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Elements of planning


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Pleasure learning material for all on key elements of planning...

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Elements of planning

  1. 1. Elements of an Effective Planning System By C P Rijal, PhD in Leadership Academic Advisor and Head of Research and Development Nepal College of Management In Affiliation with Kathmandu University, School of Management (KUSoM) Lalitpur, Nepal [2015]
  2. 2. Elements of an Effective Planning System  Frankly speaking, study of management science is a more pragmatic discourse.  In this respect, planning as an integral component of management process, also should be thought pragmatically.  Since last two years, I have been evaluating a number of business and institutional development focused project plans using a set of pre-determined benchmarks that are partly developed to examine the effectiveness of project planning and development. [go to next slide]
  3. 3. Elements of an Effective Planning System Effectively crafted planning system should reveal the following elements: 1. A quick review of organization’s strategic thrusts to align the plan in line with it. 2. Objectives, goals and expected outcomes of planning is precisely communicated. [input-process-output-outcomes chain] 3. Necessary arrangements for sub-plans is made on need basis. 4. Time lines of different activities of implementation plan is incorporated in the planning document 5. Anticipated costs are established and sources of funding are confirmed. 6. Required system design, technology and other resources are estimated. 7. Guidelines for monitoring, supervision, measurement and evaluation of performance has been established. 8. Mechanism for effective control is established. 9. Issues concerning sustainability need be addressed. 10. Corresponding issues of compliance are addressed. 11. Supporting data are provided in appendices on need basis. 12. Acknowledgements are made for needful support received and expected to be received from different agencies in the process of planning and implementation.
  4. 4. Of course, every plan, no matter for whatever the purpose be, needs these elements to be incorporated to make it more effective.
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