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81Hermione Hotson

  1. 1. In what ways does my media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? In my research I found that the text was set out in a In contrast to my magazine the contrasting way e.g. all the text tilted, so I decided info about what’s inside the to challenge this by making my text fan out around magazine is at the top. the model with his chest being the focus point. Just like Mixmag i The text on this developed the title by mixmag id having it at the top in different to the bold outstanding letters. magazine I researched I challenged mixmags purely because use of text layout. In in this issue another issue I they have a cd reserached they have which is taking the text on a tilt across up the space. the front cover, so I challeneged this then developed it into a fan, erupting from the artists chest making him the focal point for the magazine. I developed the barcode by having the I put the list of featured artists at the price the issue and who photographed the bottom of the magazine. I did this as I model underneath. I placed it in the same wanted to cover up his jeans, also if I area. put it at the top f the page it would have left a big un-necessary space and would have crowded the top.
  2. 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups? Overall My media product represents both of these, by keeping idea’s simple and yet still immature to be classed to young and old. It’s a magazine where, the older readers would have it as their magazine and younger readers would want to be ahead of their generation and appear older to other people. It attracts both of these age groups, just with the colour scheme and the layout of the text. This picture does shout out to the ladies more so than men. His pose is very flirtatious but also cocky. He doesn’t appear too young so he could appeal to a big age range of women, but my aim for the magazine was to have men and women equal all ages, This part of the front cover appeals so the picture should still reflect to the people who are old enough to that his music is more important travel to the music festival on their than his appearance, which I own, representing the older people think an older audience would who would read this magazine. It respect more. also emphasises that it’s a festival with a lot of social oppurtunities and for their “group” to grow. The overall colour scheme is very stylized and sophisticated with only 3 main colours. This theme is kept throughout the project. I think that by having very minimalist colours it create a more mature effect for an older audience and yet not too sophisticated for a younger audience, more so that they would want to appear older with it.
  3. 3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? www.bauer.com – This is one of the leading magazine publishers, that I researched and found. They publish a range of magazine’s, including music magazines such as Kerrang and MOJO. The reason why this company could publish my magazine is that they have a niche’ in the market which my magazine I feel could fill and become quite succesful and popular. . They publish a good range of others, but not one that focuses upon electro/trash music. I believe that it would be a good competitor against the most well known Mixmag. www.IPC.com- This is also one of the leading magazine publishers with upto 30 magazines being published under its name. The music magazine most recognised is NME, they also do a Guitar and Bass magazine. These publishers also have a niche’ where my magazine could sell. It could compete well against other publishers. Overall, comparing these two publisher’s I think Bauer would be best publishing my magazine, as with the information I have gathered, they could have more knowledge on how to compete against more popular music magazine’s with the same genre as me e.g. Mixmag.
  4. 4. Who would be the audience for your media product? My magazine wouldn’t appeal to….. My magazine would appeal to……. A 15+ reader and also to Anyone younger than 15. readers over 30+. The reason why I I believe this, I believe this because the lanugue in is because the colour scheme is the text I think would be to complex very simple and fashionable, for them to really understand what also advertising a festival would they were reading. Also it isn’t aimed appeal to an older audience as at them. In the magazine I’ve they would be able to go on their advertise festivals, and tried to focus own or with friends. more on the music, so their level of My Magazine. understanding wouldn’t match the magazine’s content. The magazine would appeal to both men and women equally. Readers who don’t like the music. As an older audience they would rather have more focus upon the sound of the music rather than who This magazine doesn’t mix and the aritst is. On my front cover, I match bands, or focus on lots of have promoted a list of new artists areas of genre, if it did it wouldn’t be to grab the attention more of the focused . Its focused upon the older audience, which would bring in audience who like club/electro more money for the company. music and where you can go to find the latest club, with the music.
  5. 5. How did you attract/address your audience? The best way I felt of attracting my audience was by the presentation of the magazine. • Basic Colour Scheme. • Eye catching title. “Elektro” in a font which represents the music instantly. • Stylized font with a layout of a fan, as if its shouting from the artist . By talking directly to the reader they would feel more involved with the magazine and what they were reading. For example. “YOUR raving essentials.” It is more personal to the reader. I also thought that by it being a monthly magazine, readers would take more time to order it and remember that It was coming out in a month rather than having the rush of buying one every fortnight and forgetting, including in it being a monthly magazine, it is being sold at £4.20. which is relatively cheaper than other monthly magazines. Another way I decided to attract my audience was by giving away gifts from an artist. The reader is then getting more than just a music magazine, they feel there getting something back for what they paid for. This I believe would encourage them to buy the magazine as it is giving them the opportunity to get something back from the company. It can also appear more personal and a good way of addressing the audience as it is being advertised as (for example) “Sam Sparro”, the musician has given them away in this magazine, for his own purpose to you, the reader.
  6. 6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Overall on this project I have learnt load’s from the use of having a good layout on the page to doing a photo shoot of my model then airbrushing him and changing his hair colour. I also learnt how to stage a photo shoot and prep for it with ideas of what I wanted the shot On the front page I did a lot work on Photoshop. to end up being. I changed this picture so much from the original. I changed his skin tone as in the original picture he ahs a bad tan line on his arms, so I saturated his whole body. I also airbrushed At the beginning of the project, the text was his face and his lips, to get rid of going to be in a basic straight line but I any imperfection. challenged mixmags slightly off balance For a while I also changed his layout and developed my font into a fan hair colour to suit the theme of around my model, as if it was shouting from the magazine. Red, White and him. That took about a whole lesson to Black. So for about 2 months his complete as it was hard to get the lines in the hair ended up red, but what I right angle without clashing with the other realised as it got closer to my text. deadline, I would have to edit all the pictures (5) of my model and realised this would take about a day to do, so I got rid of it. On my contents page I have text from a website which I had to import from www.dafont.com to photoshop then change to My DPS took a long while to do as I had to size and have it as a new layer. Each number re-set all the text into text boxes to get was a new layer making it more complicated. I them in straight lines. The pictures at the also have a picture at the top which I ahd to top all had to be saturated and airbrushed, saturate and airbrush. The white backgrounds also had to have a tool done to duplicate the colour in the background on one picture to blend all the others in to make it look like there are 4 of the model in one long picture.
  7. 7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product. Just looking at the preliminary task and my final project you can see the massive difference just by the eye. What will also make an impression to the reader is the title, and the way it has been set out. I learnt how to stage a For my preliminary, it was proper photo shoot basically some random and learning that text that was different to having the right the font used for the other lighting is absolutely articles, with an odd necessary. I can make shadow. So on my final it brighter but as you piece I used a can see on the questionnaire to establish preliminary it lacks a font, I knew what font anything professional the readers wanted but about it. It’s also out what they chose I felt of focus with a wasn’t sutiable, I then hideous shadow stumbled upon this font, around him. which I think portrays the Compared to the magazine brilliantly. What airbrushed, light, and I learnt from making that more professional mistake on my first task, shot of my model on was that I have to have the right, I learnt a lot more thought into my about how basic presentation, or the things such as the magazine just doesn’t lighting on the image work. can affect the appearance of the magazine, even if the text looks good and On the preliminary I didn’t research the idea of a There is a massive difference between the layout of the the layouts interesting magazine thoroughly so I am missing basic text. On the preliminary its looks jumbled and disfigured if the shoot doesn’t factors which a magazine requires. For example with an off centre black behind to create a shadow work, the magazine the price, what issue it is, and more structured which magazines don’t have. I learnt from this and won’t work. information on what is in this magazine. researched closely the text and font used and completely developed my front cover font layout from challenging mixmag.