RightScale Webinar: Get Your App To Azure


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Looking for guidance with Windows Azure? RightScale has a dedicated “Get Your App to Azure” program for customers evaluating Microsoft’s Windows Azure IaaS. Enterprises come to us at all stages of cloud adoption for expert end-to-end assistance, ranging from high level strategic decision making to designing and implementing application architectures.

In this webinar, speakers from RightScale and Microsoft share best practices for migration and deployment in the Azure cloud.

Key Topics:

1. Why Infrastructure as a Service.
2. How to identify applications for migration or when to initially build on Windows Azure.
3. Prioritize applications by cloud readiness.
4. Develop an end-to-end plan from strategy to implementation.
5. RightScale Services for Azure.

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RightScale Webinar: Get Your App To Azure

  1. 1. Get Your First App to Azure Justin Fenton RightScale Dina Frandsen Microsoft
  2. 2. 2 # Agenda •  Why IaaS, Why Azure, Why Now •  Unlocking your Azure Credentials •  Key Azure use case scenarios •  Analyzing your Application Portfolio •  RightScale Onboarding Services •  Q&A
  3. 3. Why IaaS? Cloud Management!
  4. 4. 4 # Driving Value from Azure - Today
  5. 5. Why Azure? Cloud Management!
  6. 6. Cloud innovation presents challenges
  7. 7. Virtualization Identity Development Data Platform DevOps and mgmt
  8. 8. 1 0
  9. 9. Unlock your Azure Cloud Management!
  10. 10. 16 # MSDN Practices leveraging MSDN Best to get started with Azure: •  Log in with MSDN Live ID •  Portal will show you free credits associated with account •  Start testing *if you think you will use more than free credits, put down corporate credit card to not get turned off
  11. 11. 17 # Enterprise Agreements •  Starts at 27% discount and goes up from there •  Access to Enterprise Portal •  Supports multiple departments with •  Granual Billing •  Multiple Administration Levels •  All EA customers have Microsoft Account Manager
  12. 12. 18 # Azure Promotions
  13. 13. Key Enterprise Scenarios Cloud Management!
  14. 14. 20 # Key Azure use case scenarios ●  Development and Testing Environments ●  High Availability and Disaster Recovery ●  LOB workload migration - SharePoint ●  Multi cloud diversity, primarily AWS expansion ●  Identity & Access with Azure ADFS for O365 & MultiFactor Authentication ●  SQL: High Availability/Data Protection with Azure
  15. 15. 21 # RightScale’s Cloud experience 7 10 5.7M+ 10K+ years Creating the clouds Cloud-Enabled servers servers per scaling event Enterprise
  16. 16. 22 # RightScale’s Azure scenarios Cloud Strategy Cloud Migration Cloud Governance Customer Situations •  Advise on workloads, security & dev/ops •  Diversifying current cloud investments (multi-cloud) •  Achieving geo and data sovereignty requirements •  Move applications from on-prem to Azure •  Migrate IaaS workloads from current cloud to Azure •  Identify, embrace & manage shadow IaaS instances •  Enable IT to manage ‘inherited’ cloud workloads via acquisition or reorg
  17. 17. Application Portfolio Analysis Cloud Management!
  18. 18. 24 # Segmenting your Application Portfolio 1.  Segment the application portfolio 2.  Evaluate against ROI criteria •  Business Impact •  Technical Fit 3.  Focus on High ROI applications first Cloud-Ready Elastic Web Traditional Nightmare
  19. 19. 25 # Segment Your App Portfolio for ROI ROI Nightmare •  •  Monolithic Hairball Traditional •  •  Legacy LOB workloads Elastic Web •  •  Web architecture Elastic design Cloud-Ready
  20. 20. 26 # Azure onboarding Azure Packages Roadmap Portfolio Assessment Architecture & Plan Portfolio Plan: How does Azure fit into my corporate strategy and business needs? What does cloud success look like? How do I measure it? Which applications are best for Azure? How do I map opportunities against requirements? How do I prioritize? What are the architectural decisions to consider? How do I migrate? Execution Engineering & Onboarding How do I best use RightScale to build and deploy my applications?
  21. 21. 27 # In Summary ●  Azure Capability overview ●  Credentials and Promos ●  Typical customer use case scenarios ●  App portfolio analysis for migrations ●  RightScale overview & Azure onboarding Next Steps: Take advantage of ‘Get your App to Azure’ promo at: www.rightscale.com/lp/windows-azure.php Presentation will be sent via e-mail
  22. 22. Q&A Cloud Management!
  23. 23. Appendix Cloud Management!
  24. 24. - Top Customer Workloads and Scenarios Windows Azure IaaS for Test and Dev SharePoint on Windows Azure IaaS Customer pains: Long set-up times High infrastructure costs Limited datacenter capacity Hard to replicate production What we offer: Azure VMs to run test and dev workloads Seamless connectivity and easier access Lower development costs and greater agility Test Teams Customer pains: Content overload with no organization No coordinated way to manage social Labor intensive, custom web sites What we offer: Easily organize content with libraries and sites Social features and new ways to manage media Security, site management and eDiscovery Content authoring, publishing and workflows On Premises Azure VPN Data Windows Azure LOB Application WFE End User Web Role WorkerRole Virtual Machine LOB ? SQL Reporting SQL Database URL access to reports or LOB application Report Developers Saved VM State Test/Dev VMs Customer pains: High cost of business and data insight Complex environment to manage Limited number of users due to high costs What we offer: Reduced cost and complexity Increased flexibility and agility Accommodate new business scenarios with familiar tools The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your Developer Teams WFE Apps SQL / Business Intelligenc on Windows Azure Azure Storage Application Migration to Windows Azure IaaS Customer pains: Limited datacenter capacity Slow response to changing business and capacity needs Need to free-up expensive on-premises resources for Tier 1 apps What we offer: Azure VMs to run Tier 2 and Tier 3 apps Seamless connectivity and management Lower TCO and greater agility INDXR APP SVR SQL SVR DATA SYNC SQL Database BLOB Storage Cloud Integrated Storage on Windows Azure End User Reporting Tools ADFS on Windows Azure for Office 365 Customer pains: Equipment sprawl and expanding footprint Data growth and data management complexity Back-up issues and untested Disaster Recovery Customer pains: Multiple authentication for end users Elongated sign-on time Extensive and expensive IT management What we offer: Consolidate primary, archive, back-up and DR through seamless integration with Azure Cloud snapshots=revolutionary speed, simplicity, and reliability for back-up and recovery Reduce enterprise TCO by 60-80% What we offer: Single sign-on across multiple cloud applications Simple integration with on-premises AD Easily create and manage identities in the cloud Flexibility to leverage social tools and identities StorSimple Cloud-Integrated Storage (CIS) AD Data VPN Apps Primary Volume Tier 2/3 Apps Azure Storage On Premises System Center, VS The image cannot be displaye d. Your compute r may not have enough Server s The image cannot be displaye The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the Microsoft Apps ADFS 2.0 On-Premises Active Directory Snapshot Cloud Snapshotsto nearby cloud storage service region Cloud Clonesto remote cloud storage region for DR Windows Azure Active Directory Your Apps 3rd Party Apps
  25. 25. 31 # High Level Deliverables Roadmap Portfolio Assessment CloudSight: Portfolio Plan CloudSight: Roadmap Strategic objectives Execution Engineering & Onboarding Heat Map Cloud Short List: 2 apps Step-by-step Project Plan Architecture Requirements Application Assessment: 20 apps Technical constraints Key success factors Architecture & Plan Onboarding Scrums Architecture Diagram Custom Engineering Launch Support High-Level Project Plan