Hollywood Artificial Kidney Center
Suggestion for Recruitment     Barbara Lefkowitz-Zygowsky told the group about Career Day, which
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Hemodialysis Hollywood Artificial Kidney Center March 11 ...


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Hemodialysis Hollywood Artificial Kidney Center March 11 ...

  1. 1. Hemodialysis Hollywood Artificial Kidney Center March 11, 2009 Business & Industry Members Present Name Title Company Camille Tate Administrator KRU Medical Delores Migalitti Administrator KRU Medical Dr. Samuel Snyder D.O Nephrologists Nova Southeastern Univ. Christine Collins Chairperson R.N. Hollywood Kidney Center, Administrator Guests Present Name Title Company District and School-Based Support Staff Name Title Work Location Joan Barnes Instructor ATC Barbara Lefkowitz-Zygowsky Program Director, ATC Health Sciences Meeting Notes/Minutes Call to order/Introduction The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am by Barbara Lefkowitz, introductions were made and she welcomed everyone. New Business Students completing the HEMO program will be able to sit for the CCHT program when they complete the program. Mrs. Barnes is offering a review class prior to the test date. The dates are April 16, 23, 30 and May 7, 14. In November, a review class will be offered. Action Items Approved The minutes from October 2008 were read and approved. Follow-Up Items/Next Steps Program Updates Joan Barnes completed 16 students, 5 of which were high school students. She entered 25 students in January of which, 20 remain in the class today. Five of her former students took and passed the BONENT exam. These students worked in industry for 1 year and also took the Hemodialysis review class we offered on this campus.
  2. 2. Suggestion for Recruitment Barbara Lefkowitz-Zygowsky told the group about Career Day, which will be held on April 25, 2009, from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at Atlantic Technical Center. She distributed fliers to the members so that they can share with their employees. Clinical Rotations Joan Barnes sees this as a challenge since she has 20 students. KRU reps offered to help by taking students on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday. In that way, the students would benefit from the clinical experience without over-burdening the staff. Clinical Facilities Updates Davita-Barbara Lefkowitz-Zygowsky met with Mark Delahunty, Regional Operations Director and Susan Carroll, Clinical Service Specialist, to discuss a clinical rotation in their facilities. After the discussion Mark said he would get back to Barbara after speaking to his managers. His concern was that the preceptors would expect a financial gain for their efforts. Another concern was the choice of students for proper placement in their facilities. Barbara assured him that they could have input as to the selection of the student and also since Davita has hired many of our graduates there would be some that would give of their time and experience without expecting more money for that. All health care employees have gone through their learning experience from people who are out in industry and can fully appreciate their role as a preceptor. Employment Outlook The consensus from this group was that there are jobs out there. They also know because their technicians all must pass a Hemo Certification Exam by 2010 or they cannot be employed as Dialysis Technicians. There will be many more job openings. Curriculum Frameworks 2009 The 2009 frameworks was reviewed and there were only minor word changes related to JACHO. Textbooks Joan Barnes shared with the group that she is using the following textbooks for her class. They only have to purchase Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, Clinical Allied Healthcare Textbook, Clinical Allied Healthcare Workbook, HIPAA Training Handbook, BLS for Health Care Workers and NANT Dialysis Technology Manual. Adjournment and Date/Time of Next Scheduled Meeting Date of next meeting November 12, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. at Hollywood Artificial Kidney Center. Meeting Adjourned