Journal entries for timetraveler


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Journal entries for timetraveler

  1. 1. 2-8-11 Thisis my firstday in myadventure of using the all new time machine from Macintosh. Ican’t believe they picked me an average student from VilseckHigh. But hey I’m not complaining. So first the guys had toshow me how to use the time machine, but it was pretty simple,type in the date I wanted and the culture and it would take meto the greatest city at that time. The place I am visiting is themagnificent country of Persia. I choose this one because, Ithink the way they did things was pretty cool and I wanted tosee it. I typed in the first major time of the Persians and thatwas during the Elimate kingdom. This time period is between
  2. 2. 3400 B.C. and 2000B.C. I just chose a random date 2234 B.C.,the machine took me to Susa the great capital of the Elimatekingdom. Okay so that’s how I got here and my machinelanded outside the city, and I wasn’t noticed. The outside of itdidn’t have trees or anything around it really, just dirt notsand, but dirt everything was very rocky and not comfortableor good looking. I got here at night time and now I am writing.I am waiting to go outside so it’s a big surprise of what the citylooks like. I’m going to spend the night in here. That’s myreport for the day. Goodnight.2-10-111876 BC
  3. 3. Today in the city was amazing, the people I saw theclothes I got to wear, the food I ate, the building inside the city,wonderful. The first thing I saw was the city walls they weren’tas tall ask I thought they would be but still very impressive. Ihad to buy some clothes from somebody traveling into the city.I had no money and no way to communicate with them but Isaid ”Can I have those?” Then the man looked at me dumb but then I pointed athis clothes and he put his hand out for the money sign and Isaid “I can give him my shoes?” He took them and gave me his clothes but he had extrasso it was cool and went well. Then I traveled into the city afterI got changed. The city was kind of scary at first but then I gotused to it. There were guards everywhere but also people. Itried to blend in the best I could. I needed some money so Istole some ;) but oh well. I bought some good food. I think itwas some type of goat but I’m not sure, it was good. I dranksome water. Then I walked around saw all the building notmuch really but still cool for how old they were, well for backthen, then I saw the palace I literally just stared it was hugeand amazing. That was all I did after I saw that I left and wentback. Now I have decided to go to Babylon right after Cyrusthe great freed the Jews. I am heading there right after I writethis down and I will spend the night there again.
  4. 4. 2-11-111876 BC Today I woke up to something a little different kind ofscared me at first. Well I woke up to banging on the timemachine door, I was said”Mom leave me alone, five more minutes!”But I was wrong it was the Babylonians. I got up got dressedand went outside. The first thing I realized was that they spokeEnglish, I don’t know how but they did. It was a bunch ofguards at the door, I walked out and they are were whisperingthings like, “Who is he?” “Maybe he is a god?” “What should we do?” One of the guards stepped forward and said “Are you a god?”
  5. 5. I replied “No! I wish.” As soon as I said no he got mad. I’m not sure why but hedid. Luckily I was by time machine door and I was waiting forhim to do something, as I suspected he took his sword out andtried to kill me I hopped back into the time machine as soon asI saw this shut the door and hit in a new time. I just didBabylon again but I choose twenty years later when Cyrus wasstill the king. I am going to stay here until the night and golook around at night then the next day I shall go into the cityand visit. I am some what scared the same thing will happenlike last time but I’m praying it doesn’t.2-13-11It’s been a while since Ihave written. I have hadsome good times I spentthe last couple of days inBabylon there was somuch to do. The first day Idid a lot more lookingaround. I scouted out allday for what I wanted todo for the next couple ofdays. I just looked aroundtalked to all the people.The funniest experiencewas on the 14th when Itried hitting on thisrestaurant lady. I walkedup to here place and told
  6. 6. her my best pick up line “did it hurt?” she asked ” what hurt “and of course I said “when you feel from heaven” but shedidn’t get it. She then went to ask me what heaven was,because she was a zorotasimist. Well that was the day I decidedto eat at all the good looking restaurants. The next day was theday for buildings, it wasn’t as much fun but I needed to see it.The third day was the day for the market. I spent so much timethere I talked to everybody. The men were funny trying to sellme all this stuff. I only bought a nice looking coin for my coincollection. The last day I went and saw the Immortals. Theywere so cool. I had to sneak into their training grounds but itwas well worth it. The things they did the crazy flips and theyclimbed up weird ladders and shot arrows and hit targets fromat least a football field away. There is a reason they werenamed the Immortals in history.2-14-111655 B.C.
  7. 7. This morning I woke up and super happy, because Idecided to go to see the Royal Road. This is during Darius’srule that I am went to see it and I am went to trade on it. It waspretty cool because some people when I started in Susa werealready trading, so I bought a few things and started walking. Iwalked forabout whatI think wasthreemiles. Itwas awhile and Itraded allmy stufffor othercool stuff. Igot anecklacefromEgypt. Ialso got acarpetfrom aman whosaid he wasTurkish or he was from the area that is now Turkey. I had ablast today it was so much fun to see all the different people onthe road traveling and seeing the huge caravans that carriedtons of people. As I headed back I saw a big thing that lookedlike a wind mill, I heard people talking about it and it is asource of energy. This must have been something the great inadvancement to be able to use wind power to do things,GREAT!
  8. 8. 2-15-111655 BC Now I want to see some war as I am sitting in Susa. I amthinking about the battle where I would see the best fights. Iam thinking the battle where I would see the best fights. I amthinking the battle of Plataea. The Persians might have lost thisbattle but there was their huge army they had and the massivearmy the Greeks assemble. The Greeks also had the Spartansleading this battle which going to be an amazing fight. I amsuper excited and I am going to try and go see from Persianside a little more so I can see the beast they in the fight if theyeven had any. That’s all I got, I will leave later tonight so willhopefully get there at night and get a good nights sleep, andwake up early to see the battle start.2-16-11 479 BC
  9. 9. So I am here and I decided to write during the battle so I couldmake sure to keep all my details down on remember them verywell kind of like notes. The Greeks just did the enormous battlecry like off of the movie 300 it was intense. Now they wouldhave an advantage because with this the horses could kill theywere on flat land so the horses ran straight. Now the Persianbegan to charge oh by the way I am sitting on a hil I Amzoomed in using this cool camera that’s on the outside of thetime machine its like I am right there it’s cool. Anyways nowthey are just killing each other, sadly there are no beasts fromPersia. The Spartans who are in front and I can tell thisbecause of their red capes and they are using the Phalanx andare just murdering The horses that keep coming at them. ThePersians cant even jump over their shields because they arestabbed to fast. The Spartans havealready destroyed most of the Calvaryand they haven’t even broken up thelines yet. This battle is sad, no wonderthe Persians lost, they were horrible atwar. How do they expect slaves to begood at fighting? I can see theimmortals but they are still sitting atthe start of the Persians army waiting, Iguess for the right time to strike, that iskind of smart. Well I am done now its to sad I don’t knowwhere to head next, but I am going to sleep now for a while,night!2-17-11
  10. 10. 500 BC I now decided I wanted to go back and go see Persepolis. Ityped in my date in 500 BC and was on my way. I entered andjust decided to go at night so I could see it without all thepeople. It was beautiful the city was so pretty the walls justmade it so majestic. I went, I saw, I conquered, haha no, I sawit though and it was the real deal. Darius really wanted to showthe greatness of Persia from the cities and he did Persepolis isbeautiful. It showed the greatness and power. Even at night itshowed it, I loved it.2-18-11 I believe it is time to head back I am starting to miss home.The cool thing is nobody will ever know I am gone because Ican just go back to the same time and the same day I left. Thismachine is a great invention, all the high tech gear, the fancysounds, the good food and being able to travel everywhere. Iam getting tired of traveling and am ready to sleep in my ownbed now. I hope one day somebody reads my journal about mygreat adventures in Persia.