Singapore representative office presented by rikvin


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Singapore representative office presented by rikvin

  1. 1. Singapore Representative Office Presented By RikvinThe number of foreign company registration in Singapore continues to increasebecause a lot of foreign entrepreneurs are attracted on the strong economy of thecounty, its business-friendly environment, supportive government and favorable taxrates.Rikvin, Singapore’s leading company incorporation specialist now provides SingaporeRepresentative Office Setup for foreign companies.“A Representative Office provides a foreign company interested in establishingoperation in Singapore an avenue to assess business opportunities in Singaporemarket prior to making any long term or large scale commitment. A RepresentativeOffice cannot engage in commercial revenue-generating activities,” Rikvin said.A Representative Office cannot engage in commercial revenue-generating activities,and therefore need not file for annual tax returns. However, income paid to the staffof the Representative Office including the Chief Representative is subject toSingapore personal income tax.Rikvin highlighted three simple steps in Singapore Representative Office Setup: 1. Submit an application to register the Representative Office. Rikvin can assist you in the registration of your Representative Office. 2. You can apply for an Employment Pass only after you have succeeded in registering the Representative Office. The Employment Pass application is for the Chief Representative who is the appointed staff member from the foreign company. The Employment Pass will allow the Chief Representative to relocate to Singapore to run the Representative Office. 3. You will require a local registered office address. Rikvin can provide you with the use of our corporate registered address on a temporary or long term basis, if needed.Note that Representative Office registration and Employment Pass application canbe processed without you having to be in Singapore. You can employ the services ofRikvin because they can set up your Representative Office within 5 working daysprovided you have all required documents in order.About the Publisher:Rikvin has successfully provided foreign and local entrepreneurs assistance to form aSingapore company. The firm provides a full spectrum of corporate services underone roof for Singapore company registration, accounting, tax, work pass and relatedcompliance services for individuals and companies worldwide.Our office is located at Raffles Place, in the heart of the Singapore business district.("CBD") If you are in our neighborhood and want to discuss any aspect of our servicethen feel free to come in to our offices during business hours. Appointments are
  2. 2. welcome but definitely not necessary.Rikvin PTE LTD20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705Main Lines: (65) 6438 8887Fax (65) 6438 2436