Module 6


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Module 6

  1. 1. By: Katarina Bago
  2. 2.      The reason for choosing Hardwell, is because I like his music. I believe that he is one of the greatest DJs in the world. He is known around the world. The music that he creates is unreal and out of this world. Lastly, because I like listening and dancing to this type of music.
  3. 3.     Born on January 7, 1988 in Breda Netherlands His real name is: “Robert van de Corupt” Goes by the stage name of : “Hardwell” He is an electro house DJ and music producer
  4. 4.      Started remixing in 2006 Did his own version of The Underdog Project’s “Summer Jam” Remixing in 2007 to techno act scooter (“Lass Uns Tanzen”) He first gained recoginition in 2009 for his song : “ Show Me Love vs. Be” jh4
  5. 5.   Hardwell formed his own record label called : “ Revealed Recordings” Launched his own radio show and podcast called: “Hardwell on Air”   Link:  Did a track with Tiesto called “Zero 76” which was one of the big club tracks of the year rU 
  6. 6.     In 2012 the biggest track that Hardwell created was called : “Spaceman” Link: h30 In 2012 he performed at Tomorrowland which is the biggest Electronic Dance Music in the world. It held over 20 million views on Youtube and it surpassed his live set at Ultra in 2013
  7. 7.   Launched his: “I am Hardwell” tour in April 2013 Sold out shows were in: Jarkata, Singapore, Banglore,Mumbai,Lisbon and London
  8. 8.   George F - "Bongo Man (Hardwell Remix)“ Hardwell featuring Amba Sheperd - "Apollo (Hardwell Concert Edit)“     Joe Ghost - "Are You Ready (Hardwell Rework)“   Clockwork - "Tremor (Hardwell Rambo Edit)“   Krewella - "Alive (Hardwell The Final Remix)“
  9. 9. Blasterjaxx - "Fifteen (Hardwell Edit)“ Zg    Mark Knight & Funkagenda - "Man With The Red Face (Hardwell Remix)“ wqQ
  10. 10.       Hardwell is a very popular musician Has various types of music He is on youtube , google, wikipedia, SoundCloud , Itunes, Twitter, Facebook, Beatport, Youtube and “” He has his own social media website called : His website has his biography, release dates, tourdates, radioshow, videos, downloads, store and contact
  11. 11.  He has headlined many of the worlds Electronic dance music events such as: Ultra Music Festival Miami, Electronic Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, Electric Zoo, Creamfields, UMF Europe, Coachella, EDC London, Future Music Festival, TomorrowWorld, Global Gathering, Mysteryland, Dance Valley and various Sensations, including Amsterdam’s.
  12. 12.   Some of the online communities that he exists around are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Sound Cloud and Itunes and His own social media website. It keeps the people in tune to what is going on when he is on tour.
  13. 13.       His own website is created and owned by him There are packages that you can download from his website. He keeps the browser up-to-date by tweeting at every live show or event. He posts pictures and his latest music on his website. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram manages and protects his fan page, by allowing him the option to choose if anyone can follow him. There are copyright laws on his music,so there is no piracy.
  14. 14.   There are terms and conditions that you have to abide by. You have to give all of your contact information, so they know who is paying and downloading for the music.
  15. 15.   YES! He has Because he has a huge number count of people that follow him and listen to him.
  16. 16.      Hardwell posts meaningful content. He posts various tweets about is events and upcoming realeases of his new songs. “Tune in now for a brand new episode of @HARDWELL@Hardwellonair#HOA#155bit/ly/ HARDWELLONAIR Thank you Ultra Colombia! Photo by @delphinsdead Check out this new episode of @Hardwellonair #HOA155! Packed with bangers & exclusives! DL …YT
  17. 17.    Hardwell engages his fans. He does so by, posting music and up to date information about his tour. As well he posts his new realeases and tour dates.
  18. 18. 4. Hardwell continues to push his audience. He posts videos, photos and his songs on his website.  He converges online spaces by posting links to the photos/videos/music that he likes to share.  It is vary effective because with the tweets that he sends out, it gets the viewer excited for what is to come.  It is effective especially when he posts new music,photos or tour dates because it gives the viewer something to look forward to.  
  19. 19. Hardwell posts consistently. With over 4 million fans on facebook and twitter he has to keep them up to date and entertained  Revealed Recordings is another social media website that he updates. Link:    The last tweet was sent out 10hrs ago: “Ready for @IamHardwell São Paulo”  He always keeps his fans up to date, by social media websites.  He posts photos on facebook and twitter.  He posts it effectively by the use of colour and design and the way it is presented. 