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  1. 1. Introduction and Back StoryFirstly - lets turn the clock back a bit, way back 1999. I was on the dole (welfare) inEngland, living with my long suffering girlfriend who was pretty much paying for me to survive.One night while surfing the net I found a message board full of guys who were all making fortunesselling online porn. I remember telling my girlfriend that I was going to do this, and not only besuccessful at it – I was going to make a fortune! As was usual at that time, she rolled her eyes at meand left the room. I made a decision right there and then, that I was going to sit, work, and not quituntil I had cracked this business wide open. The next year went by in a flash. I barely left theapartment, and never saw my friends. I worked 7 days a week relentlessly, sometimes up to 20hours a day, often falling asleep at my keyboard. During this time money had begun to creep in,nothing much and definitely not enough to live on...but I was seeing mild success that kept medriven and even more determined not to quit.Around then I met a guy online who was at kind of the same point as me in the porn business, butdoing a little better money-wise. He gave me a lot of great advice and pointed out some simpleways and methods to increase my earnings. I applied these, my income shot up and we quicklystarted working together, talking online all day every day, hatching plans and sharing ideas. Overthe next 12 months the two of us got better and better at selling porn, made more and more money,and finally things turned around. Both of us cracked $100 a day, then $200 a day... then $300...andup! We turned round, re-invested a load of our cash, and started to employ friends to replicate themethods we were using at home. Some of them needed computers, internet connections, weed...whatever it was we bought it for them. 3 years after first telling my girlfriend I was going to crackonline porn, I had well and truly done it - money was literally pouring in like a waterfall. We keptopening more and more sites every day, reinvesting money, trying out different things... and most ofour ideas worked, constantly expanding our bottom line. At our height, we had 25 people workingfor us, combined traffic of 100 million hits a day, and were regularly earning over $1000 profiteach. A day. I was 26 years old. Dont believe me? I know this might sound a bit far fetched, sohere are a couple of screenshots of just some of my porn earnings from around that time :
  2. 2. Not bad huh? Yep I sure did make a lot of money out of porn! It kept me alive for well over the nextdecade. I lived the high life buying whatever I wanted, cut my work schedule down to about 4 hoursa day, paid for my girlfriend to go to university for 3 years, moved us into a big flash house in thecountry...(we split up in the end boo) then I ended up going to live abroad in a few different places,taking my laptop with me, working online wherever I went and meeting loads of crazy people.I had years of fun times, and all off the back of working online. Ok it was through selling porn butthats not the point Im making here. Looking back on that part of my life, it was total freedom youknow? I never had a boss. I never had to answer to anyone. I ended up working minimal hours, yetcould buy whatever I wanted. In the end things just ran themselves we had it so fine tuned. By thispoint my partner was taking his entire family on holiday to Scotland to stay in a bloody castle, andpaying for helicopter rides for them every day. It had got that crazy. Someone I knew in Torontorandomly invited me over to stay at their house for a month; I just got on a plane the next day andwent. Didnt even think about it twice. Money was no object.I remember at the time thinking that this was going to last forever. Nothing could go wrong. Wedspent by that point over ten years working our asses off, smoothing down all the rough edges, finetuning everything, and outsourcing all the donkey work to other people. We were invincible! LordsOf Porn! Surely nothing bad could happen to mess it all up.... right?Wrong! Let me just pause for a minute to talk about business models. How we made all our moneyback then was through a certain business model. (TGP/MGP if anyone wants to know) This wasfine while it lasted, and it did last for well over ten years. The thing with online porn is that its avery progressive area of the internet. It drives a lot of new technology both on and offline, differentmethods are always being tried out; things are always changing. I was abroad in early 2008 living inthe sun, carrying on work as usual, having a right old time, when suddenly income began to drop.Not a lot, but enough to get me worried. A new type of porn site was coming onto the market – afew of you might know them : tube sites. These have now taken over the internet when it comes toviewing/selling porn. The older style porn pages my partner and I built, over 4 million of thembetween us, still exist but they have very little traffic. The major tube sites now such as Pornhub,Redtube, xHamster and YouPorn control the majority of online porn traffic, and have billions ofdaily hits between them. If you want to look at online porn now, you go to a tube site. This is 2013.Anyway when this change began to happen back in 2007/2008, both me and my partner made ourfatal mistake and ignored this huge shift in the business. We had become complacent, thinking thesenew tube sites would just be a fad. (how wrong we were – groan!) I lost my drive and couldnt bebothered to go off in this new direction and open tube sites myself. By the time I got back toEngland my earnings had more than halved. And over the next few months they kept dropping, anddropping, and dropping. Believe me watching it happen was horrible. An empire I had built in mybedroom, and lived off for so long, was slowly crumbling around me, and there was nothing I coulddo about it. The writing was on the wall - soon I would not have enough to pay rent. All good thingscome to an end right? And thats precisely what happened. The porn dream, for me anyway, wasabout to die. By June 2008 my income had dived to about $1500 a month and boy did I miss thegood old days. Remember as well that all $USD was having to be converted to £GBP because I wasback in England. In late 2008 the worldwide economic collapse happened, sending currencyconversions up the wazoo. Whatever money I was now earning from selling American pornmemberships billed in $USD, was worth even less once converted to £GBP. As the next few monthswore on, income continued to drop. For want of a better word – I was f**ked.
  3. 3. A couple of months later I admitted defeat, rang the friends I had in Toronto and asked if they knewof any work I could do online. They hooked me up with a small company over there doing part timesupport, webmastering, general dogsbody tasks... different bits of stuff. All of a sudden I had a job,a wage, co-workers, and a boss. Everyone there was mostly alright, but looking at the life Id ledpreviously – compared to the one I had now... well I couldnt help feeling a bit pissed off.But I had no choice... I bit the bullet and worked on, after all I had rent and bills to pay. Slowly themonths ticked by... at first I told myself having a regular income/wage was alright, I just put thehours in, and got paid the same amount of money (enough to live on) every month. It wasnt like theporn sites Id had before, where I was constantly pushing myself - all of a sudden... I didnt have totry. Sure enough, as time dragged on I lost all energy and motivation. I no longer needed to push, ordrive, or organise loads of stuff and people all the time. In my new McJob - I had tasks to do, I didthem, and I got paid every month. I got lost. Complacency set in and I started to rot. I rotted in theend, doing nothing off my own back at all - for the next three years.So now we fast forward to late 2011. I had my part time job that was paying bills and keeping a roofover my head. My porn income had dropped drastically, but older sites were still bringing in about$500 a month on auto pilot. I could buy food and exist, but that was about it. Desperate to earn justa bit more money at home, I went back to the internet and began to research IM (InternetMarketing) Wow there sure are a lot of places online that want to show you how to do it! Themessage boards, webpages, Facebook groups and advertising banners go on for days and days - Igot lost in it all at first. There were so many websites promising me a better life through IM if I justfollowed their method (and usually spent some cash) that I quickly convinced myself I was goingto make another fortune online and be able to quit my job within a few short months. Brilliant!Throughout 2012 I spent countless hours and well over $10k of my own money trying out variousways to make money online. I bought a ridiculous amount of e-books, guides, methods and get richquick schemes from many well known online gurus, convinced I was going to make a fortune andbe sitting pretty next to my pool – you know, the kind of crap you usually see on their websites :)I tried my hand at so many different methods I cant even remember them all! The list includes :SEO, Google Adwords, Youtube Marketing, PPC, Webinars, Cloaking, CPA, Blogging, SocialNetworking, Site Flipping, Article Spinning, Design, Clickbank Marketing, Ebay, Craigs just goes on and on and on. Im a hard worker and dont mind grinding, but looking back I wasprobably dancing between too many different methods instead of fully concentrating on one.Over ten thousand dollars that I had saved were spent on scripts, software, design work, clicks, IPs,hosting, domains, fiverr gigs, traffic, design, advertising, and empty promises. Come the end ofNovember 2012, I had nearly given up hope. Almost all my savings were spent, and all I had on mycomputer was a worthless pile of PDFs, guides and documents. I was totally burned out fromworking my ass off for the best part of 12 months, and had absolutely nothing to show for any of it.This wasnt like the glory days. I was getting nowhere. Nothing was happening online, nor in life.I had hit rock bottom.Maybe reading this so far strikes a chord with you? Is this how you spend your time online?Trying hundreds of different ways to make money all the time but never getting stuck into one?If so please do read on... I have a solution for you!
  4. 4. Mid December, 2012. Turning PointI was about to go to bed after yet another fruitless day of surfing boards, websites and sales pitcheson how to make money online. Through chance, I came across a website explaining all about theworld of Solo Ads. It was well thought out, using video tutorials as opposed to loads of text, so I layin bed watching them on my iPad. I think there were about 4 - 5 videos of 40 mins each. The more Iwatched the more this thing made sense. It seemed like a business model that could actually work!The guy who had made the videos had a website, seemed to know what he was on about, and mostimportantly wasnt trying to get hundreds of dollars out of me. He explained what he had done toget up to $100 a day online, here it is... copy what I did... and you will get to $100 a day yourself.Now I know there are thousands of these kind of guides on the net, believe me I have tried so manyof them out myself (none of them worked) but this one was different for a few reasons :1) It is a tried and tested business model, with LOTS of people already making well over $100a day with solo ads. (and much more in a lot of cases)2) Communities of solo ad buyers/sellers were in place, with message boards, Skype groups,Facebook pages.... this was how doing online porn had felt for me years back. Loads ofpeople all making money in the same way, hanging out online, sharing ideas, helping eachother out... this was looking more and more like something I could get into at last!3) It involved building an email list - something I had wanted to do forever. The more you lookat methods on how to make money online, no matter which one you choose - everyone istelling you “The money is in the list”. I wasnt sure how to go about it, but again this wasexplained in the videos on the site. Time to start building a list. My list!4) You did actually need to invest some money at the start, which was the big clincher for me.The guy whose website I first came across wasnt trying to get money out of me personally,but he made it very clear that if you wanted to get into the solo ad business – you wouldneed to invest some cash to get going. It takes money to make money right? This seemed alot more real to me than flogging a dodgy $49 ebook promising sports cars, mansions, andmillions of easy internet dollars to the buyer.The method of how to earn with solo ads was laid out in front of me. Here it is. Yes you need somecash for start up, but you can make money at this. Here is proof, and here are hundreds of people allmaking money doing it themselves. Take it or leave it. I decided to take it, and started researchingfurther into this area of Internet Marketing. One google search later, and I found a heap of messageboard posts, web pages, videos, and even a Facebook group, all giving more details and info. Whatstruck me straight away was that people working in solo ads were friendly and helpful! Other areasof IM that I had tried the previous year werent like this. No one wanted to help. Everyone kept theirmethods to themselves, no newbies allowed, dont try and take a piece of our pie whatever you do.Solo ads was just not like this at all. By the end of that day I had learnt a lot more, and gained agood few new Skype buddies. Things were looking up at last.At this point, December 2012 - I was working to live in my part time job with just a few hundreddollars extra coming in every month from my old porn sites. I could pay rent, eat, but not a lot else.The only spare money I had was $2k on a credit card that I kept for emergencies only :) In the endI thought what the hell - Im going to use some of the money on this card to start a solo ad business.Now I look back – this was the best decision I had made that whole year.
  5. 5. Biting The Bullet – January 2013I didnt need to start spending money just yet, that would come a bit later. In the meantime I had aspare couple of domains I could use, and the necessary skills to start building the few web pagesthat would form the basis of my new solo ads business.In case youre reading this ebook and have no idea what a solo ad even is, its probably time for abrief explanation before I go any further. Ill try and make it as simple as I can :“A solo ad is when you pay someone to mail their email list on your behalf, with a recommendationand link(s) to your free optin offer squeeze page, otherwise known as a ‘funnel’. This builds yourown email list, and once it is big enough, you can then turn around and start selling your own soloads to other people.”Got that? Read it over a couple of times if you like ;)To get started in the world of solo ads, I would definitely need a funnel. People submitting theiremail addresses to the optin form on my funnel would start building my own email list. Dont getconfused or intimidated by any terminology here – a funnel in this case is just a simple web pagewith some text, and an email optin box. They come in all shapes and sizes, from outlandish graphicheavy ones, to real plain looking sign up here affairs. Probably best to include an example or twoso you know what Im talking about – funnel #1 - funnel #2 - funnel #3. Checked those out? Seehow they work? The text, or offer on the funnel (web page) pulls the person in with a promise ofbeing able to earn money online, making easy money online, earning $xxx per day, getting freesoftware, a guide, ebook or similar. If the person looking at the funnel wants what is on offer, theyhave to put their email into the optin box, click submit, then they receive it. Good so far?Now there are various plugins for Wordpress that can quickly make these funnels for you.Optimize Press is an example of one quite a lot of people use. But it costs $97 and I was determinedto spend as little money as possible at first. If you can use an html editor such as Dreamweaver tomake your own web pages, I suggest this route at first – which was the one I took. Browsing severalother funnels gave me a bit of inspiration, and I quickly knocked together my first one using AdobePhotoshop and Dreamweaver.Next, I would need an AR (autoresponder – the email service that will collect and store your emails)A lot of people were saying good things about Aweber, so I headed on over there and got my firstmonths trial with them for just $1! Hey anyone can afford one dollar right?My $1 Aweber subscription got me the code I needed for the email optin box on my funnel. Itwould also store my emails for me, and let me send mails out to everyone on my list when I wasready to start selling solo ads myself. The Aweber code was added to my html webpage, I uploadedit and here it is. The very first funnel I used to start collecting email addresses to my list! (note :dont copy this design yourself. Its rubbish!! I will link to much better designs later on in this guide)Now that I had a funnel uploaded, I needed something to put ‘behind’ it. This is the next page thesurfer will see once they sign up to your mailing list, and the one before they actually get to the freegift you have on offer. The kind of page I chose to us was a one time offer page, or OTO for short.Finally, I would need a download page with my free gift on it. This is the whole reason people areopting into your list, so at some point they need to be able to get access to it. I also set up my AR tosend out a welcome mail to new subscribers containing the link to my OTO, just in case theymissed it or closed their browser window when they were first opting in.
  6. 6. The sequence of pages in my funnel were now as follows :1) Funnel with AR form + optin offer such a free gift/ebook/report/system (example)2) OTO page (example)3) Download page with free gift (example)Now that I had a 3 page funnel ready to go, the next thing needed would be tracking software. Thistracks the visitors coming into your funnel, logs who does what, and how many optins you get outof your solo ads. This is important! Every solo ad seller has a slightly different kind of list; everyfunnel is slightly different. You absolutely need to be able to keep track of how your incoming soloads perform. One of the many terms you will hear when doing solo ads is optin rate, or optin%This is the percentage of optins you get, from an amount of clicks. Say I ordered a 100 click solo adfrom one seller, and got 53 optins (email addresses) when the solo was sent to my funnel. Thiswould mean a 53% optin rate. (53 / 100) If I ordered 200 clicks from another seller and got 121optins, the optin rate here would be 61% (121 / 200) Once you start ordering a few solo ads at thesame time from different sellers, you need to be able to keep track of each incoming order, who issending what, when, where from, and most importantly the quality of their clicks. For this you needtracking software. There are a few on the market but I started with AdTrackzGold. Out came thecredit card, and $77 later I had it installed on the domain where my funnel was.So what had I spent so far?Aweber AR service...................................$1AdTrackzGold tracking software.............$77I make that $78. Note that if you are starting from scratch, you will need a domain and somehosting for your web pages. I already had both of these before I started. For registering domains,you cant beat Namecheap. I have been using these guys for over 15 years and never had a problem.You can register a domain there for $5 - $10 so its not a big investment. If you need hosting, asmall plan on Hostgator is fine for starting out in solo ads. Their hatchling plan costs just $3.96 amonth which again, is not a big investment. I also hooked you guys up a deal – if you do decide touse Hostgator – enter this coupon code when joining up, and you will get a 25% discount!Hostgator 25% discount coupon code – dandanielsSo for a complete newbie getting into solo ads, you can be up and running, as I was, with a domain,hosting, tracking software and a funnel for under $100.Buying My First Few Solo AdsLike it or not, I was now going to have to spend some money and start building my email list. Oncemy email list got up to a certain amount, I could then turn round and start selling solo ads myself.This was what everyone I was talking to said would happen, they had all done it – and so could I.I had my funnel set up, knew how to get tracking links from AdTrackzGold, and had written aswipe (email) that I thought looked alright. After browsing the Solo Swap Syndicate for a while, Icontacted some sellers on Skype and Facebook PM. They were all super friendly and helpful. All ofthem. Some offered advice on how to make my funnel better and others gave tips on writing betterswipes. Wow this wasnt like when I was trying to get into CPA marketing the year before and noone wanted to help me out at all! I took every piece of advice I was given, after all these guys knewmore than me, and were more experienced than me. I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could.
  7. 7. After making a few changes to my funnel I tentatively started buying 50 click solos ads.Clicks and optins started coming in and my Aweber email list slowly started to grow!The first thing I noticed was that the overall optin rate for my funnel was around 35-38%. This wasway too low. My new Skype buddies were telling me I should tweak and test the funnel design untilmy optin rate was as close to 50% as possible. Or, for every 100 clicks that I bought – Id be addingaround 50 new optins to my list. With things as they were, every 100 clicks I bought were adding35-38 new optins so this made perfect sense. I got back into Photoshop and Dreamweaver, andplayed around with different designs as I bought my next few hundred clicks. Optin rates went upand down, some of my designs did better, and some did worse. I finally hit on a good design thatwas converting great with most solo ads from most sellers! Click this link to see it. Conversionswere pretty much around 50% or more in cases depending on who you bought for. I even got optinrates of 55%, 57%, and 60% with one seller. This was more like it. I had a decent funnel, optin ratewas where it should be, and I was building my list at last.Other Ways To Make Money (and optins!) With Solo AdsAs I bought more clicks, got more optins, and talked to more people over the next few weeks, Icontinued to learn, tweak, test, and add more things onto my web pages. As with any area of IM,there is always more than one way to skin a cat, and more than one way to make money :)I was seeing bits of cash begin to come in from :1) Sales from my OTO page, as discussed earlier in this guide.2) PPL (Pay Per Lead) programs. I added links and banners on my download page instead ofjust putting up a plain boring white background with the gift on and nothing else. Peoplelanding on this page were clicking these banners, and making me other bits of money.3) An exit console added to my main funnel was pulling in more subscribers to a second emaillist that I had fixed up in Aweber.4) I started to bank clicks with other solo ad sellers by adding links to their funnels at the topof my download page, and also in the welcome mail for my email list. This all sent outclicks to other solo ad sellers, that I would be able to claim back from them at some point.Now I knew what I was doing a bit more, and that my funnel was performing as it should at aroundthe 50% optin mark, I started to buy more clicks, and larger amounts of them. I moved up to buying100 and 200 clicks at a time from reputable sellers only. The ones that gave me the best optin rateand buying experience were added to a google spreadsheet. I began to buy off them once a month,and this way could often haggle for a cheaper price.The balance on my credit card was going down, but rapidly being replaced with more and moreoptins on my email list. I hit 500 optins, then 700, then 900. Finally after almost 3 weeks of buyingsolo ads - I hit the magic 1000 optins mark, or 1K as it is known. It was now time to start sellingsolo ads myself!By this time I had a whole heap of new friends on Facebook and Skype from working with solo ads.A big part of this business is networking – dont expect to sit there on your own not talking toanyone and be able to make money. I was constantly talking to as many people as I could, learningas much as I could, and absorbing all the information that was out there. At this point I was noexpert, but I definitely had more of an idea of what I was doing than when I first started. I got somegreat advice from a few people on what to do when I started selling, and followed all of it.
  8. 8. 4 Weeks In – I Start Selling Solo AdsAfter a few test emails, I knew I could send out around 60-70 clicks with my list, plus some extra.I needed a sales page with testimonials fast, but obviously had none at this point. To start gettingthem, I would have to make my first few 50 click solos cheap, in order to attract customers andbuild up testimonials. Id been posting regularly on the Facebook Solo Swap Syndicate and talkingto lots of people on there - so I was not a complete newbie. I threw up a quick advert on theFacebook group selling 50 click solos for $17 ($0.34 a click) and immediately got 5 people wantingto try them out. I lined them up for the next 5 days, and had $85 drop into my paypal account! Itwas a big moment – the first money I had ever made from solo ads. Whats more – it had been easy.This was just great – I had gone from spending all my own money, to being able to make some of itback. Next step was to immediately turn round, and begin investing every penny I made out ofselling solo ads into buying more. This would build my list faster, which in turn would enable me tobe able to sell bigger solo ads myself for even more money. I took the $85 plus some other PPLmoney I had been paid, and bought another 300 clicks straight away. The 5 people who had orderedoff me were all happy with the results of their solos, so I made sure to keep in touch and ask them topost me a testimonial on the Facebook group. I took screenshots of these and added them to mybrand new sales page along with some paypal buttons and other information. Having a sales pagewith some testimonials on it made me look a little better now, and I started to push more and morewith selling solo ads. The more clicks I could sell, the more I could buy back in. At this point mylist started to feed itself, and I stopped putting any more money on my credit card, insteadcontinuing to re-invest everything I made through selling myself. I carried on growing over the nextfew weeks. I quickly got to the point where I could sell 100 click solos and kept on reinvestingeverything I made. The number of testimonials on my sales page got bigger, which improved myreputation. I was selling and buying more and more clicks, and because of this more traffic wasgoing through my funnel – resulting in more OTO sales, PPL cash and banked clicks. Things werereally starting to flow and move around a lot easier. At this point I was making on average $50 aday so was already half way to my target of $100 per day through solo ads! Once I got to this pointI knew that all I needed now was to double up what I had already done, and Id easily reach mytarget. A few weeks later I put my prices up to $40 for 100 clicks, and was able to add a 150 clicksoption to my sales page. ($60)Around this point I had to invest some more money - in a traffic script called Quality Click Control.For anyone who intends to sell solo ads, you need this! It controls where your clicks go and it doesit very well. Say you have an 8k list, then two people order 50 clicks from you and one other personorders 100. If you just send out one mail from your list you have no real control over where theclicks are delivered to, and who gets how many. Quality Click Control handles all of this and is agreat tool for anyone who is serious about the solo ad business. Almost everyone I know uses it.When you are ready, if you want to learn more about Quality Click Control, just click here.I added more and more testimonials from happy customers to my sales page. Money continued toroll in, and I continued to reinvest every penny into growing my list. I changed my OTO page to adifferent one with a slightly higher price; this also increased my bottom line. Adding some morePPL banners to my download page did the same. I increased the number of banking partners on thedownload page and in my welcome mail. I then added a sequence of follow up emails to go outweekly to my list, again with more banking and PPL links. This all helped bring in yet more clicksto my own funnel, and more money into my Paypal account.
  9. 9. I kept doing what I was doing, and things grew steadily from this point. I built some more funnelstrying out different offers, OTO pages and affiliate links. When my list hit 7 - 7.5k I was able toconsistently sell 200 clicks every day for $80. PPL money, OTO sales and affiliate sales from mydownload pages made up the other $20, and I had finally hit my target of $100 a day online!Of course this was great news, but I couldnt sit still. Not in this game. All I looked on this as washaving $100 a day extra to re-invest straight back into buying yet more solos for my own list. Itgrew even faster from this point and I started to make more and more money. I learnt many newmethods on how to increase earnings through other revenue streams. Within a few weeks making$100 a day online was peanuts to me. I had finally arrived!$100 a day online not only reached, but smashed!Ok thats it for part 1 of this series. I hope you enjoyed reading this ebook as much asI enjoyed writing it! I am now earning way more than $100 a day from solo ads byusing several methods I discovered along the way as my marketing skills improved.If you are interested in learning about these methods that literally blew my email list,and online earnings, out of the ball park, then please read on...Part 2 of this series – Solo Ads – Busting The Bank will be available very soon fordownload and to get your hands on it all you have to do is sign up to my email list.Important : this email list will NOT be used for sending out solo ads. No dailyemails, your account wont get hammered - I will ONLY be sending out news andinfo to this list on how to acquire my new guide on solo ads – Busting The Bank!Already Earning $100 A Day Out Of Solo Ads?Looking To Move On Up To The Next Level?Ready To Explode Your List And Earnings Into Orbit?Click HERE To Get “Solo Ads – Busting The Bank”
  10. 10. Bonus Information For People Getting Into The Solo Ads MarketWheres the best place to buy solo ads online? Well you can certainly buy some off me if you like!I have worked hard these last few months on building up both my list, and my reputation. My salespage is right here, along with a bunch of testimonials from happy customers... you are welcome tobecome one of them. Click here to go to my sales page.I have also compiled a good list of reliable solo ad sellers that I have used myself this year. I highlyrecommend trying some of these guys out for your first few buys. They are all honest, reliable, andhave high quality solo ads for sale. Click here to go to my Reliable Sellers list.Obviously I cant sell you all the solo ads in the world, so in my opinion the next best place to buysolo ads online, is the Facebook Solo Swap Syndicate group. If you take just one piece of advicefrom me in this whole guide, it is to join this group. In a few short months it has quickly built up tobecome the #1 place online for buying and selling solo ads. You have to register first, and approvalcan take a few days, but this is a security measure to prevent scammers. The best thing about thisplace is that anyone trying to scam others, will get outed and banned in a matter of hours. Buy, andsell, in confidence over at the Facebook Solo Swap Syndicate.People this is the internet, and there are scammers out there who want to take your money.If you are getting into buying and selling solo ads, take this on board now :Never buy a solo ad from anyone without a sales page and/or good testimonials from others.Never feel hurried into buying a solo ad. There are a LOT of sellers! If you smell a rat atany point, just move on. Always find someone honest with a good reputation to buy from.The Facebook Solo Swap Syndicate is full of honest sellers doing business all day long. It is a greatplace to meet other people in the solo ad biz, build up your Skype contact list, make friends, andabsorb information. Its not just buying and selling solo ads that happens here. People share tips,information, a blacklist of known scammers, advice... I have learnt so much from being a memberof this group, plus made some great friends and contacts who I now speak to, and work with, daily.You will need 3 things when buying a Solo Ad.1) Paypal – to pay for the cost of the solo.2) Tracking Link – you get this from AdTrackzGold or a similar script, by adding the url toyour funnel and have it generate a link.3) Swipe – or email. Basically your sales pitch. The solo ad seller will use this text, or ‘copy’,to send out in an email to their subscriber list. Some sellers may be nice and write yourswipe for you when you are first starting out. Other sellers will insist on writing their own –in which case you won’t need one. I like to keep a few that I know work well in a text file soI can quickly copy-paste if/when needed.
  11. 11. Here is an example swipe, written for a Earn $100 A Day Online kind of offer :S ubject : Explode your online earnings to over $100 a day!Body :You read that right – in less than24 hours from now you can haveup to $100 US D in your pocket!==> LINK HEREMy fellow Internet Marketer Aaron amazed melast night when he showed off his new system.Its so simple, that even if you are a newbie,you cannot fail to make mad cash using it!Whats more its 100% FREE today!==> LINK HERETo your success,<your name>Things to take note of :1) Swipes need a subject line (the title of the email) This needs to be as catchy as possible.You need them to want to open the email, not ignore it!2) Body. I like to keep these short and sweet, with 2 or three links per email. Dont bore themwith a huge page of text, but you need enough to get them interested and make them want toclick those links! This means more clicks to your funnel and therefore more optins.3) LINK HERE above, is the tracking link from AdTrackzGold that directs to your funnel.Writing swipes and subject lines is a bit of a science. I look back at the ones I first started writingcompared to the ones I do now, and they are totally different. I had no idea what I was doing at first.Solo ads is a very hands on thing, and you will learn a lot quickly as you go along. A good tipsomeone showed me early on is to open a new gmail account, then use that to optin on as manymarketers lists as you can. Just sign up to heaps of lists. Your email box will become flooded withsolo ad mails but this doesnt matter as it isnt your primary email right? Every now and again go tothis emails inbox and spend a while checking out all the subject lines and swipes. Which ones madeyou want to open them? Why? Which swipes made you want to click their links the most, and why?Look for the magic ingredients in both subject lines and swipes that made you want to a) open themail, and b) click the links in that mail. Beg, borrow, adapt, steal, whatever you have to do, but youneed these ingredients in your own mails to become successful in both buying, and selling solo ads.As you might notice, prices of solo ads can vary greatly depending on who you are buying from.The bigwigs tend to charge more for theirs – up to 80 cents each in some cases. This is way toomuch in my opinion and you can get perfectly good clicks for about half this. Shop around!Tip : there are always plenty of newbies hanging around in the Solo Swap Syndicate who arelooking to move their clicks for 35 cents – 40 cents each, or $35 - $40 on the 100. I have beenselling for a while now, and I will still only charge you $40 per $100 clicks. Whatever you do, dontget swayed by the guys who charge silly prices promising you that their clicks are “special”. Theybloody arent. Never feel rushed into buying a solo ad. Take your time, shop around, and buycarefully. Both your wallet, and your list, will thank you for it further down the line.
  12. 12. Resources And Useful LinksBuy my solo ads – theyre great!Buy solo ads from my trusted sellers list.Register your domains with the best. NameCheapHostgator is ideal if you need hosting. *Enter coupon code : dandaniels for 25% discount!*The two best Autoresponders available are Aweber and GetResponse.For buying and selling solos you will need AdTrackz Gold, then later on - Quality Click Control.Apply to join the Facebook Solo Swap Syndicate. And do it now.Wordpress really is the only solution for setting up any kind of blog.Once you start selling solos, Solo Organizer is brilliant for booking and organising orders.If you arent comfortable with using html and want to design your own funnel, get Optimize Press.Get PLR For For Your OTO Pages :Master Resale RightsEasy PLRResell Rights WeeklyFree PLR eBooksPLR AssassinPLR eBook ClubCopyright 2013 – Dan Daniels