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Call Handling Best Practices for Information Workers

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Soft Skills - Information Worker

  1. 1. Delivery type: Triage Duration: 1 hour MS-IW Soft skills to improve call flow Beginning of the call > Personalized Greeting to the customer Advantages: It can ensure that your callers get a good impression of your company when the phone is answered. In business, impressions mean a lot. When clients and customers call to do business, nothing says you care about them on a human level like a Personalized Greeting. There’s no better way to build and maintain the kind of relationships with customers that keep them coming back. During the call > Acknowledge the customers Usage of influential words: Definitely Usage of advisory statements: Surely “I would suggest / I recommend…..” Absolutely “To avoid a similar inconvenience in future I request you to….” Certainly “All you need to do is to just….” Usage of power phrases: “I do understand the inconvenience you have faced……” “I will be more than glad / happy to assist you….” “I completely understand the reason why / your situation….” Usage of personalized statements: “I will surely ensure that…” “I assure you I will try my best…..” “What I can do for you right now is ….” “A simple way / method to change it will be to…..” “As soon as you receive…” Highlight benefits: “You will surely be able to enjoy…..” “You will only be charged…..” “We have a variety of …..” “It’s a wonderful application where instead of ____, you can _____ …..” “This is the best option for your requirements…..”
  2. 2. Before ending the call > Appreciate the customers: Appreciation starts to flows when one acknowledges something good that has occurred. Appreciation allows you to express yourself selflessly. This is one of the major factors customers consider when returning to a business. Showing customers how much you appreciate their business can turn them into regular consumers. Practice best effort support to drive TB (Top Box) Always ensure to try all possible steps within the support boundaries before redirecting the customer to a third-party or delivering business news. Emphasize on providing workaround, next best possible solution or offer an upgrade to help the customer. Be responsive towards the customer to provide unparalleled attention. Bank on reasoning ability to deliver business news or address design issues and bugs. Be enthusiastic. No one wants to deal with an employee who hates his job. Even if you do not like your job, or are having a bad day, do not show it. This turns customers off. If you are not interested in your business or company, why should anyone else be? Convincing skills in order to build confidence You must believe in and appreciate the product; any hesitation can deter the person from accepting your statement. Be truthful, the other person must trust you because faith in a person is essential. You must be persistent as it takes time to convince a person. Get your facts correct. In case, what you say has no truthful basis, then the other person may not believe in your word. Do not underestimate the other person and should be fully aware that the person one is dealing with is also fairly well versed in the subject on hand. Avoid dominance and be polite and courteous. It does not help to lose one’s temper and get agitated about the issue on hand. Even if you’re extremely skilled and talented, a lack of self-confidence can prevent you from performing at your best in pressure situations. Whenever you have to perform under pressure is a good time to put yourself into a state of confidence. Compiled by Ruhul Islam Laskar for MS-IW