Why Top Social Game Companies Are Moving to the Cloud with RightScale


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RightScale Webinar: January 14, 2010 – Watch this webinar and you will walk away with a better understanding of how RightScale can help you manage the challenges and opportunities in the social game industry. Watch the video at http://vimeo.com/rightscale/why-top-social-game-companies-are-moving-to-the-cloud.

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  • At RightScale, we believe that your adoption of cloud computing should start here – by selecting a cloud management platform to help you. The RightScale Cloud Management Platform provides a layer of abstraction between your apps and the cloud. It offers a fast on-ramp with proven, cloud-ready solutions. It improves productivity and agility by delivering management tools and automation. And it offers complete transparency and user administration to keep you in control at all times. If you need to migrate to a different cloud for any reason, RightScale ensures your applications are portable. The RightScale Platform operates with an ever-growing list of public cloud infrastructure providers including Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid, Flexiscale, and public or private clouds built with Eucalyptus or vCloud Express.
  • RightScale’s Platform is also a complete cloud management environment that delivers automation with control and portability. Using our cloud ready solutions, tested by thousands of users, you can get on the cloud fast and reliably. As you deploy applications, the RightScale platform provides a wide range of automation from dynamic configuration of servers at run-time to auto-scaling to automated support for maintenance and remediation. And rather than managing individual servers, with the RightScale platform you manage entire systems or what we call deployments – groups of servers architected to work together and adapt to events as required to deliver your applications. The result is more predictable and reliable systems, and dramatically improved productivity and agility. By freeing you and your staff from routine, repetitive tasks and fire drills, RightScale lets you to focus on improving the IT services that drive your business ahead. With RightScale, you won’t loose control or the insights gained from your experience with cloud computing. RightScale’s management platform includes user permission and cost management - the administrative tools you need to maintain IT control and visibility across multiple users, departments, and customers. As you deploy applications in the cloud, you are building a repository of corporate cloud computing best practices, a corporate CMDB (configuration management database) for the cloud. With documented best practices it’s easy to achieve operational excellence and execute corporate governance strategies.Finally, RightScale preserves your options for the future. While there may not be many clouds today, you’ll want to retain the flexibility to choose the best cloud for each application tomorrow.
  • Betsy, transition to Ed
  • Betsy, transition to Ed
  • Why Top Social Game Companies Are Moving to the Cloud with RightScale

    1. 1. Social Game Apps in the Cloud with RightScale January 14, 20101
    2. 2. Our Speakers Today Presenting: • Elise Arthurs, Director Partner Marketing, RightScale • Josh Fraser, VP Business Development, RightScale • Dave Welch, Sales Engineer, RightScale Q&A: • Hunter Williams, Account Manager, RightScale 2
    3. 3. Agenda • Welcome • Social Gaming in the Cloud • Demo • Q&A Please use the questions window to ask questions anytime! 3
    4. 4. RightScaleReal Customers, Real Deployments, Real Benefits Managed Cloud Deployments for nearly 3 Years More than 20,000 users; launched over 835,000 servers On-Demand with a range of customer service offerings 4
    5. 5. The Cloud Starts Here!More Easily Deploy and Manage 5
    6. 6. Complete Management EnvironmentAutomation with Control and Portability 6
    7. 7. Key RightScale Components RightScale Deployments: • Multiple resources configured and managed as a single unit RightScale Macros • Automated way to build a Deployment RightScale ServerTemplates • Server ‘definitions’ that dynamically configure an instance7 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. The News… 9
    10. 10. Top Social Games managed by RightScale = RightScale Managed 10 Source: DeveloperAnalytics.com, 1/8/10
    11. 11. Why in the Cloud with RightScale? Extensive experience in large, highly- elasticsingle gaming applications 600K concurrent users 100X scaling in 4 days 6,500 cores 250K new users per hour 0 to 35M unique visitorsin oneday 1:1000+ data center management ratio11 11
    12. 12. Full Lifecycle IT Resource ManagementIT Resource Needs Production & Maturity & Decline Growth Concept & Development Niche / EOL time 12
    13. 13. Full Lifecycle IT Resource ManagementIT Resource Needs Production & Maturity & Decline Growth Concept & Development Niche / EOL time 13
    14. 14. Concept and Development PhaseLeverage agile, automated, and predictable IT infrastructure Accelerate development and testing w/ pre-configured proven deployment architectures Reduce Costs w/ develop and test using multiple virtual configurations Ensure production success and scalability using ready-to-scale architectures 14
    15. 15. DEMO – Concept and Development1. New development team accesses a macro published by internal IT2. Macro automatically builds a pre-configured 5-server deployment 15
    16. 16. Full Lifecycle IT Resource ManagementIT Resource Needs Production & Maturity & Decline Growth Concept & Development Niche / EOL time 16
    17. 17. Production and Growth PhaseLeverage proven multi-cloud deployment architectures Ensure a fast and successful launch with RightScale Services’ Migration Management, leveraging best practices and Facebook expertise Automate to rapidly adjust to your business needs Avoid success disaster! 17
    18. 18. DEMO – Production and Growth Phase 1. Configuring auto-scaling—up and down! 2. Re-architecting your deployment – Memchached layer 3. Runtime configuration across Deployment 18
    19. 19. Full Lifecycle IT Resource ManagementIT Resource Needs Production & Maturity & Decline Growth Concept & Development Niche / EOL time 19
    20. 20. Maturity PhaseSave time, increase predictability and reliability Systems scale up/down and re-configure automatically enabling unprecedented data center automation Consumption tracking and reporting enables per-game cost accounting User classes and roles preserve transparency and control7 20
    21. 21. DEMO – Maturity Phase 1. Deployment-level consumption tracking and estimates 2. User access and control21
    22. 22. Full Lifecycle IT Resource ManagementIT Resource Needs Production & Maturity & Decline Growth Concept & Development Niche / EOL time 22
    23. 23. Niche Phase Share & preserve learning and best practices for next game Maintain the experience with SLA-based automation ensures users Easily migrate “in-house” with hybrid cloud solutions 23
    24. 24. DEMO – Niche Phase 1. Clone a Deployment 2. Change Input variables 24
    25. 25. Advanced Concepts – Multi-region Arrays 25
    26. 26. Advanced Concepts – Multi-cloud Portability 26
    27. 27. Overview of the RightScale Gaming Edition Proven Best Practices & Unparalleled Success! Pre-configured Social Gaming Deployments Migration Management w/ RightScale Services 20 Hrs Facebook Ready Systems Automation and AutoScaling Enterprise Manager and Access Control Multi- and hybrid-cloud Support 24 x 7 Support Monthly Optimization Consulting 4 Hrs RightScale Accounts 2 Included Server Hrs Under Management (per mo) 30,000 Virtual Onsite Launch Support27 27
    28. 28. Q&A For more details on RightScale’s Social Gaming Edition sales@rightscale.com Webinar Recordings: RightScale.com/webinars www.RightScale.com sales@rightscale.com (866) 720-0208 Twitter: @rightscale 28
    29. 29. Thank You!29