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Adding Video To Blog Hand Out Ocr


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Adding Video To Blog Hand Out Ocr

  1. 1. Adding Video to your Blog From Vimeo: • Sign into Vimeo User Name: Password: Locate your video by going to ‘Videos’ drop down menu at the top • of the screen and then clicking on ‘My Videos’ In the top right hand corner of the video screen click on ‘EMBED’ • Copy the code • Log out of Vimeo and log into Blogger • Open your blog and click on ‘New Post’ • Under the ‘Edit Html’ tab paste the code and publish • Once published you might be asked for Vimeo password in order • to watch the video
  2. 2. Adding Video to your Blog From Desktop: Sign into Blogger • Under the ‘Compose’ tab click on add video icon • When you see the window below, select the video file you want to • upload by clicking on ‘Browse’ Give the video a title and tick box to agree to upload terms and • conditions Click on ‘UPLOAD VIDEO’ • This may take up to 15 minutes to process – DO NOT CLOSE THE • WINDOW! You can continue writing your blog while the video is processed.