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Extreme Sports. Antonov George


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This presentation was made by a student of 9b Form of Gymnasium 114, St.Petersburg Antonov George. The teacher - Korkina Irina.

Published in: Sports, Education
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Extreme Sports. Antonov George

  1. 1. Surfing - is riding on a wave of light on special boards. There are several similar sports, used different hardware (for example, wind surfing - riding on the board under sail).
  2. 2. Bungee jumping - widespread in the world attraction, often called in Russia "bungee", although having a Russian bungee little in common.
  3. 3. Climbing - sport and physical activities, which is climbing on natural (rocks) or artificial (climbing wall) relief. Originating as a kind of mountaineering, rock climbing now - separate sport.
  4. 4. Snowboarding-Olympic sport consists in the descent from the snowy slopes of the mountains and the special projectile - snowboarding.