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What is data?
Importance of presenting data in easily
consumable formats
Tools available
 Word Clouds - Wordl...
Data are values of qualitative or quantitative
variables, belonging to a set of items, or the
very pale droi...
 Deep knowledge
 Wasted storage space
 Misinterpretation
 Confusion
 Hidden insights
 Hunc...
Word clouds give greater prominence to words that
appear more frequently in the source text



Wordle – most popular easiest to use
Tagxedo – allows clouds in specific shapes
Find important topics from poll results

 If open ended questions are used this is an easy way to see
*multiple topics to be made aware of highlights...can al...

Are people leaving their core area?
Are there areas where you have trouble
What impact did moving ...

 Mapping should be this easy!
 Copy and paste location data
 Get map of your data
 Wa...

Data becomes

Data becomes

Charting tool
“The goal is to turn data
into information, and
information into insight.”
Carly Fiorina,

We don’t lie!


Allen Lloyd
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Using data visualization tools to make decisions


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Slides from a show today to CPAs about free easy to use tools to present data.

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  • Using data visualization tools to make decisions

    2. 2. OVERVIEW What is data? Importance of presenting data in easily consumable formats Tools available  Word Clouds - Wordle / Tagxedo  Mapping – BatchGeo PowerView  Dynamic Charting – PowerView / Tableau Public Reasons to use these tools
    3. 3. WHAT IS DATA? Data are values of qualitative or quantitative variables, belonging to a set of items, or the very pale droid on Star Trek.
    4. 4. WHAT IS DATA’S POTENTIAL?  Deep knowledge  Wasted storage space  Misinterpretation  Confusion  Hidden insights  Hunch confirmation Find and measure what is important!
    5. 5. WORD CLOUDS Word clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text MORE LESS
    6. 6. WORD CLOUDS ONLINE TOOLS Wordle – most popular easiest to use Tagxedo – allows clouds in specific shapes
    7. 7. WORD CLOUDS USES Find important topics from poll results  If open ended questions are used this is an easy way to see what is important. Compare data sets  Look at word cloud of vendors from two years, do the changes make sense? Explain variances to non-accounting people  Clients/Bosses not in the accounting industry can understand different sized words easier than a chart of numbers.
    8. 8. EXAMPLE: SURVEY ANSWER DATA 500+ RESPONSES TO OPEN ENDED QUESTION *multiple topics to be made aware of highlights...can also share with others on the job *awareness of vendor offerings *meet other CPAs to talk about issues,etc. Large catalog and a large variety of topics. Ease Range of topics Consistently reliable CPE OFFERED THROUGH THE OHIO SOCIETY OF CPA'S. I LIKED THE COST Good Material they provide half day free local seminars and ethics BEST PRICING AND PRODUCT QUALITY Matches niche / specialty. Easy, conveient Since I have to pay personally for CPE, I try to get it at a lower cost. As a government employee, I also pay personally for my CPA license, AICPA membership, OSCPA membership, and other professional organizations, all of which keep increasing in cost while government salaries have been frozen. convenient location and allowed to take time away from work to attend Pricing and selections. I enjoy reading the VOICE each month, learning about all the current topics. I also enjoy the PIU's -great format, excellent presenter. varies 1) Bob Jennings- outstanding speaker 2) cost large selection of courses and dates available ease range of topics & flexibility of venues content Offers a wide range of topics and qualified speakers Good mix of topics They provide those closest to my office. BEST QUALITY CPE Member of OSCPA Easy, paid for by firm Small, easy-to-complete courses Good cost per unit Variety of courses Convenient locations, quality programming Program content I enjoy the accounting show and PIU. I would like to take more one-day courses, but need more relevant topics (share-based compensation accounting), etc. variety 1) They are usually not there to sell you stuff. 2) Our folks have generally gotten a lot out of Surgent McCoy classes and given us good feedback. Large selection of courses, maintains CPE transcript, location Ease and Convenience Reasonably priced w/membership, relevant to job, backup tracking of hours, accessibility of various formats, quality of progr ams, timely. Content & Materials Offers the most applicable information. Specific accounting technology applications interest me the most. Good presentations, good options They track CPE and I know the information is relevant and current and correct Best selection of topics and value for the price. Membership discount and variety offerred on CPE day and accounting show. economical and worthwile Society keeps my hours. Convenient, effective, affordable, variety Provide content most relevant to my current position i enjoy the quality cpe provided and it is another way to network Variety 12 hours per quarter Large variety of topics and locations. Plus a large amount of webinars. Ease and relavence REASONABLY PRICED, SELF STUDY AVAILABLE Conveniant and relevant. Ohio Society is very professional and have better presenters. The other CPE programs I attend are from who ever I can find, don't really have a specific provider to list. GOOD QUALITY CPE THAT I AM SURE WILL QUALIFY FOR CPE IN OHIO AND GIVE ACCURATE INFORMATION They track my CPE credits and they offer a wide variety o f topics and locations. Best source of industry specific technical information More choices that impact internal audit in industry economical, local, variety Society provides great variety of seminars. convenient, wide selection of courses offered Provide good seminars with great speakers I get to go to Las Vegas!!!!!! Variety A large variety of topics and formats LARGEST SELECTION OF TOPICS AND LOCATIONS Ease of 1 hour webinar for FREE Related to my industry (Architecture) Convenience on demand convenience and low price for unlimited credits; content is valuable Good reange of topics and local They will come to our office and provide a current update of tax. Also they are very good. Best speakers More convenient and customized for our firm. e-learning is broken down into several chapters and each chapter has a small final exam rather than one test at the end. Unfor tunately they don't offer the Ethics test in that format. Specialized industry coverage (SEC and EBP) convenient. online short 1-2 credit classes Provide more hours for a reasonable price I have had some really good speakers from Surgent McCoy. They used real world experience as examples. Variety and Needs Ability to combine a resort location / vacation in the evenings and weekends with CPE training. Like the annual accounting shows which has variety of subject and the Professional updates in Spring and Fall Ease of access and array of classes Relatively low cost Convenience On demand, one price for unlimited self study Good selection of local seminars they're great! Best variety, quality, availability of CPE More dynamic speakers and topics. employer Subject, Timing, and Location is how I choose my CPE. Provider has no impact. convience Provide quality information and keep track of hours I have more experience with their products. Variety of course offerings & locations. Topical subject matter. Course quality. Access/Topics/Cost Listening to people in my profession who have more experience/knowledge is easier to connect to Ease of CPE reporting Relevance, quality, cost, convenience convenience on point good solid training classes and already accepted by Accounting Board Those are the only courses I have taken in my short CPA career BETTER ORGANIZED AND MORE INFORMATIVE More focused on the IA profesion with more industry specific topics. Employer provided Suppliers or business partners Convienence Provides a variety of topics at reasonable cost I have the flexibility of taking multiple courses on a time frame of my choosing Variety of course topics accessable Local Ease of getting required knowledge whether general or specific. Relevant convenience only choice, currently good subject material and the convenience of the location TIME FLEXIBILITY BETTER QUALITY OF PROGRAMS; MORE AREAS OF CONCENTRATION; MORE SELECTIONS more interesting courses enjoy the discussion points and vast portion of information Support our Society and ease of tracking Convienent and inexpensive Provides best topics and locations I have the most exposure to their programs; good speakers and content Variety of Courses and price Active in the field and know the issues that small accounting office face. LOCAL EASE OF REGISTARTION VARIETY OF CLASSES OFFERED Relevant and accessible, numerous options Convenience OSCPA Good tax training & materials at a good cost Timely and relevant better quality speakers More meaningful information provided timely. Events are interesting, relevant and not too expensive. Surgent McCoy and PPC very inexpensive convienent, easy and professionally recognized provides CPE that is very relative to my career and topics that are useful. I know the course automatically qualifies for CPE. variety of courses, available in Akron, Cleveland or Columbus AICPA offers multiple day conferences targeted to specific industries with a good variety of topics and nationally recognized speakers. local - timely topics - personal Ease of reporting to the OSCPA. I don't have to worry if I will receive CPE credit for the courses I attend. relevant auditing topics Convenience OSCPA Good topics for career I'm in. Timely topics. Good Manual-Online preferred. Sometimes local with minimum travel. Better variety Better at notifying me of opportunities More relaxed and comfortable. We know that the teacher has credibility in our relevant industries. Excellent materials Targeted education to my business needs Convienience and automatic update to CPE file. Quality I like the self study base on time and price. Variety of courses, convenient AICPA's self-study is convenient and cost-effective. Local and generally easier to fit into schedule Ease of scheduling Relevant courses Convenience OSCPA - Local AICPA - Valuation conference good variety Timely, relevant and the OSCPA keeps track of the CPE for you. Bigger selection, closer to home. More relevent topics Excellent programs, and avaivalility Targeted for CPAs. I choose the conferences I attend based on class choice and if they will fit my needs. Cost & Location Quality I like the topics and locations Variety of CPE offered all course materials maintained by OSCPA and I don't have to keep track - already on my transcript Local availability, free professional issues updates 2x per year Ease of scheduling relevant topics Convenience OSCPA has relevant topics at low cost in convenient locations. good variety of classes with locations throughout Cleveland Timely, relevant topics with easy access Breadth and quality of offerings More selection Fair price, good locations Tax and Accounting CPE needs, webcasting opportunities cost & quality Quality I like the way they give a two day course, with the first covering a broader range of subjects and the second covering specif ic tax changes. Variety of formats All information is current, relevant and standardized Local programs covering local topics Ease of scheduling, desired format Relevant topics convenience OSCPA is affordable and usually has informative speakers, especially the PIU's with Mr. Price. Good variety of topics, current with tax laws topics and CPE certification Broad array of options in my specialty field, taxation. More variety and more job specific Familiarity. Tax Club: Speakers/Topics/Group Feedback Cost / Topics quality I live in Wisconsin and the WICPA programs are outstanding and cost effective. Variety of options throughout the year; PIU updates; convenience alot of choices local seminars Ease of tracking CPE hours. Familiarity. Relevant topics - usually very good presenters Convenience OSCPA keeps track of courses I have taken through the association, but mostly offering timely, relevant topics. Good variety, keep transcript Topics and location Broad product range and economical pricing More variety of topics Financial considerations Tax topics cover state and local taxes, and I usually don't have to travel overnight. Cost and convenience quality (Jennings), price I look for the topic rather than who is sponsoring Variety of subjects. Always know what the training will be like Location & topics covered ease of ues and topics Relevant topics, easy to register and get approved by my boss (when I can get early enrollment discounts). convenience OSCPA offers 8 hour in person seminars that are relevant to my needs Good, informative sessions No issues reqarding qualification of the CPE hours CPE record keeping for easy management Being part of the live classroom setting is very beneficial. Topics covered meet my specific business needs Broad subject matter Most applicable to local issues First is first because of the ease of scheduling and lack of personal cost. The ability to use small 1-2 hour blocks of time for CPE and quality of courses cost and convenience Quality and convenience I mainly use CPE Direct Variety of topics Always well done, reasonably priced, great variety, strong speakers, fit my calendar, good food Location , content Ease of use Relevant topics, specific not-for-profit options, recognized sponsor of CPE convenience - can do self study CDs or attend monthly sessions in person OSCPA provides quality programs with current topics and competent presenters. NorthPointe, Lewis Center, OH was my favorite location. government training topics matche up to my core practice Broad topics and broad networking opportunities Most available and relevant First one is 2 days in my primary area of practice. The convenience. No additional travel needed Cost and convenience Quality and price I prefer AICPA because I can purchase CPE Express for under $300 and have access to over 1200 hours of CPE. My boss wants us to get the cheapest CPE we can. variety of topics independent viewpoint other attendees reasonable cost Appropriate topics Great presenters Location and materials Ease of use and availability Relevant, easy to access, no reporting hassles Convenience Cost Insights Frequency of offerings OSCPA provides the most relevant/pratical courses and covers most topics I need. Great material, convenience Topics offered and instructors broadest selection of CPE products Most pertinent topics offered flexibility The CPE is provided at no cost to me as I work at a large national public accounting firm. cost and convenience Quality and price I prefer OSCPA, but the cost is usually too high to justify using OSCPA for much. Variety, location, affordable cost Appropriate topics with multiple locations and dates to fit my schedule. Speakers, subjects and handouts have always been very good to excellent. location and topics Ease of use, relevancy to job Relevant, proactive notification, variety of course formats Convenience and cost OUR SOCIETY MAINTAINS CPE RECORDS FOR REPORTING PURPOSES AND QUALITY IS A GIVEN. great materials and instructors Topics relavant to job responsibilities Can get quality CPE locally Most programs available. Flexibility / Cost The ease of earning CPE during Lunch hour and offered at No Cost! Courses are offered frequently, various topics, emails of upcoming courses offered, etc. Cost and ease of attendance Quality and subject matter I t is approved by the Ohio Society. Variety, locations, local, content, excellent content, professional presenters, ease of registration As a member of Tax Executives Institute, they provide tax technical CPE training at an affordable close close to my home and where I work that I need to do my job. LOCATION AND TYPE OF COURSES AVAILABLER Ease of use/schedule. More cost effective than any other. reliable Convenience and cost part of certification process ABV and CFF Great programs covering the topics that I need and CPE reporting is easy. Topics, Price and Times that they offer the classes. can obtain cpe related to NPO's Most relevant Flexibility of subject matter and convenience The know the needs of the CPA best. Offer many alternatives. Excellent programs, speakers and facilities. Cost and proximity Quality and tracking hours I trust them to provide the best VARIETY, PROFESSIONALISM ATTEND MEETINGS GENERALLY TWICE A YEAR Location and variety of topics Ease to sign up, multiple locations to attend and tracking of results. Reputation convenience and cost pertains mostly to my job Great seminars toss up between 1 & 2 Chance to interact with other CPA's most relevant and economical Flexibility, ease, low price The locations are convenient, the speakers are good, and the price is reasonable. COST EFFECTIVE FOR CPE OFFERINGS, NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES AT CONFERENCES Quality and value of the courses offered. I'm new to the OHSCPA, but I like the live courses in close localities. Variety/choice, cost, support my state society. Automatic record keeping and provides the qualified ethics course location choices; meaningful topics; rising costs could alter this ranking in future Easily tracked Resort conferences convenience and local Pertinent to my practice. Value priced. Timing. great speaker, great knowledge, up to date Total flexibility CHANCE TO MEET WITH OTHER CPA'S IN CLASS AND DISCUSS COMMON INTERESTS IN PERSON Most to offer flexible, easy to get to, good value The number of classes available Cost effective, and can complete as time allows QUALITY CPE THAT TRACKS TRANSCRIPTS In house monthly credit of four hours available. Various options High quality Availability Cost location, cost, topics Easy Respected, reliable, good info Convenience and low cost. Practical information, very good speakers Great subject, convenient, and excellent speakers. Tracking Quality Cheap and easy on-line CPE MOSTLY TIMELY TAX BASED TOPICS WITH INTERESTING SPEAKERS FMN is onsite The Ohio Society of CPAs offers a wide variety of CPE topics, formats, etc. They also keep track of all CPE credit. Cost effective, easy to get to locations, can choose courses with speakers I like quality cpe, reasonably priced, and easily accessible In house provided by employer Very specific to my work. Availability & cost LOCATION, PRICE, AND FUNCTIONAL REFERENCE MATERIAL easy Scheduling Convenience and Quality Predictable content, usual quality level Great topics and meet with other tax executives Training applicable to position. Cheap cpe that I can really study on my own, instead of a minor review like most seminars Much more relevant topics than other providers. I work in industry, and there is never OSCPA CPE that relates to my industry or my position. Focus is on our industry and not generalized. The opportunity to network with my peers. COST sales tax conference is on point has various industry members Quality of content and speakers Industry specific Volume of offerings that fit with busy schedule Availability of topics and webcasts Location, price, content, delivery Easy - no additional travel Selection and location Convenience and wide selection of topics prefer live seminars rather than computer based CPE GREAT TWO DAY SEMINAR ON TAX Training is more aligned to my role (CAE) Cheap price Multistate impact Focused on government topics (my industry) as well as networking with peers in same industry The topics are more specific. Cost, convenience, ease of use Quality of Courses, Authoritativeness of Provider (OSCPA) Industry specific information. We are certified by NASBA and I am the instructor for many of our courses. Available online at my convenience - 1-2 hr self study; many topics covered including governmental lots of options throughout the year Easy access Selection of offerings Convenience, Cost, and Local Prefer OSCPA because 1) quality and variety of topics offered 2) online transcript - you add OSCPA credits and ease of adding outside CPE Great value Transcript information automatically carries over to my member information. I don't have to keep track of certificates, cour ses taken, hours, etc. choice and convenience mutilple of courses and media to take those courses Focuses on topics of interst more than the others The topics are very relevant to my work, time is paid by employer, and the courses are paid by the employer. Cost, convenient, recognized by the state accountancy board, good teachers, good variety of topics. Quality of courses, convenient locations Industry standards require compliance for which employer designs free internal CPE Web based Convenience of locations Because I like the choices I have and can tailor my CPE to my needs Low cost and flexible...can study whenever I have time easy access and tracking on my page Selection, transcripts tracked, value, locations Convenience, cost, quality and applicable topics. Price and convenience Greater availability of courses in my technical field TRUST IT Choice and value. My employer woll pay for it Format and I learn by listening. Their presentations are ALWAYS very interesting, thought provoking, and mixed with enough humor or real world examples to keep the topic interesting. I have never heard a better speaker than Lynn Nichols. Cost, format Quality of CPE and type of CPE offered Interactive sessions that are easy to ask questions during. Well prepared practitioners who usually have had a hand in preparation of their material. Not just some hired hand reading f rom someone else's book. Because it allows for interaction in teh firm and a determining a way of attacking the client base on a consistant basis Low cost and provides info on direction Easy access to CPE on relevant topics. self study Convenience, no travel required. Price and convenience Has special tax semimars Typically have quality presenters and numerous choices Choice of subjects Choice of locations Ease of finding it in 1 website My firm provides CPE free of cost. Further, most courses are available on-demand. Format, speakers and topics of classes are very interesting They always make sure the quality is good and help keep track of hours Cost, locations Quality of programs and convenience interesting, high quality, relevant products at a reasonable price; presenters with strong presentation skills Wide range of topics, convenient (in Columbus), cost Because of the location of the training, either webcast or Convenience of city location. I would like more training available in Toledo. low cost of cpe Easy access; relevant topics self study as part of membership Convenience, value Price and convenience High quality and accepted by Accountancy Board of Ohio. typically they put on very informative multiday seminars with multiple topic options for each session Cinference covering a multitude of topics and more cost effective. my specialty is international tax and i require detailed & complex technical training on new topics. these are the most qualified providers. Free They are free. And, also 1 hour webinars are most convenient. Cost, manuals are good Quality of the training it covers the most relevant to me information Wide variety of courses; convenient locations Because that is the only source I can use now. Low cost, local, outstanding material Easy complience SELF STUDY CURRENT TOPICS Convenient Price and convinence High quality. Networking opportunities. Relevant. Usually free Clark Price was awesome. The Accounting Show is too. n/a Free THEY ARE MUCH LESS COSTLY AND THEIR INSTRUCTION IS USUALLY MUCH BETTER. Cost, variety, CPE tracking Quality of training; location. It is easy to locate courses and the cost is reasonable if you have a membership. The presentations are usually good. Wide variety of options Because they deliver quality cpe at a value price. Many offerings of 1 hour webcasts covering a very broad range of subjects. Easy during lunch CPE Seminar topics are relevent to our practice. convenient Price value relationship is excellent History and experience with the CPE provided, confident in knowing what you are getting (quality, cost, etc) Usually have the topics I want and closer Classes are good and conveince n/a Free and convenient They are very up to date with information and you get to talk to others with similiar clients and situations as yourself. Cost,No time limit,Take course online and test online,convience of taking course at night,on weekend,etc quality programs It is informative and interesting generally. Like a plethora of topics to choos from. Wide variety of subjects and locations. Because they track my CPE for me Many options for self-study Easy of sign up and tracking Seminars and workshops relate directly to what I do and provide a source of networking with other government fiscal officers. Convenient and a variety of topics. Price, convenience, location I am used to getting my CPE from them. usually multiple locations and topics but not like it used to be. Perhaps AICPA and multiple state societies should team up so that conferences Client service personnel for the firm are industry experts and typically are leading the national trainging classes. Allows close interaction with can be spread over many cities and dates especially if similar topics. actual audit personnel. na Free and directly applicable They do a very good job of explaining things cost/availability/quality Quality Programs It is related specifically to my job widest choice of topics, formats, prices, locations best available and cost Many options of CPE. Easy to keep track of total CPE earned and no hassles regarding if the session qualifies as CPE. Seminars hold interest, are normally relevant and speakers are good Convenient and low cost Price, more variety I attend their conference every year. Usually take QuickBooks courses thru Intuit which are free with the ProAdvisor package & are very relevant to what I do. close NACUBO has the most relevant topics to my industry. OACUBO is a close second. But I do really appreciate the Ohio Society's programs and would not be able to complete my CPE without them. Free and In-House They have the best topics and programs Course are excellent, current, varied; Ohio Society of CPA's courses are quality Quality programs at a reasonable cost. It is sure to be approved and it is automatically recorded online. workbook is great reference tool after course Best classes and convenience Many subjects and dates. Easy to narrow down & wide range of topics Simple and relevant. convenient and low cost Price, quality, location I can always find topics relevant to my position as CFO and tracking credits is easy Usually well organized and useful information Close and well presented NATIONAL CONVENTION Free CPE They have the courses that I need Course Catalog makes it easy to see the various choices and find good topics. Ohio Acctg. Show offers variety and shorter classes. Quality programs that are geographically located in the appropriate location. It is usually free You can buy a program that you can do at your own speed and is cheaper than going through OSCPA 8 hours at a time. Best options for locations Many topics available Easy to search and enroll; free PIU's; other reasonably priced CPE. Simplicity Unlimited courses for one price Convenient and piggybacks off material purchased primarily for reference purposes. Price, selection, ease of registration I can take the course at my liesure and own timeframe Value Close to home Nice catalog of on-line self-study courses Frequency, quality, range They have the most choices of topics course content Quality, content It's my boss Know quality will be reasonable Confidence that it will be a quality program. O good classes They provide a variety of topics at nearby locations Depth and quality of offerings Quality,convenience Doubles as a networking event quantity of classes and ease of registration Company will pay for it No Charge, easly accessible, high quality Geared toward more specifically to what we need. They keep track of you year to date CPE hours COurse offering Quality, inexpensive, relevant & convenient It's the easiest. They keep track of my CPE hours as well Knowledge of instructors Confident it will provide the information needed, accepted CPE and locations are reasonable. Offer multiple topics good courses and local They provide CPE that is vey applicable to my position Duh! Range of topics Conference off-site continually focused on current issues in fraud No issues on credit. Generally more interesting than the company provided training. They offer specialized CPE needed to fulfill my AICPA specialty designations at discounted prices. Courses offered cover relevent topics and I enjoy attending the larger conferences as it allows you to take a variety of cour ses and run into former co-workers. It provides good networking opportunities. Quality, price IT'S THE MOST CONVENIENT known for professionalism and unbiased training Conference with great speakers no worries about credits not counting Good 1-2 hour webcasts They provide a nice range of topics and means of obtaining cpe. No travel and trainers you know personally Get to choose programs at PUI/Members summit rather than have programs selected for me They offer well known, qualified speakers who are technically proficient. They offer a variety of topics of interest. Courses offered, location, dates offered Quality, Variety, Location, Know it qualifies KEEPS TRACK OF CPE HOURS & VARIETY OF SEMINARS Known high quality, approved provider current affiliation quality, you keep my transcript, cost and convenience
    12. 12. MAPPING Are people leaving their core area? Are there areas where you have trouble collecting? What impact did moving have on your business?
    14. 14. BATCHGEO   Mapping should be this easy!  Copy and paste location data  Get map of your data  Watch their video
    15. 15. EXCEL POWERVIEW - MAPPING Data becomes maps
    16. 16. EXCEL POWERVIEW - CHARTS Data becomes charts
    17. 17. TABLEAU PUBLIC Charting tool Sharable Customizable Free
    18. 18. WHY DO WE USE THESE TOOLS? “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP
    19. 19. BALANCING DATA WITH INSTINCT We don’t lie! VS .
    20. 20. QUESTIONS? Allen Lloyd