Association of Nephrology Dietitians Network and the Quebec, North East and
  Eastern Ontario Region, Present:
  AND Confe...
Thursday May 10th Program
7:00‐8:00 am       Breakfast & Registration
8:00‐9:00 am       Oxidants, Anti‐Oxidants and Hyp...
Friday May 11th Program
7:00‐8:00 am         Breakfast & Registration  
8:00‐9:30 am         Patient Generated Subje...
Dietitians of Canada, Association of Nephrology Dietitians Network
                                   and the Quebec, Nort...
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AND Conference 2007: Striving for Excellence in Renal ...


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AND Conference 2007: Striving for Excellence in Renal ...

  1. 1. Association of Nephrology Dietitians Network and the Quebec, North East and Eastern Ontario Region, Present: AND Conference 2007: Striving for Excellence in Renal Nutrition - The Key to Quality Care May 10-11, 2007, Ottawa ON Thursday: 7:00am-4:30pm / Friday: 7:00am-4:15pm Sheraton STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE! Ottawa Hotel The “Striving for Excellence in Renal Nutrition ‐ The Key to Quality Care”  conference will provide you with practical information to enhance your practice  150 Albert in renal nutrition.  Our preliminary program includes many interesting topics  St covering a wide range of nephrology issues such as patient generated subjective  global assessment, compliance, nocturnal hemodialysis, phosphate additives, as  Ottawa ON well as a patient’s perspective on living with renal disease.     Main Topics:  Conference - Oxidants, Anti‐Oxidants and Hypertension: What is the Clinical Significance?  Nutrition Management in Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes  Rideau Room The Measurement of Serum Albumin in Hemodialysis Patients  Renal transplant: A brief Overview and its Impact on Diet  Exhibits – Medication Adherence in Renal Transplant: Literature Review and Program  Salon E/F Specific Quality Improvement Initiatives  The Renal Diet from a Patient’s Perspective   Thanks to our Daily Dialysis: A Biased Perspective  Conference Patient Generated Subjective Global Assessment  Planning Peritoneal Dialysis  Committee: Phosphorus: Identifying Sources and Reducing Intake  Josée Bertrand The Challenge of Vascular Calcification in Patients on Dialysis: A Critical Role  Danielle Caissie for the Dietitian  Fedwa Choudhri Enhancing Kidney Research in Canada: Opportunities and Challenges  Faiza Damji   Janie Hachey The conference includes a forum to showcase your resources, teaching aids and  Gail Kardish research projects.  Deadline for submissions is March 15th, 2007. Contact Anne  Anne Kirby Donna Mallet Kirby at 613‐738‐8400 x82794 for details.  Shannon   McDonaugh While you are here, you can also enjoy the Canadian Tulip Festival and the  Julie Ouellet millions of beautiful tulips all over the city. Come and celebrate spring in the  Danielle nation’s capital!   Quenneville   Lisa Raoul Donna Reid   Brandy McDevitt Melanie Roet
  2. 2. Thursday May 10th Program 7:00‐8:00 am  Breakfast & Registration   8:00‐9:00 am  Oxidants, Anti‐Oxidants and Hypertension: What is the Clinical  Significance?, Rhian Touyz, MD, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Hypertension, Kidney  Research Centre, Ottawa Health Research Institute, University of Ottawa,  Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ottawa ON    9:00‐10:00 am  Nutrition Management in Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes,  Sheryl Forrest, RD, Clinical Dietitian, Renal Care Program, London  Health Sciences, London ON    10:00‐10:15 am  Break & Exhibits     10:15‐11:15 am  The Measurement of Serum Albumin in Hemodialysis Patients,  Donald Greenway, PhD, FCACB, Clinical Biochemist, Ottawa Hospital,  Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ottawa  ON    11:15 am‐12:15 pm  Renal transplant: A Brief Overview and its Impact on Diet,    Robert Bell, MD, FRCP(C),  Director of Education, Division of  Nephrology, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa and Ottawa  Hospital, Ottawa ON    12:15‐ 1:15 pm  Lunch & Exhibits     1:15‐2:15 pm  Medication Adherence in Renal Transplant: Literature Review and  Program Specific Quality Improvement Initiatives,   Janice Bissonnette, RN, MScN, ACNP, CNCC (C), PhD (Candidate),  Advanced Practice Nurse/Manager, Renal Transplant Program, Ottawa  Hospital, Ottawa ON    2:15‐3:15 pm  The Renal Diet from a Patient’s Perspective,   Marie‐Eve Chainey     3:15‐3:30 pm  Break & Exercise    3:30‐4:30 pm  Daily Dialysis: A Biased Perspective,   Deborah Zimmerman, MD, FRCP(C), Director, Home Daily Hemodialysis  Program, Ottawa Hospital, Assistant Professor, Medicine, Division of  Nephrology, University of Ottawa    6:00pm  Genzyme Canada is pleased to host a complimentary supper at one of  Ottawaʹs premiere restaurants.  Please confirm on the registration  form if you plan to attend. You will be requested to re‐confirm upon  registration. (Spaces may be limited) 
  3. 3. Friday May 11th Program     7:00‐8:00 am  Breakfast & Registration     8:00‐9:30 am  Patient Generated Subjective Global Assessment, Faith Ottery, MD, PhD, FACN, Senior Director, Medical Affairs,  Savient Pharmaceuticals Inc., President, Ottery & Associates,  Oncology Care Consultants, (MASCC)  Sponsored by Abbott Nutrition    9:30‐10:00 am  Break & Exhibits     10:00‐11:00 am  Peritoneal Dialysis,    Susan Lavoie, MD, FRCP(C), Associate Professor, Division of  Nephrology, University of Ottawa and Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON    11:30 am‐1:00 pm  Lunch & AND Annual Meeting    1:00‐2:00 pm  Phosphorus: Identifying Sources and Reducing Intake,   Louise St‐Denis, DtP, MSc, Internship Coordinator & Lecturer,  Faculty of Medicine, Department of Nutrition, University of  Montreal, Montréal QC    2:00‐3:00 pm   The Challenge of Vascular Calcification in Patients on  Dialysis: A Critical Role for the Dietitian,  Mark B Goldstein MD, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of  Toronto, Medical Director Diabetes Comprehensive Care Program, St  Michaelsʹs Hospital, Toronto ON   Sponsored by Genzyme      3:00‐3:15 pm  Break & Exercise    3:15‐4:15 pm  Enhancing Kidney Research in Canada: Opportunities and  Challenges,  Kevin Burns, MD, FRCP(C), Director, Kidney Research Centre  (OHRI) & Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, Ottawa  Hospital & University of Ottawa, Ottawa ON    We would like to thank the following sponsors for their financial support of our  conference:  Abbott Nutrition  Amgen Inc.  Astellas Pharma Inc.  AstraZeneca Canada Inc.  Baxter Canada  Bristol Myers Squib   Genzyme Canada Inc.  Novartis Medical Nutrition   
  4. 4. Dietitians of Canada, Association of Nephrology Dietitians Network and the Quebec, North East and Eastern Ontario Region present: AND Conference 2007: Striving for Excellence in Renal Nutriton Payment Registration Deadline: Friday April 27, 2007 DC is not currently able to take credit card payments. REGISTRATION FEES: Rates include 6% GST Make your cheque or money Check your registration type Received on or before Received after March order payable to Dietitians of Canada and mail to DC no March 31, 2007 31, 2007 later than Friday April 27, Full Conference 2007: AND Network Member /Newsletter Subscriber $200.00 $250.00 Dietitians of Canada (attn: F. Scovil) DC Member $250.00 $300.00 604-480 University DC Student Member $115.00 $140.00 Avenue Non-Member $300.00 $350.00 Toronto ON M5G 1V2 Non-Member Student $200.00 $250.00 One Day AND Network Member /Newsletter Subscriber $125.00 $150.00 DC Member $150.00 $175.00 DC Student Member $70.00 $95.00 Non-Member $175.00 $200.00 Contact Non-Member Student $125.00 $150.00 Information Please indicate day attending Thursday, May 10 Friday May 11 Dietitians of Canada May 10th Dinner – I plan to attend (attn. F. Scovil) (Spaces may be limited so confirmation of your attendance will also be requested 604-480 University when you pick up your registration kit on May 10th) Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5G 1V2 (PLEASE PRINT) Frances Scovil Name: DC Member # Ph: 416-642-9308 Email: Company: Address: Fax Back Registration Form: City: Province: Postal Code: 416-596-0603 Phone: Fax: Download the registration E-mail: form for this and other workshops from our Web site at Cancellation Policies Click on Resource Centre, Conferences & Events Registration: Written notice of cancellation is required by Friday April 27, 2007, and will be subject to a $30 processing fee. For cancellations received after that date there will be no refund except in approved exceptional circumstances; Dietitians of Canada however substitutions will be permitted. Refunds will be processed post-event. GST #105200992 Event: DC reserves the right to cancel the session should the number of registrations not reach minimum requirements. All registrations will be processed on a first-come first served basis. Fee receipts will be available at the conference