Florida Kidney Disaster Coalition
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TOPIC                       DISCUSSION                                          PLAN OF ACTION                    RESPONSI...
TOPIC                              DISCUSSION                                     PLAN OF ACTION                     Respo...
Workgroup action       •   Participants worked in their small groups to develop       •   See attached timeline for summar...
patients – have EOCs ensure that nursing home
       plans include accommodations for residents that
       require dialys...
•   Next steps         •   Articles/presentations/letters: approval process       •   Each workgroup will review their   •...
February/ March 2006

            EOC                              Communications                      Coordination       ...
Minutes - January 31, 2006
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Minutes - January 31, 2006


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Minutes - January 31, 2006

  1. 1. Florida Kidney Disaster Coalition MINUTES Date: 1/31/06 Time: 9:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. Location: FMQAI Meeting Room Members Present: Tom Bradsell Erica Hollins Kelly Mayo Lori Stokes DaVita RCG FMQAI: The Florida ESRD Network DaVita Katharina Brierton Stephanie Hull Debra McClure Brenda Tilley AAKP ANNA / FMC FMC-Home Therapies Independent - Central Florida Kidney Center Carl Brueggemeyer Susan Kreuter Susan McGovern Cindy Woodward Nephrologist - Fl Society of Nephrology CNSW Chair South Florida FMQAI: The Florida ESRD Network FMQAI: The Florida ESRD Network North Beach Dialysis Center Linda Carroll Marsha Lisk Barb Powers Jackie Murdock FMQAI: The Florida ESRD Network Agency for Healthcare Administration TECO - Energy Control Center Pinellas County Health Dept Michael Christensen Bob Loeper Sue Rottura Cindy Toombs Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) Florida Renal Admin Assoc (FMC) American Renal Associates - Independent Fresenius Medical Care (FMC) Lisa Drossos Suzette Marseille Kim Schroeder FMQAI: The Florida ESRD Network Broward Hospital District-FHA FMQAI: The Florida ESRD Network Joan Dye Gerry Malti Laurie Shore Renal Care Group (RCG) Nephrology American Dialysis LifeLink HealthCare Institute Center of Pensacola Members Absent: Chris Floyd Liz Howard Lisa Bacot Beverly Schleicher Red Cross AAMI / DaVita Comm for the disadvantaged KRU Medical Center Gayle Harrell Sheri Kennedy Laura Morciano Hanna Osman Legislator Doctors Hospital of Sarasota NKFF USF-Dept of Public Health Susan McDevitt Pete Dabrowski Norma Gomez Mary Pinto FL Department of Health - DEMO, Hillsborough Co ANNA/DaVita AHCA Trauma & Compliance Emergency Management FL Council of Renal Nutrionists Karen Somerset Liz Stutts Cindy Voigt Bob Westbrook Comm for the disadvantaged Fl Dept of Transportation Halifax Medical Center-FHA Fl Dept of Transportation TOPIC DISCUSSION PLAN OF ACTION RESPONSIBLE Welcome & • Kelly Mayo welcomed all the members to the second • The minutes from 11/02/05 were Introductory Remarks meeting of the Coalition. She reviewed the agenda, approved without revisions the minutes of the 11/02/05 meeting, and gave a • New members were asked to join a summary of the National Disaster Summit. workgroup of their choice
  2. 2. TOPIC DISCUSSION PLAN OF ACTION RESPONSIBLE Coalition Name • Susan McGovern reviewed the two names that had • The group developed the name: been submitted The Florida Kidney Disaster Coalition and came to consensus Group Reports • EOC involvement group: On 11/16/05 an invitation • The dialysis information sheet * K Schroeder will was sent to Nancy Humbert, Deputy Sec of Health, will be reviewed by the other fax blast dialysis to have a member of her team from the Special workgroups & revisions made as information sheet Needs Shelter Committee join the coalition. An necessary Invitation was also sent to Steve Glass, Exec Dir of FEPA (Fl Emergency Planning Assoc). A dialysis information sheet was developed that could be utilized by the EOCs. A fax blast was sent 1/17/06 to dialysis clinics requesting their help in contacting the local EOCs. E Hollins, D McClure and C Woodward spoke at FEPA on 1/26/05 • Communications workgroup: A pre storm • Communications workgroup • Each workgroup to communications spreadsheet was developed that presents the pre-storm template give feedback to contained alert status from normal-level IV and Sue Rottura corresponding responsibilities for administrators, By 2/10 nephrologists, facility leaders, dialysis staff, social workers, dieticians, support staff, patients, and the Network. The template will be presented today for feedback from all workgroups. A conference call was held 1/17. L Drossos provided LDO and some independent toll-free contact info and verified participation with Media Alert • Coordination workgroup: In conjunction with the EOC involvement group, a draft information sheet was developed that included information like utility companies and account numbers, generator status, type of fuel, average number of patients and number of patients needing wheelchair / stretcher transportation. The Coordination group will be working to develop this document into an excel spreadsheet.
  3. 3. TOPIC DISCUSSION PLAN OF ACTION Responsible Group Reports • Education workgroup: The Education Committee reported that three members of the committee reviewed disaster preparedness information for providers and patients to determine if the materials could, somehow, be appropriately merged. Those detailed reviews will be forwarded to the appropriate person/persons with the National Disaster Coalition.A conference call, held on January 9, 2006, was held to discuss the review group's findings.It was determined that it would be next to impossible to obtain permissions from originators of existing disaster docs to take their information and merge or alter.There was much discussion about the fact that the National Disaster Coalition would be working on developing educational docs on preparedness and response, as well. Group, therefore, was concerned about duplication of efforts.Group will continue to review other disaster materials on ESRD Network websites going forward to, possibly, come up with a checklist or tool for both providers and patients that would give links to useful and necessary materials. Vision statement • Each workgroup used the visioning tool to develop a • Vision statement: The Florida • Coalition development vision statement. Entire group came to consensus on Kidney Disaster Coalition is the a vision statement that was developed from model disaster planning and components of the individual vision statements readiness organization for kidney patients by collaborating with community partners to ensure timely access to quality care Mission statement • Each workgroup used the mission statement • Mission statement: To establish • Coalition development development tool to brainstorm a mission statement. and facilitate partnerships that Entire group came to consensus on a mission provide a framework for disaster statement that was developed from components of the readiness and continuity of care individual mission statements for the renal community
  4. 4. Workgroup action • Participants worked in their small groups to develop • See attached timeline for summary • Coalition planning/development strategic plans and goals to accomplish over the next of action items of timeline four months. Groups reported out • Communications Team 1. Review National Coalition model and incorporate • Coalition; at the local level; review input from the State • February 10, 2006 Communications Coalition regarding draft communication tool Team 2. Conference call February 21 to discuss National • Mike Christensen Coalition model and make necessary adjustments • February 21, 2006 to host call to state plan; will also discuss draft communication tool and make changes 3. Submit minutes from the 2/21 meeting to the • Sue Rottura State Coalition • February 28, 2006 4. Finalize model for disaster communication • Communications • Coordination Team Team 1. Develop and distribute via the Florida Society of • Carl Nephrology, a letter regarding the participation of • March 2006 Brueggemeyer, nephrologists during a disaster. MD 2. Continue efforts through the Florida Renal • Bob Loeper Coalition to have power restoration for dialysis • March 22, 2006 centers made a priority during disasters 3. Contact Florida Hospital Association to gain • Kelly Mayo participation and develop letter / article for • March 1, 2006 distribution to Florida hospitals. 4. Investigate ability to gain waiver or extension of • Cindy Toombs timeframes during and post-disasters for nursing • March 2006 licensure through the Florida Board of Nursing. 5. Develop a letter encouraging utility companies to • Barb Powers participate with the dialysis facilities in its area • March 2006 and develop a plan for its kidney patients. • Debra McClure 6. Develop a mock disaster scenario and beta-test • April 2006 with a small group of facilities. Roll out to entire Florida renal community in early summer. 7. Investigate possibility of developing a draft • Kelly Mayo • March 2006 power restoration priority list by county based on number of chairs and staffing. 8. Request EOC group to focus on nursing home • EOC involvement patients and transportation issues for those • To be determined group
  5. 5. patients – have EOCs ensure that nursing home plans include accommodations for residents that require dialysis. * EOC workgroup • 2/17/06 • Stephanie Hull 1. Send follow-up letter to dialysis administrators • 2/13/06 • Linda Carroll regarding who was able to contact EOCs • 2/05/06 • Erica Hollins 2. Draft guideline questions/script that clinics can use to open communication lines with strategic partners & will update dialysis information sheet 3. Email Michael Jacobs, EOC Operations Mgr in Tallahassee, to inquire about getting local contact names 4. Next conference call 3/1/06 * Education workgroup 1. Review other Network websites’ disaster preparedness information for possible merge with CMS & NKF info 2. Participate in National Disaster Coalition calls 3. Focus on education needs of independent dialysis centers vs LDOs that already have solid plans in place 4. Assess need for an interactive tool such as a word search or crossword 5. Electronic links to disaster preparedness information to be sent to providers prior to 6/1/06 6. Patient oriented document to be sent electronically for providers to download & distribute to patients prior to 6/1/06. 7. Long term goal of producing patient video depicting consequences of not being prepared 8. Next workgroup call 2/27/06
  6. 6. • Next steps • Articles/presentations/letters: approval process • Each workgroup will review their • Workgroup • Listserv own letters members • Preliminary Structure • Investigate “piggy back” unto • Communications • Website national listserv workgroup • Next meeting • Development of agenda/contact • Network 7 (K members for next meeting/ Schroeder) & distribution of today’s minutes SunCoast ANNA • Writing draft plan Chapter (S Hull) • Premature at this time • Workgroup • Last week in March leaders • SunCoast ANNA to take lead Adjournment K Mayo made closing remarks, thanking all the Coalition members for their participation. Workgroup Members Education EOC Involvement Coordination Communication Susan Kreuter (Co-chairperson) Susan McGovern (Chairperson) Kelly Mayo (Chairperson) Sue Rottura (Chairperson) Laurie Shore (Co-chairperson) Linda Carroll Barb Powers Mike Christensen Norma Gomez Stephanie Hull Liz Stutts Tom Bradsell Cindy Woodward Erica Hollins Karen Somerset Brenda Tilley Katharina Brierton Joan Dye Lisa Bacot Lisa Drossos Marsha Lisk Mary Pinto Carl Brueggemeyer Suzette Marseille Pete Dabrowski Cindy Voight Kim Schroeder Bob Westbrook Jackie Murdock Bob Loeper Cindy Toombs Debra McClure
  7. 7. February/ March 2006 EOC Communications Coordination Education • Each workgroup: review • Each workgroup to review • Letter to hospital • Review other Network national plan & determine how communications tool and associations will be sent websites’ disaster to incorporate at local level (K provide feedback by 2/10 3/1 preparedness Schroeder sent listing of • Conference call 2/21 to review • Good Samaritan laws information for national calls to each state National Coalition materials researched by 3/22 possible merge with member 2/2/06) and State Coalition comments • Letter to utility CMS & NKF info • S. Hull: on communications tool companies by_______ • Participate in National Send follow-up letter to • Submit minutes from 2/21 call • Development of Disaster Coalition calls administrators regarding who by 2/28 physician and dialysis • Focus on education was able to contact EOCs • Finalize model for disaster clinic letter needs of independent • L Carroll: communication by March 30 • Utility companies will dialysis centers vs Will draft guideline questions need a draft priority list LDOs that already have that clinics can use to open by unit solid plans in place communication lines with • Develop a mock • Assess need for an strategic partners & will update disaster by April ‘06 interactive tool such as a dialysis facility information word search or sheet crossword • E Hollins: • Electronic links to Will email Michael Jacobs, disaster preparedness EOC Operations Mgr in information to be sent to Tallahassee, to inquire about providers prior to 6/1/06 getting local contact names • Patient oriented • Conference call 3/1/06 • Conference call 3/7, document to be sent sponsored by FMC electronically for providers to download & distribute to patients prior to 6/1/06. • Long term goal of producing patient video depicting consequences of not being prepared • Next workgroup call 2/27/06