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Intern Directory

  1. 1. Southern Progress Corporation Fall 2008 Intern Directory
  2. 2. Name: Britton Burgess Name: Meghan Blalock Name: Amy Burke SPC Department: Southern SPC Department: Southern SPC Department: Cottage Living, Advertising Living, Healthy Living/Features Living, Editorial College/Major: Univ. of Ala- College/Major: Univ. of Mis- College/Major: Univ. of bama, Advertising sissippi, Journalism Georgia, Magazine Journalism- Hometown: Hoover, AL Hometown: Birmingham, AL Hometown: Dallas, TX Phone: (205) 527-7930 Phone: (205) 613-1174 Phone: (214) 244-7772 Birthday: July 30, 1986 Birthday: Jan. 21, 1986 Birthday: Jan. 20, 1986 E-mail: britton.burgess@gmail. E-mail: E-mail: com Name: Caroline Carroll Name: Sarah Drake Name: Leah Dew SPC Department: Cottage & SPC Department: Cooking SPC Department: Southern Coastal Living; Marketing and Light/Health; Marketing Living at Home Advertising College/Major: Mizzou, Maga- College/Major: East Carolina College/Major: Univ. of Ala- zine Journalism Univ., Apparel Merchandising bama, Marketing Hometown: Kenilworth, IL Hometown: Ozark, AL Hometown: Pinehurst, NC Phone: (847) 560-0198 Phone: (334) 618-7733 Phone: (910) 690-8291 Birthday: Aug. 10, 1986 Birthday: Feb. 13, 1986 Birthday: Sept. 3, 1983 E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: Name: Maggie Gordon Name: Leigh Ivey Name: Eleanor Hand SPC Department: SPC Digital, SPC Department: Corporate SPC Department: Coastal Liv- Cooking Light Communications ing, Editorial College/Major: Syracuse Univ., College/Major: Centre College/Major: Univ. of Geor- Newspaper College, English gia, Magazine Journalism Hometown: Knox, NY Hometown: Cookeville, TN Hometown: Atlanta, GA Phone: (518) 727-1665 Phone: (913) 261-2200 Phone: (770) 377-6281 Birthday: March 6, 1986 Birthday: Dec. 15, 1985 Birthday: April 12, 1986 E-mail: mag.e.gordon@gmail. E-mail: E-mail: com
  3. 3. Name: Holly Kapherr Name: Kali Justus Name: Anne-Harris Jones SPC Department: Cooking SPC Department: Southern SPC Department: Oxmoor Light, Editorial Living, Copy Department House College/Major: Univ. of Cen- College/Major: Univ. of College/Major: Elon Univ., tral Florida, Creative Writing Georgia, Magazines English Hometown: Orlando, FL Hometown: Oxford, GA Hometown: Birmingham, AL Phone: (407) 923-0670 Phone: (404) 285-9657 Phone: (205) 540-4985 Birthday: Feb. 5, 1986 Birthday: March 7, 1986 Birthday: Dec. 15, 1984 E-mail: holly_kapherr@ E-mail: E-mail: Name: Brigette Lesch Name: Megan McSwain Name: Lee May SPC Department: Cooking SPC Department: Custom SPC Department: Consumer Light, Advertising/Creative Publishing Marketing, Creative College/Major: Auburn Univ., College/Major: Univ. of North College/Major: Spring Hill Graphic Design Carolina, Public Relations College, Graphic Design Hometown: Houston, TX Hometown:Winston-Salem, NC Hometown: Auburn, AL Phone: (713) 504-5889 Phone: (336) 816-2890 Phone: (334) 728-2088 Birthday: May 15, 1985 Birthday: Feb. 15, 1986 Birthday: July 24, 1985 E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: Name: Rachel Reinhardt Name: Josh Rutledge Name: Margaret Price SPC Department: Cottage SPC Department: Health, SPC Department: Consumer Living & Coastal Living Editorial and Art Research College/Major: Univ. of Mis- College/Major: Samford, College/Major: Vanderbilt, souri, Magazine Journalism Journalism Art History/Anthropology Hometown: Wichita, KS Hometown: Chattanooga, TN Hometown: Atlanta, GA Phone: (316) 640-3061 Phone: (423) 432-6128 Phone: (404) 805-2508 Birthday: Nov. 13, 1986 Birthday: Jan. 15, 1987 Birthday: Nov. 7, 1985 E-mail: rachelmreinhardt@ E-mail: E-mail:
  4. 4. Name: Carey Beth Ryan Name: Shea Staskowski Name: Krissa Smith SPC Department: Southern SPC Department: Oxmoor SPC Department: Southern Living, Foods House Accents, Editorial College/Major: Univ. ofVir- College/Major: Univ. of College/Major: Bob Jones ginia, History South Alabama, English University, Print Journalism Hometown: Dallas, TX Hometown: Birmingham, AL Hometown: Ensign, KS Phone: (214) 354-5156 Contact: (205) 427-7432 Phone: (602) 408-5940 Birthday: Dec. 13, 1985 Birthday: Sept. 22, 1985 Birthday: June 19, 1987 E-mail: careyelizabeth.ryan@ E-mail: E-mail: Name: Sally Summerson Name: Emily Sutterfield Name: Megan Tanner Name: Virginia Switzer SPC Department: SPC Con- SPC Department: Southern SPC Department: Southern SPC Department: MyRecipes nect Living, Advertising Living at Home, Sourcing College/Major: Univ. of Ten- College/Major: Ole Miss, College/Major: Univ. of Mis- College/Major: Univ. of nessee at Knoxville, Communica- Journalism souri, Journalism Alabama tion Studies, Jrnl. and E. Media Hometown: Richmond, VA Hometown: St. Louis, MO Hometown: Vestavia, AL Hometown: Dyersburg, TN Phone: (804) 514-3881 Phone: (573) 826-1584 Phone: (205) 746-0966 Phone: (731) 445-8321 Birthday: March 11, 1985 Birthday: July 30, 1985 Birthday: Sept. 17, 1985 Birthday: Aug. 16, 1985 E-mail: sally.summerson@ E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: Name: Allison Wise Name: Kelan Wright Name: Lucy Margaret Thompson Name: Riley Tant SPC Department: SPC Digital, SPC Department: Southern SPC Department: Southern SPC Department: SPC Digital, Marketing Living, Advertising Accents, Marketing College/Major: Tulane Univ., College/Major: Auburn Univ., College/Major: Vanderbilt College/Major: Auburn Univ., Comm., Political Science Graphic Design Univ., Art History/French Journalism Hometown: Minden, LA Hometown: Montgomery, AL Hometown: Montgomery, AL Hometown: Birmingham, AL Phone: (318) 422-0390 Phone: (334) 300-0167 Phone: (334) 207-5300 Contact: (205) 566-9860 Birthday: Dec. 4, 1986 Birthday: June 5, 1984 Birthday: Jan. 14, 1986 Birthday: May 20, 1986 E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: