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  1. 1. Program Coordinator’s Meeting January 20, 2009; Hyways Meeting Minutes Attendees: Adamson, Carolyn ~ Pediatric Gastroenterology Program Coordinator Burns, Carol ~ Pediatric Nephrology Program Coordinator Carver, Teri ~ Pediatric Radiology Program Coordinator Flournoy, Teresa ~ Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Program Coordinator Handke, Miranda ~ Pediatric Residency Program Coordinator Jordan, Kerrie ~ Graduate Medical Education Coordinator Lane, Angela ~ Pediatric Rehabilitation Program Coordinator Marler, Cindy ~ Child Abuse & Neglect Program Coordinator Morgan, Roberta ~ Pediatric Infectious Diseases Program Coordinator Pfeifauf, Nicole ~ Pediatric Emergency Medicine Program Coordinator Ramphal, Areli ~ Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Program Coordinator Rhoads, Joy ~ GME Administrative Assistant Savner, Shelly ~ Craniomaxillofacial Surgery Program Coordinator Weltmer, Linda ~ Pediatric Endocrinology Program Coordinator West, Pam ~ Pediatric Residency Program Coordinator Wolf, Amy ~ Child Neurology Program Coordinator Meeting commenced at 12:15 p.m. Review & Approval of Minutes Minutes from the November 18, 2008, Program Coordinator meeting were approved. Steve Simon’s Statistics Course Steve Simon has left CMH. Dr. Greg Kearns and Ashley Sherman are offering a class entitled “Principles in Basic Biostatistics” to all CMH Fellows commencing this month which is intended to replace Steve Simon’s course. This class will meet once a month, usually on the 1st Friday of each month, for 12 months from 11AM-12PM. Dr. Kearns developed this class based on his initial interpretation on what CMH needs in regards to Biostatistics training for Fellows. Ashley Sherman is a Biostatician committed to teaching of Biostatistics to CMH Fellows. Dr. Kearns and Ashley are adding structure to the course and setting expectations of the participants. They will take attendance and require 70% attendance. This class is set up to teach the fellows general principles of biostatistics domain that they can use everyday. This class combines and teaches, through exercise, biostatistics and research. The simulated results of a medical (drug) trial are presented and the Fellows will learn how to write the paper, interpret the results, and understand how to write manuscripts for publication. During the first 10 months the Fellows will learn how to write and interpret the results. During the 11th month the Fellows will form groups, become co-authors and re-write publications/manuscripts. The 12th month the group of Fellows formed will exchange papers and become journal reviewers. Fellows who participate will receive a textbook and flash drive with all required materials for the class. The completion of this project is required to receive credit. Fellows will receive a certificate of completion after the completion of the final assignment. 1
  2. 2. Program Coordinator’s Meeting January 20, 2009; Hyways Meeting Minutes Fellows have the option to take this course, the Biostatistics course offered at UMKC, the Biostatics course offered at KU or the John Foxworth course to gain biostatistics knowledge. Fellowship Applicant Statistics Ravi Kallur would like each program to email him number of applications, number interviewed and number hired. Website Updates Adam Hay, with IT, is helping GME develop better fellowship websites and to make priority in the next few months for recruitment reasons. If you have any web updates or changes let Kerrie Jordan know in GME. She can post changes immediately. Disruptive Behavior Policy The Medical Staff Executive Committee has recommended that each Medical Staff member sign a pledge of commitment to uphold the shared values and standards of excellence of the Hospital. The Medical Staff leadership feels that this is a very important issue and asks that everyone sign such. All current residents and fellows will be sent the form to sign and for incoming residents and fellows it will be part of orientation package. SMA Seminar May 19, 2009 The UMKC School of Medicine in cooperation with the Southern Medical Association (SMA) invites UMKC sponsored residents and fellows to participate in “A Practice Management Workshop for Resident Physicians” on Tuesday, May 19, 2009, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (breakfast and lunch provided). The Seminar may be counted toward ACGME general curriculum requirements. The general overview of the seminar and the registration form were provided to the group. SMA has requested they receive the registrations directly from the Program Directors. Internal Reviews Please copy GME on all Internal Review correspondence with UMKC. Associate Program Directors GME suggests each program appoint an Associate Program Director. A position description has been provided to each Program Director. 2
  3. 3. Program Coordinator’s Meeting January 20, 2009; Hyways Meeting Minutes GME Fellowship Coordinator The GME Office hired Kelly Laurent for the GME Fellowship Coordinator position. Kelly came to CMH fro KU Medical Center where she was the Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program Coordinator and then OBGYN Residency Program Director. She will be responsible for the overall operation of the GI, ID, CC, ENT, B/D, Rehab and Endo fellowships. This will include recruiting, interviewing assistance, maintenance of all New Innovations records, obtaining state licensing, updating and maintaining schedules, conference, and travel requests, outside rotation schedules, annual reviews, internal reviews, and RRC review preparations. CME Manager Theresa Sheppard has joined GME as the Continuing Medical Education Manager. She will be handling all aspects of CME related matters. New Innovations Training & Reminders Kerrie Jordan updated group on New Innovations enhancements as follows.  Updating information & uploading files (scanning project) o All past residents and fellows uploaded (archived Alumni) o Resident evaluation files being scanned and uploaded now  Please list BNDD’s under DEA category in Personnel Data section of New Innovations for report purposes.  Registration Now Open for Spring Conference held April 15-17, 2009 in Cleveland, OH  Duty Hours o A new “My Stats” view has been added to the “My Duty Hours” section of Duty Hours. Found by navigating the Main menu using Duty Hours>>My Duty Hours>>My Stats, this new view provides a comprehensive view of a person’s duty hour data. It shows the data in snapshots of no more than 4 weeks (28 days) at a time. Charts and graphical timelines help you to analyze the data for usage and ACGME rule compliance.  Lists o The group email tool in Lists, which had previously allowed a single file attachment, has now been enhanced to accommodate the addition of multiple file attachments to outgoing email messages.  Personnel Data o State licenses added to expiring items report  Scheduling Desktop o New version of MedScheduler has been released 3
  4. 4. Program Coordinator’s Meeting January 20, 2009; Hyways Meeting Minutes Questions/Comments/Announcements Please remind all fellows to renew their permanent Missouri Licenses if they have not already. Once the renewal is approved update New Innovations. To verify if license has been renewed go to>Online Services>Licensee Search. All residents and fellows must be recording Duty Hours in New Innovations. All offer and/or acceptance letters need to be sent to Kerrie Jordan in GME for 2009 Fellows. Please consider helping faculty complete evaluations in NI. If more assistance is needed, please contact Kerrie Jordan in GME. GME has obtained another office space and ½ the staff will be moving to where materials management use to be located. The Director of Evaluations has not been filled yet. This position is intended to assist PD’s with evaluation structure and assuring the core competencies are incorporated into the forms. Next Program Coordinator meeting is tentatively schedule for Monday, April 20, 2009, at noon in Byways. Meeting adjourned at 12:40 PM 4