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(CKD) Help Prevent

  1. 1. FMQAI – THE MEDICARE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT ORGANIZATION (QIO) FOR FLORIDA Help Prevent CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE (CKD) JOIN MEDICARE’S CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE PROJECT. BENEFITS OF JOINING: DID YOU KNOW . . . • Access to a support network for early detection and treatment of CKD. • FREE tools and resources to maximize care delivery to patients. • Appro xima tely 20 million A merica ns have kidney disea se. • Technical assistance for using EHRs to improve clinical outcomes. • Improved customer satisfaction and readiness for public reporting. rd • Florida r anks 3 in t he n ati on in t he incidence of chronic kidne y disease . ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS: • Agree to participate in the CKD project. • Early kidney disea se h as no • Implement simple protocols such as prescribing ACE-Is or ARBs, ordering sy mpto m s. I f lef t u ndet ect e d, it can progres s to kidney failure, wit h little annual urinary microalbumin, referring patients with CKD to nephrologists, or no w arning , w hich ma y re quire etc. dialysis or tran splant . • Share free FMQAI-provided educational materials with your patients. • The leading caus e o f kidne y failure Confirm your interest TODAY by faxing this flyer to is diabete s wi th a pri mary d iagnosis Kathleen Lightbourne at 813.354.0737 or call of diabe tes repre sen ting 41 . 5 % o f the dialy sis pa tient s in 2 005 . 1.800.564.7490 ext. 3562 for more information. • T wo t ypes of blood pres sur e _______ YES, my practice is interested and would like more detailed information. medica tions – A C EI s an d A R Bs ca n slo w an d delay kidne y failure even in _______ NO, my practice is not interested, but would like to receive educational people wh o do no t ha ve hig h blood information about chronic kidney disease for our patients. pressu re. • In pe ople wit h diabe tes , chr onic Practice Name: __________________________________________________________ kidney disease is oft en un d er- diagnosed due to the ab sen ce o f an Contact Person: _________________________________________________________ annual urinar y microalbu mi n mea sure men t t o iden tify kid ney Title: _________________________________________ Best time to call: ________ dama ge. Phone Number: _______________________ Email: ___________________________ This material was prepared by FMQAI, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for Florida, under contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The contents Information for presented do not necessarily reflect CMS Policy. FL2008T1F73T1A00110805 Healthcare Improvement 5201 W. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 900, Tampa, FL 33609 Tel 813.354.9111 Fax 813.354.0737 WWW.FMQAI.COM