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The riidl huddle is a platform to solve problems using a free flowing idea method. We insist that our participants be from disparate background to bring in as varied perspective as possible. The first huddle was held on 10 October, 2012 at the Einstein hall of the K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering. This document is a list of ideas generated during the 50 minute session.

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riidl huddle idea list

  1. 1. 1. Card – like a smart card to buy smoke2. Screen for surveillance, face detection and advertisements to sustain the system3. Mirrors – people wont spit on themselves4. Note the vehicle numbers and fine them later on5. An immediate financial fine of Rs. 2006. Incentivize the issue and make not spitting profitable in either tangible or intangible terms7. To make the person clean8. Portable basin to spit into9. Integrate basin with a plant (plants which absorb toxins)10. Tie up with companies with pan and gutka11. Giving back the fines to people who are not financially well off12. A concept similar to the fun theory traffic lottery13. Spit game – once you spit. The led directs the spit to the dustbin. So the person can understand where exactly to spit14. Whirpool – coloured spit travells in a particular direction15. Chemical to change the colour of the spit16. Spit to see the image of a person.the chemical reaction reveals the picture17. Dustbin / spit speed counter / updating scores to facebook or twitter (hall of fame)18. Hit the hammer kill the mosquito19. Hamster game - spit when the hamster comes out20. Emit sounds in a background – to make people realise they spit (similar to the fun theory deep dustbin!)21. Detain people for 20 minutes22. Concept like speed car lottery , people spit on a particular place – at the end of the month gets tha lottery23. Graphic art using a spit platform24. Installation of a chemical based furnace which emitts colours/ or projections i.e advertisements when people spit.25. A zip lock bag with the gutka packet, based on an alternate material for plastic26. Contraption27. Colour wheel28. Putting terrorists photo (emotional quotient)29. Poll like facemash (spit mash)30. Put plastic and laminate the spit painting /auction it31. Cartoon women character computer graphic generator32. Rainbow wheel (spit to rotate the wheel)33. A wheel coupled with led / speed / cleaning. The more you spit the more the wheel rotates the more energy generated / energy stored in the battery/ charging phones point far / if your dont spit hard enough computer laughs out34. Car wiper to clean the spit35. A pendulum to swing by spitting in the bowl