The Agile Data Warehouse Webinar – Next Generation BI


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RightScale Webinar: February 4, 2010 – Watch this webinar and find out about the new approach to BI that takes advantage of the cloud as a disruptive technology combined with next-generation software applications. Watch the video at

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The Agile Data Warehouse Webinar – Next Generation BI

  1. 1. The Agile Data Warehouse™ - BI in the Cloud
  2. 2. PresentersPresentation, Demonstration•  Elise Arthurs – RightScale, Director of Partner Marketing•  Larry Hill – Full 360, Director of Business Development•  Rohit Amarnath – Full 360, CTOLive Q&A•  Andrew Lampitt – Jaspersoft, Business Development Director•  Parham Parvizi – Talend, Sr. Sales Engineer•  Uri Budnik – RightScale, Evangelist•  David Menninger – Vertica, VP Product Management Remember to Submit questions via the Question Tab!
  3. 3. Agenda•  What is “the Cloud?”•  Why Consider the Cloud?•  The Agile Data Warehouse™  Components  Pricing•  Demonstration – an Agile Datamart•  Next Steps•  Q&A
  4. 4. What Is Cloud Computing? “Fully-equipped data center in the sky” •  Virtually infinite computing resources •  Scalable on-demand •  Pay by usage •  Highly reliable, available, and secure “Computing power and storage becomes a commodity to be turned on and off – like a household utility – on demand.”4
  5. 5. The Cloud = Infrastructure as a Service•  An “Elastic” Computing Platform  Hardware  Software  Support & Services•  Top-notch environmental management facilities•  Pre-built application/server instances
  6. 6. Why Consider the Cloud?The Cloud is a Game-Changer•  Faster  To order, instantiate, configure, and run applications  Scale to thousands of servers – in minutes•  Lower-cost  Cloud vendors buy and provision computing capacity in very large volumes  Cut costs while improving your service level?•  Flexible  Rent a server for 1 month  3 years  Change server size as necessary to accommodate peaks  Spin up new servers, shut them down based on demand
  7. 7. Why Use the Cloud for BI?•  Fast  Analytical “Sandboxes” in hours  Finished Datamarts in weeks vs. months, years…•  Lower-Cost  Cloud + New Generation Software = Affordability  Experiment with previously un-affordable applications•  Flexible  Disposable Datamarts  Seasonal Projects  Start small and scale to your requirements 7
  8. 8. Introducing…The Agile Data Warehouse™
  9. 9. The Agile Data Warehouse™Market-leading vendors… …on a single Cloud Platform•  Jaspersoft   The most widely-used BI in the world•  Vertica   Next-generation, high-performance analytic database•  Talend   The recognized leader in open-source Data Integration•  RightScale   The leader in Cloud-computing management•  Amazon Web Services   The leading Cloud-computing infrastructure
  10. 10. Amazon Web Services (AWS)Infrastructure as a Service•   $15B mission-critical real-time online transaction processing system   Distributed computing infrastructure honed for Infrastructure as a Service 13+ years   AWS now 30+% larger than•  Key Components   Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)   Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)•  Very aggressive pricing  Std.  Linux  instances  start  at  $0.085/hr.    High  CPU  instances  start  at  $0.17/hr.    Reserved  instances  start  at  $.03/hr.    h@p://
  11. 11. RightScaleCloud Management•  Total Control of Environment  Complete Visibility at all levels  Manage, monitor, troubleshoot•  Administration  Multiple user support  Access control and user permissions•  Fast On-Ramp to the Cloud  Server Templates  Best Practices“Abstraction layer to manage the Cloud” h@p://
  12. 12. Automation at Work Load exceeds threshold Additional servers operational Additional servers terminated Load drops below threshold
  13. 13. Talend Data IntegrationOpen-source Data Integration•  Leading provider of Open-source data integration software•  Venture-backed Commercial model•  World-wide operations and users•  Data Quality, MDM Modules•  Broad Adoption   1.5 million core product downloads   7 million lifetime downloads   300,000 users   1,000 customers h@p://
  14. 14. Talend Data IntegrationKey features Business-oriented process modeling Graphical development Robust and scalable execution Broadest connectivity to support all systems Project repository for design and execution Real-time debugging
  15. 15. VerticaNext-generation Analytic DBMS•  Columnar database•  Standard SQL interface•  Scale-out MPP architecture•  Aggressive data compression•  Real-time loading & querying•  Automatic tuning, HA and recovery•  Runs on Linux, VMware or Amazon Cloud“Modern Database for BI and Analytics” h@p://
  16. 16. Selected Vertica Case Studies Revolutionized CDR Analysis in 8 Weeks Vertica® Analytic Existing DBMS Vertica Advantage >  32x more customer Database recordsHistoric Data 1 week 8 months 32x more data 100 >  60x faster queries 2Users (Revenue. ops, 50x more users (Revenue assurance) regulatory,marketing) >  50x more usersAverage Query 30 minutes 30 seconds 60x faster answersResponse Time >  Industry Standard HW Tier 1 bank Securities Compliance Audit Analysis Vertica® Analytic Existing DBMS Vertica Advantage Database >  Near real-time analysisAverage Query 37 minutes 9 seconds 245x faster answersResponse Time >  245x fasterReports per Day 30 1000 33x more reports >  30x+ more reportsNew Market Data Next day 1 minute Real-time views >  Superior HW densityAvailability
  17. 17. JaspersoftMost Widely-used BI in the World•  Commercial Open-source model•  Analysis & Reporting, Dashboards•  Pixel-perfect reports or ad hoc queriesBenefits•  Powerful, easy analysis and reporting•  Flexible architecture for standalone or embedded use•  Highly affordable “Over 9 million copies downloaded” h@p://
  18. 18. The Agile Data Warehouse™Optional features•  Master Data Management (Talend)•  Data Quality Management (Talend)•  Statistics and Graphics ( R )   Widely-used open-source application   Predictive Analytics
  19. 19. Full 360 Inc.Comprehensive Systems Integration•  14 years - Analytic Data Warehousing   Top 10 Global Financial Institutions   Emerging Websites and Software vendors   Reporting, Analytics, OLAP, Statistics•  Worldwide operation with personnel in USA, India, and Singapore•  Inaugural Amazon SI Partner•  Primary Integrator for Agile Data Warehouse Partners h@p://
  20. 20. Pricing$1500/mo. for the entire ADW stack (thru 3/31/10)   JasperServer: one server   Vertica: 100 GB for deployment and development   Talend: Data Integration   RightScale for entire data warehouse environmentCloud Capacity (AWS)  Recommended configuration •  (3) Amazon Machine instances •  24x7 @ $.17/hr = less than $125/month each •  $10/month for 100 GB Amazon storage  Support 200+ BI users
  21. 21. DemonstrationGive-A-Tweet™ Website•  Charitable donation-matching website built around Twitter social network•  Launched January 2010•  Datamart to report on Revenue by Region, # followers, # Tweets, Type of Charity, Twitter/site membership•  Data sources:   Twitter   CouchDB – nosql database for site   MySQL transaction store   IRS data on non-profit organizations•  Scale to 500+ users automatically
  22. 22. Next Steps with Full 360•  Recording of Webinar  Available at•  Further inquiries:  Contact Larry Hill at 646-448-9877 or•  Upcoming Agile Partner Events  TDWI Feb. 21-26 in Las Vegas  Cloud Expo – April 19-21 in New York City