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RightScale Webinar: Get Top Performance for Your Games


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Can Your IT Infrastructure Handle Your Success? Do you already have a successful game on the market, or are you bringing a new game to market?

Your IT infrastructure can potentially slow down your speed to market and eat up resources that should be focused on developing your game. Attend this webinar to learn more about how RightScale and Google Compute Engine can help you get your product to market faster and ensure maximum uptime for users.

In this webinar we’ll demonstrate how to efficiently build your IT infrastructure to power your game. We will show you how to simplify and reduce the IT burden by launching and managing your game on the Google Cloud Platform. We'll discuss why the top gaming companies have chosen RightScale for their game launches and management.

In this webinar we will also demonstrate how RightScale can manage your game through the stages of concept, production, growth, maturity and niche on the Google Compute Cloud.

Our live demonstration will include best practices to:

- Increase speed to market using RightScale's development friendly environments.
- Ensure success at launch with pre-configured, autoscaling architectures.
- Reduce costs with automation that provides a high server-to-administration ratio coupled with Google’s existing economies of scale and network.
- Increase predictability with the power and performance of Google’s proven infrastructure to run your games at scale.

Attend this webinar and you will walk away with a clear path for using RightScale and Google Compute Engine to run and manage your opportunities in the social game industry.

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RightScale Webinar: Get Top Performance for Your Games

  1. 1. The  RightScale  Social  Gaming  Edi3on  Powered  by  Google  Compute  Engine      April  16,  2013  
  2. 2. #Your  Speakers  Today  • Hunter Williams, RightScale• Brandon Jung, GoogleQ&A•  Spencer Adams, Account Manager, RightScalePlease use the “Questions” windowto ask questions any time!
  3. 3. #•  World’s #1 cloud management system•  Managing cloud deployments for 7+ years – globally•  More than 60,000 users; launched over 5.5MM servers•  Powering the largest production deployments on the cloud•  Clients: Fortune 1000 Companies, small and large gamingcompanies, and hundreds of two person start-ups•  Gaming clients include: Zynga, Playfish/EA, Rovio, Mattel,Fuzzycube, PopCap, 2K, Ubisoft, Crowdstar, Cie Games, etc.RightScale  is…  
  4. 4. #ServicesGoogle CloudStorageAffordable, fast,available objectstorageGoogle APIsInnovate with world-classAPIs incl. machinelearning, machinetranslation, geo-location,etc.Google BigQueryInteractive,massively scalable,adhoc analysissolutionGoogle ComputeEngineAffordable, fast,Virtual MachinesGoogle  Cloud  PlaGorm  
  5. 5. #RightScale  +  Google:  Best  in  Class  Cloud  Compu3ng  •  Consistent  Results  from  the  gamers  console  to  the  metal  itself  you  get  the  same  predictable  system—every  7me.  •  RightScale  provides  a  single  pane  of  glass  for  all  Google  Cloud  related  ac7vi7es  from  forecas7ng  costs  to  managing  your  system  at  scale.  •  Leverage  the  opera3onal  excellence  of  Google  with  the  #1  chosen  Cloud  Management  PlaCorm  for  games—RightScale.  •  Full  system  automa7on  ranging  from  self  service  provisioning  for  developers,  to  auto-­‐scaling  mee7ng  demand  needs,  to  EoL  transi7on  tools—Manage  larger  systems  with  less  overhead  
  6. 6. #Reduce  3me  to  market:  Onboarding  Services  DocumentationTraining andCertificationHands-onEngineeringSupport Onboarding
  7. 7. #Forecast  Costs  and  Requirements  BeRer  Design yourenvironment andhow it scalesCompareproviders andgrowth patternsand save themStep 1 Step 2 Step 3
  8. 8. #Predictable  and  Reproducible  Results  Configuration Management•  ServerTemplates™, RightScripts, Chef, Puppet•  Reproducible: Predictable deployment•  Dynamic: Configuration from scripts at boot time•  Multi-region: Seamless global deployments•  Modular: Role and behavior abstracted frominfrastructureService Catalog•  Edit and customize to specific use cases•  Limit usage to certain users andsub-accounts
  9. 9. #Automa3on:  Less  Overhead  –  Increased  Margins  Resource monitoring•  Server and application monitoring•  Alerts and escalations•  Cost tracking and controlsCapacity management•  Auto-scaling•  Load-BalancingDeployment orchestration•  Database backup, failover, recovery•  Operational automation
  10. 10. #Google  Innova3on  200820102002200420062012GFS200220042006200820102012MapReduceBig TableColossusSpannerDremelFlumeJavaPregel
  11. 11. #Google  Compute  Benefits  for  Social  Gaming  
  12. 12. ##Global Google Network FootprintDetails can be found @
  13. 13. #BigQuery:  a  fully-­‐managed  data  analy3cs  service  in  the  cloud.  Unlimited  storage.  Interac2ve  analysis  on  mul2-­‐terabyte  datasets.    Scalable StorageGoogleSpreadsheetsApp EngineAppCo-WorkersAdwordsDCLKAnalyticsCorporate data3rd party dataAPIAnalyze interactivelyMash it upSecurely Share/distribute the resultsStore all your datain the cloudSQLOther BITools
  15. 15. #Demo  
  16. 16. #RightScale  Social  Gaming  Edi3on  On  Google  Cloud  PlaGorm  One  Time:  $10,000  Waived  for  2013  Customers  covers:  •  Gaming-­‐specific  OnBoarding  Services  delivered  by  RightScale,  the  team  that  has  helped  design  Farmville  and  Call  Of  Duty  •  3  free  passes  to  RightScale  Jumpstart  Training  •  RightScale-­‐created  Gaming  Reference  Architecture  (next  slide)  Flat-­‐Rate  Monthly  Subscrip7on:  $3,500  includes:  •  2  discrete  RightScale  accounts  and  Google  Projects  with  10  users  •  RightScale  Usage  fees  waived  if  single  billing  Google  Cloud  Services  •  Complete  func7onality  of  RightScale  Enterprise  Edi7on  •  GOLD  24x7  Support  •  Single  billing  capabili7es  for  Google  costs  and  other  ISV  technologies  
  17. 17. #Resources  &  Q&A        Get  started  today  at:      ARend:  RightScale  Compute:  h`p://  or  Going  Google  Roadshow:  gone-­‐google-­‐