publishing Co. 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