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Kaila pp


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Kaila pp

  1. 1. Spirituality in his life and work.
  2. 2. Baldwin’s Struggles- Born in Harlem in 1924 to a single woman.- Stepfather was a Preacher.- Raised in a household of 9, taught at an early age life would not be fair.- Finding his identity as a gay, African American was difficult.- Very spiritual individual- struggled to find a place in religion.
  3. 3. Religion in Baldwin’sLife.- Baldwin’s strong spirituality was instilled in him at a young age, as his stepfather (whose name he took) was a Preacher.- “At the age of 14, he discovered a talent for public speaking and gained notoriety as a young minister in several Harlem churches.”
  4. 4. Religion in Baldwin’sLife- Baldwin was later accepted to a private High School in the Bronx where he gained his first experience writing for a magazine.- “He tried to work through his divided loyalty between church and school in the poems, plays and stories that he contributed to the magazine.”
  5. 5. Religion in Baldwin’sLife.- “His budding awarenessof his homosexuality andhis growing love of the artscaused Baldwin to leavehis church in 1940.”
  6. 6. Religious struggle andits effect on his work.- InBaldwin’s first novel,Go Tell It on theMountain, “Theprotagonist stronglyresembles the youngBaldwin wrestling withhis paternal andreligious demons…”
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