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Cloud - AIIM Conference 2012


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My Session on the Cloud ad AIIM Conference 2012 in San Francisco.

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Cloud - AIIM Conference 2012

  1. 1. #AIIM12The Cloud Chris Riley #AIIM12
  2. 2. @HoardingInfo  Product Manager @CloudShare  Knows:  Information Architecture  SharePoint  Virtualization  Chair of the PAC  Got Acronyms?  ECMp, IOAp, CAPTUREp, v-TSP  I have a Chihuahua named Bean#AIIM12
  3. 3. My “Cloud” Time Card – Work Week 55% of a week in email – Not No More 15% a week in CloudShare 10% a week in Twitter 8% a week in Google Docs 7% a week in Dropbox or Box 7% of week in Skype 5% of a week in Sales Force 5% a week in Splunk 5% a week in WordPress 5% a week in Facebook 5% a week GoToMeeting 2% a week in BaseCamp 1% a week in ToTango 1% a week in Marketo 1% a week in Drupal 1% a week in Clarizen 1% a week in Expensify 1% Wakoopa #AIIM12
  4. 4. Guys… the cloud is dead#AIIM12
  5. 5. Introducing……#AIIM12
  6. 6. The Black HoleIt’s nothing and everything at the same timeWhat goes in does not come outSecure? 100%Fast? Light SpeedUseful? If you believeIntegration? It integrates youBig Date? Big, Small, all Data #AIIM12
  7. 7. Who are you?#AIIM12
  8. 8. Why we are here Because we want to “Go to the Cloud” But were not sure what that means#AIIM12
  9. 9. Are you someone who says It is, what it is#AIIM12
  10. 10. Or No offense but...#AIIM12
  11. 11. Then you probably also say “The Cloud” - All the time!#AIIM12
  12. 12. The “Cloud” Only Tells you:It’s accessible Virtualization is used The server is not near you #AIIM12
  13. 13. It’s an Infrastructure TermUsing infrastructure to talk about productivityis a bad practiceYour Expectations are skewed #AIIM12
  14. 14. These terms are slightly better SaaS, PaaS, IaaS#AIIM12
  15. 15. ButSaaS, is SOOOOOOOO 2007PaaS and IaaS could arguably be the sameAnalyst have acronyms, your better then thatComing soon:  CaaS  GaaS  maybe Even Saas as a Service ? #AIIM12
  16. 16. The “Cloud” Internet, Servers SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Apps, Storage, Virtualization Hybrid, Private, Public ECM, BPM, WCM, BI Your Mom#AIIM12
  17. 17. Focus, Focus, on ProductivitySpend less time on common tasksSpend less time Sharing & SearchingSpend more time Creating and ConsumingWork should suck a little lessHow often do you think about your car in aday? #AIIM12
  18. 18. When you focus on productivity “Cloud” Happens#AIIM12
  19. 19. Avoid “Cloud” Delirium Stay true to the basics, but leverage:  Increased productivity  Accessibility from anywhere  Device integration  Ability to fail fast  Ability to be agile #AIIM12
  20. 20. What you want to do hasn’t changed You must still plan You must still focus on the workflow You must still choose your functionality wisely #AIIM12
  21. 21. How you acquire technology has Just a taste Scale and Acquisition is closer to value #AIIM12
  22. 22. Tech Products IT End-User Value The Money People #AIIM12
  23. 23. Tech Products End-User Value #AIIM12
  24. 24. Increase ( or decreased ) productivityAre YOUR users ready for the cloud? Is your Company? Blocking encourages an UNDERGROUND #AIIM12
  25. 25. Social: There is an app for that Everything that is good is also bad Answers can’t hide anymore Transparency is not a choice Engagement helps create purpose #AIIM12
  26. 26. Mobile: Availability! Even planes have Interwebs What, there is still something called a work week? More availability means more content, period Web support anymore = device support #AIIM12
  27. 27. Become AgileIf you don’t have it now, you have to learn it It’s not just a process, it’s a culture #AIIM12
  28. 28. Failure is fun Quick Restarts Entry barrier is so low Continuously measure Test new things see what happens #AIIM12
  29. 29. Think about Your vendors direction is ever more important  Are they agile?  Are they really cool, or just trying to be HTML 5 Support is a must Your users can no longer be neglected Make it interactive, make it social Don’t trade one time hog for another Don’t use it, just because it’s cool #AIIM12
  30. 30. Security? Are you REALLY secure today? #AIIM12
  31. 31. I “Cloud” therefor I’m available @HoardingInfo AIIM Community #AIIM12