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Social impacts information technology


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social impacts information technology

  1. 1. Social Impacts OfInformation Technology
  2. 2. Index• What is information technology?• Applications of Information Technology in Our Daily Life IT in Education IT at Home IT in Public Places IT in Business IT in Government• Benefits of information technology• Disadvantages of Information Technology
  3. 3. What is Information Technology? Information Technology deals with the use of computers to store, retrieve and transmit information. The acquisition, processing storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronic-based combination of computing and telecommunication are it’s main fields. Some of the modern and emerging fields of information technologies are next generation web technologies, bioinformatics, cloud computing, global information systems, large scale knowledge basis etc. are mainly driven in the field of computer science.
  4. 4. Applications of InformationTechnology in Our Daily Life• IT in Education – Students have many opportunities to learn the basic computer skills to facilitate their learning. Multimedia learning centre (MMLC) in secondary school Classroom with a projector
  5. 5. • IT at Home – Personal computer
  6. 6. • IT in Public Places – Internet access service The public can obtain information from the Internet more conveniently Internet access service in public area
  7. 7. • IT in Business – Office automation Office automation helps office workers improve working efficiency productivity, data security and communications with others An automated office
  8. 8. • IT in Business – E-commerce Refers to commercial activities carried out in an electronic network e-bay, a popular online auction site
  9. 9. • IT in Government – UID project • Contains personal data, templates of thumb prints and photograph of card holder • Information stored is encrypted with high security – Railway Bookings • Helps in booking the tickets online – Bill payments • Reduces the physical movement of people for paying bills.
  10. 10. Benefits of information technology Globalization - IT has not only brought the world closer together, but it has allowed the worlds economy to become a single interdependent system.Communication - With the help of information technology, communication has also become cheaper, quicker, and more efficient.
  11. 11. Cost effectiveness - Information technology has helped to computerize the business process thus streamlining businesses to make them extremely cost effective money making machines.Bridging the cultural gap - Information technology has helped to bridge the cultural gap by helping people from different cultures to communicate with one another
  12. 12. Creation of new jobs - the best advantage ofinformation technology is the creation of newand interesting jobs.All of these examples can be summed up assuch: Information Technology makes businesseasier.
  13. 13. Disadvantages of InformationTechnology Unemployment - While information technology may have streamlined the business process it has also crated job redundancies example- a lot of lower and middle level jobs have been done away with causing more people to become unemployed.
  14. 14. Privacy - Though information technology mayhave made communication quicker, easier andmore convenient, it has also bought alongprivacy issues.Lack of job security - one has to be in aconstant learning mode, if he or she wishes fortheir job to be secure.
  15. 15. Dominant culture - While information technologymay have made the world a global village, it has alsocontributed to one culture dominating another weakerone. For example it is now argued that US influenceshow most young teenagers all over the world nowact, dress and behave.
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