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Live Type Guidance


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Live Type Guidance

  1. 1. Live Type Exporting video from Final Cut Pro to Live Type In FCP on the timeline, create an ‘in’ point at the beginning of your • sequence and an ‘out’ point at the end to select video to export → Export → For Live Type (re-name and save) File Open Live Type • → Place Background Movie File If you are not using a background movie you may want to use one of • the backgrounds available under the ‘Textures’ or ‘Objects’ tab in media browser. Select one and click ‘Apply’ or if it is not the first background click ‘Apply to new track’. If you do not specify a background movie, texture or object, the text will • appear on a plain black background in FCP. Creating a title in Live Type: In the inspector window, ensure the ‘text’ tab is selected then type your • text into one of the text entry boxes Choose a font from either the ‘Fonts’ or ‘Live Fonts’ tab in the media • browser - category drop down menus give you more options Once chosen click ‘apply’ in the media browser • Your text will appear on the canvas it can be moved around using the • blue line or character by character The ‘Effects’ tab in the media browser gives you a range of animated • effects which can be added to plain fonts The Inspector window gives you the following options tabs to manipulate your text:
  2. 2. Text Style Effects Timing Attributes ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Size Shadow If you have Random GLYPH = Text Matte = applied any Background Tracking Glow effects they Sequence Opacity can be (from left or Outline turned on right) Blur Leading and off here Extrude Speed Scale (also option to reverse) Offset Delay Rotate Duration Colour Rendering: To see a preview of your creation • → Render Preview File To save your creation ready to be imported into FCP • → Render Movie File