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An Introduction: eLearning ©RIL


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An introduction to eLearning

Published in: Education, Technology
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An Introduction: eLearning ©RIL

  1. 1. 1. Who is the global leader in the eLearning market?2. Where did basic eLearning originate from?3. What is an LCMS?4. Who said this?Tell me and I will forgetShow me and I will rememberInvolve me and I will understand2
  2. 2. 3
  3. 3. 4PLATO Systems, University of Illinois, early 60sScience Research Council, USA, early 70sWaterford Elementary School, Utah, mid 70sInstitutes of Technology, NY, NJ, mid 80sCBT Systems, now SkillSoft, USA, mid 90s
  4. 4. 5(Supervisor) One worker isinjured at the boiler site andtwo more near the press.(Worker 1) I am going blindfrom reading and writingthese safety procedures.123(Plant Manager) Why, haven’tthe contractors and workersread the safety manual?(Worker 2) What good is the training if noone reads, understands, remembers, andchanges their behavior?
  5. 5. 6Faster Learning and Retention
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  13. 13. 14Tasks LCMS LMSManages Learning Content LearnersPrimary target users Content Developers, IDs, PMs Training Managers, InstructorsContent creation capability Yes NoKeeping learner profile data Yes, but not primary focus YesNavigational Control and learner interface Yes NoTraining performance reporting No Yes
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  17. 17. 181. Who is the global leader in the eLearning market? SkillSoft2. Where did basic eLearning originate from? University of Illinois3. What is an LCMS? Learning Content Management Systems4. Who said this?Tell me and I will forgetShow me and I will remember Confused?Involve me and I will understand Confucius!