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                         Emory Children's Center & Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
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Meet the Emory Children's Center


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Meet the Emory Children's Center

  1. 1. Meet the Emory Children's Center & Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Nephrology Team Members & our Transplant Surgery and Pediatric Urology Colleagues Pediatric Nephrologists Transplant Surgeons Larry Greenbaum, MD, PhD, Division Director Christian Larsen, MD, PhD Barry Warshaw, MD, Fellowship Program Director Thomas Pearson, MD, PhD Leonard Hymes, MD Kenneth Newell, MD, PhD Sandra Amaral, MD, MHS Paul Tso, MD Donald L. Batisky, MD Allan Kirk, MD, PhD Stephanie Jernigan, MD Nicole Turgeon, MD Pediatric Nephrology Fellows Transplant Surgical Fellows Jennifer Jackson, MD – PRG 6 Avinash Agarwal, MD Raed Bou-Matar, MD – PRG 4 David Bruno, MD Sandeep Riar, MD – PRG 4 Renal Transplant Coordinators Nephrology Nurse Practitioner Nancy O'Brien, BSN, CCTC Lynn Sherrer, BSN, MN, PNP Debbie Stearns, BSN, CCTC Marjorie Leathers, RN, BSN Transplant Pharmacist Rochelle Schmidt, Pharm.D. Chronic Renal Insufficiency Care Coordinators Mary Boyle, BSN, CPN Nephrology Child Life Specialist Rhodina Jones, BSN Ginger Tuminello, MS, CCLS Nephrology Office Nurses Transplant Services Administrator Lisa Palm, RN, MS Amy Hauser, BSN, MBA, MHA, CNAA Vernon Griffith, LPN Nephrology Office Administrative Assistant Dialysis and Transplant Services Manager Denniece McCormick Stephanie Byrd, RN, CPN Nephrology Fellowship Program Coordinator Mary Jane Polizzotto, BBA Transplant Program Data Coordinator Research Coordinators Kerrie McHardy Margret Kamel, MSPH Allison Wellons, RN, BS, CCRC Dialysis Unit Administrative Assistant Tauri Harden, RN, BSN Zylthia White Nutritionist Hemodialysis Unit Nurses & Technicians Emily Abercrombie, RD Dorette Daley, RN, CDN Assistant Manager, Dialysis Tachika Parks, RN Carolyn Mitchell, RN, CNN Kimberly Trowell, RN, BSN Peritoneal Dialysis Nurses Pete Dixon, Chief Technician, CCHT Camille Echols, RN, BSN Kevin Frank, PCT, CCHT Lisa Warren, RN, BSN Stephanie Coleman, PCT, CCHT Dialysis Unit Teacher Michele Litman, BSN, RN Angie Parker, Ed.S Pediatric Urology Colleagues Transplant Social Worker James Elmore, MD David Cooper, MSW, LCSW Andrew Kirsch, MD Edwin Smith, MD Dialysis Social Worker Bruce Broecker, MD Natalie Hercik, MSW, LCSW Charlotte Massad, MD Hal Scherz, MD CRI Clinic Social Worker Wolfgang Cerwinka, MD Shimikki Jackson, MSW Pediatric Urology Fellows Transplant Services Educator Scott Cuda, MD Stephanie Hawthorne, RN BSN Jonathan Kalisvaart, MD