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Art Of The Poster


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Produced by Temi Odumosu for Villiers Park: British Film Residential 2009

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Art Of The Poster

  1. 1. Art of the Poster
  2. 2. Saatchi & Saatchi Silk Cut Advert c. 1984
  3. 3. Alberto Giacometti Woman with her throat cut c. 1932
  4. 4. Oliviero Toscani Benneton Advert 1990’s
  5. 5. Alfred Leete Your country needs you (2nd version) 1914-16
  6. 6. John Bull WWI recruiting poster c. 1915
  7. 7. Belle Époque
  8. 8. “…streets themselves conspire against the eye, the mind; the ever changing décor which covers the city’s walls forcefully draws our attention, and even the busiest, most sceptical passer-by must submit to the charm of the sight that has been flung into his path…Advertising has called upon Art for help; it has borrowed the poetry of allegories, it has become image…” Richard Marx
  9. 9. Toulouse Lautrec Moulin Rouge: La Goulue 1891
  10. 10. Hiroshige Night View of Saruwakacho 1856-58
  11. 11. H. Gerbault Chocolat Carpentier, 1897
  12. 12. Jules Cheret Jules Cheret Folies Berger: La Loïe Fuller Le Pays des Fées 1893 1893
  13. 13. Alfons Mucha Job 1897
  14. 14. Lucian Bernhard Manoli: Gibson Girl 1910
  15. 15. The Beggarstaff Brothers Harper’s Magazine copyrighted in America 1895
  16. 16. Stenberg Brothers A screw from another machine 1927
  17. 17. Stenberg Brothers Big sorrow of a small woman 1920’s
  18. 18. A.M. Cassandre Dubonnet 1932
  19. 19. Rafael Enriquez Foreign Debt/ IMF, 1983
  20. 20. “ Every image embodies a way of seeing…The painter’s way of seeing is reconstituted by the marks he makes on the canvas or paper. Yet, although every image embodies a way of seeing, our perception or appreciation of an image depends also upon our way of seeing.” John Berger
  21. 21. Film Poster: The Great White Hope Dir: Martin Ritt 1970
  22. 22. Film Poster: This gun for hire Dir: Frank Tuttle 1942
  23. 23. Film Poster: La Dolce Vita Dir: Frederico Fellini 1960
  24. 24. Film Poster: Gigi Dir: Vincente Minnelli 1958
  25. 25. Film poster: This is England Dir: Shane Meadows 2006
  26. 26. Film Poster: Quadrophenia Dir: Franc Roddam 1979