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Tradition and the individual talent

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Tradition and the individual talent

  1. 1. Tradition and the Individual Talent T.S. Eliot Class Discussion
  2. 2. Key Questions1) Why is this essay entitled Tradition and the Individual Talent?2) What is T.S. Eliot’s main argument on this essay in relation to the expression of the poets in their work?3) What evidence provided by Eliot to support this argument?4) Do you agree or disagree with his argument?5) Why do you think he points out several issues mentioned in the essay?
  3. 3. Answers1) Because it compares between the ability of poets to refer to the previous literary works and his/her own ability to express their emotion in their own works2) He argues that the poet’s ability to relate his emotions to other poets’ emotions in the history is as important as his direct expression in his own literary work.3) The evidence he provides in this essay is taken from Othello, Ulysses, Agamemnon, etc, which shows the repeated numbers of similar emotions in found in one work and in the previous work.4) He points out this issue because there is a trend in his era that the better literary work is the one that directly expresses the poet’s ideas. (he disagrees with this)

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