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                      The Weekly Update of the Kidney & Urology Foundation of America, Inc.
Volume 1. No. 38     ...
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  1. 1. INSIGHTS The Weekly Update of the Kidney & Urology Foundation of America, Inc. Volume 1. No. 38 November 7, 2003 Ira Greifer, MD, President Shirley Baer, Executive Director FOUNDATION INTRODUCES NEW NATIONAL DATABASE FOR STUDY OF GLOMERULAR DISEASES NEW YORK -The Kidney & Urology Foundation of America, Inc. has expanded the scope of its Renal Data Institute, with the launch of a new database, the National Glomerular Disease Database (NGDD). The database, available to participating physicians, medical institutions, and the public via a HIPPA compliant zone of the KUFA website, collects clinical information on the prevalence, geographic, distribution, race, ethnicity, and current treatment of the major types of glomerular disease seen in the United States. Information is gathered from participating physicians who access the site with a user name and password, and complete a one-page clinical questionnaire. Data entered is recorded in real time, to allow up-to-the minute statistical analysis, as well as the creation of graphs and tables immediately accessible to participants. The Foundation believes the information gathered by the NGDD will be of practical use to nephrologists, and will help focus efforts on clinical trials and research. The NGDD is the fourth database operating as part of the Renal Data Institute, joining the Pediatric Registry, the Cardiovascular Registry, and a Growth Hormone and Bone Disease Study of children with kidney disease. Norman Bank, MD, past Chair of the Foundation’s Medical Advisory Board, serves as Director of the Renal Data Institute, and spearheaded development of the new database. To learn more about the Institute or to become a participating physician, visit the Foundation website at or contact Leticia Colon at 1-800-633-6628. REGISTRATION OPEN FOR FIRST INSTALLMENT OF NATIONAL CONFERENCE SERIES ON DIALYSIS FLORIDA - The Kidney & Urology Foundation of America is accepting registrants for the first installment of its national conference series on therapies in dialysis, to be held at the Marco Island, Florida Hilton Resort, January 16 – 17, 2004. The series, Current and Future Therapies in Dialysis, is being presented as part of the Foundation’s National Professional Education Series, presented under the leadership of KUFA’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB), and chaired by nephrologist and MAB member Richard A. Sherman, MD. The conference series, which is open to clinical nephrologists and nephrology nurses, will take a hard look at current therapies in dialysis – exploring new avenues of research and study, and methods of improving treatment. The conference series brings together a prestigious national faculty of physicians including: Anatole Beserab; Steve Schwab; William Owen; Carl Kjellstrand; T. Alp Ikizler; Glen Chertow; Stewart Sprague; Annamaria Kausz; William Clark; William Finn; Jose Diaz-Buxo; and Richard Sherman. Segment one of the series is profiled in the current issue of Dialysis & Transplantation. The second segment of the series will be in New York City, April 23-24, 2004, and the final segment is scheduled for San Francisco, California, October 1-2, 2004. For more information or to register for the Marco Island Conference, contact Holly Vanager-Crummel at 1-800-633-6628. Happenings at the Kidney & Urology Foundation ………. New Jersey – The 5th annual New Jersey Walk the Walk for Organ and Tissue Donation in Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey has been scheduled for May 2, 2004. For further information contact Carol Brower at 1-732-866-4444. San Diego – KUFA will exhibit at the American Society of Nephrology’s Renal Week 2003, November 14-16, 2003. Norman Bank, MD, Director of KUFA’s Renal Data Institute will be demonstrating the new National Glomerular Disease Database (NGDD). NEW YORK – More than 165 allied health care professionals attended last month’s multidisciplinary conference, Engaging the Renal Community. The conference was presented as part of KUFA’s National Professional Education Series. RESEARCH AND PROGRAMS THAT TOUCH PEOPLE VISIT KUFA ONLINE AT WWW.KIDNEYUROLOGY.ORG OR CALL 1-800-633-6628