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Composition I: ENG 160 / Business FIG                                                 Essay #3                            ...
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Essay 3 business proposal


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Essay 3 business proposal

  1. 1. Composition I: ENG 160 / Business FIG Essay #3 Formal Business Proposal (Linked to Essay #4 Project--Commercial)* Length: Word count will vary, but your formal proposal should contain all the parts listed on pp. 37-45 in our textbook and be very similar in length. These parts of a formal proposal include:  Cover/Title Page  Letter/Memo of Transmittal  Table of Contents  List of Illustrations (optional; but you should include some illustrations)  Executive Summary  Introduction  Discussion Sections  Conclusion  Appendices (optional)  In-text citations and a works cited page indicating where you have found outside sources such as statistics, graphs, etc. Place your formal proposal in a binder. Save all pages in ONE FILE and upload to Blackboard where indicated. Chose one of the following scenarios:1. Scenario One: Starting a Small Business in a Town/Neighborhood that Lacks a Particular Service orProductApply for a NY State small business loan or grant (or to another group that offers small business grants) tostart a new business in __________ (choose a location carefully). Make the case that your service orproduct is needed in the region.  The Town of New Paltz  Your neighborhood or small town (narrow down beyond categories such as “New York City” or “Long Island”)2. Scenario Two: Community Related Note: Be sure--whichever scenario you choose--to address your proposal to a specific (real) person or group. Do some(Community Related--see p. 50 in our textbook) research about to whom you would address the proposal and include name(s) and an actual address.3. Scenario Three: School Related(School Related--see p. 50 in our textbook)