SharePoint Meet ECM at #SPSSC


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SharePoint Meet ECM at #SPSSC

  1. 1. SharePoint ECM Chris Riley, ECMp, IOAp, v-TSP Product Manager / Evangelist CloudShare, Inc. @HoardingInfo
  2. 2. Why Chris?• Knows Some Stuff about SharePoint• ECM Speaker and Author of Standards• Has Acronyms, on the Board of AIIM
  3. 3. What is CloudShare?• On-Demand SharePoint Farms in the cloud• Not Multi-Tenant but Full Server Access• Pre-Installed SharePoint• For Dev/Testing/POC/Demos and Training
  4. 4. Logistics• Define ECM• ECM in SharePoint• Talk the Talk• Demo• The Future
  5. 5. ECM is a methodology NOT a technology
  6. 6. If you are migrating Shared Drives You are doing it WRONG!
  7. 7. Folders are the new F*$# word
  8. 8. ECM• The term ECM is now OLD• It’s the methodologies and processes for capturing, storing, securing, and retrieving content.• It makes your end-users – Work suck a little less – Spend less time finding content & more time using it – Keeps your organization’s content secure and relevant
  9. 9. ECM• Knowledge workers don’t pay attention to how they do what they do• Your content managers don’t speak your language, and you don’t speak theirs
  10. 10. ECM in SharePoint• Create a living Governance Plan• Design a Taxonomy• Setup Document ID service• Plan for eDiscovery• Setup content types and content type publishing• Setup retention schedules per your file plan• Enable records management in-place or records center• Enable content audits• All before a single document is uploaded
  11. 11. ECM in SharePointMost of ECM in SharePoint is created outside of SharePoint
  12. 12. Talk the Talk SharePoint ECMManaged Meta-Data TaxonomyRating, Keywords, Like It, Tagging FolksonomyDocument Sets Compound DocumentsContent Types Meta-data containers not Document TypesInformation Management Policies Records Management
  13. 13. Talk the Talk• System of Record• System of Engagement• Information Architecture – Hierarchy• Records Management• Taxonomy – Functional – Regional• eDiscovery
  14. 14. Ok. But Why?
  15. 15. DEMO
  16. 16. Tips• Plan for vNext• Start Today• Don’t neglect Governance and Planning• Explain the value• Make friends
  17. 17. Tips• Crowd Source• Don’t foster bad habits, i.e. workspaces• Out-of-the-box as much as possible• Don’t look for cookie cutter implementations
  18. 18. What does the future hold• CMIS• SharePoint 15• Folders go away• A Focus on retrieval
  19. 19. Resources• ECM & SharePoint -• Records Management –• Ready Taxonomies –
  20. 20. Call Me!•• @HoardingInfo
  21. 21. Join us right after the event at Firehouse Grillfor a free drink, kindly provided by AvePointand Rackspace! 1765 East Bayshore Road EastPalo Alto, CA 94303 (Next to Nordstrom Rack). Drinks to be provided by…..