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Game Development in the Cloud - Live Q&A


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Rightscale Webinar: Do you have questions about building and running your game on the cloud?  Are you looking for tools to help you increase your speed to market for a new game or app?  Ever wish you could just ask someone who’s been there?  Here’s your chance!
Join us for a special interactive webinar to learn how and why TransGaming built their game platform on the cloud.  You’ll hear about the infrastructure, software, and tools they deployed to speed up their time to market and achieve gaming success at scale.
Through a lively panel discussion, we’ll address questions about how to build your IT infrastructure to power your game or app, how to architect for scalability, and how to increase confidence in your app through performance testing and monitoring.
Attend this webinar and you will walk away with a better understanding of how RightScale, AWS, Couchbase, and Apica can help you manage the opportunities and challenges in the game industry.

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Game Development in the Cloud - Live Q&A

  1. 1. Game Development in the Cloud – Live Q & Awith Amazon Web Services, RightScale, Couchbase, and Apica Aug 3, 2011 Watch the video of this webinar
  2. 2. 2#Your Panel TodayPresenting:• Josh Fraser: VP, Business Development, RightScale• Roberto Monge: Architect, TransGaming Digital Home• Jeff Barr: Sr. Web Services Evangelist, Amazon Web Services• Frank Weigel: Director of Product Management, Couchbase• Craig Irwin: COO / VP, Sales Engineering, ApicaQ&A:• Chris Nicolaisen: RightScale Please use the questions window to ask questions anytime!
  3. 3. 3#Agenda• Welcome• Game / Application Challenges• AWS, RightScale, Couchbase, and Apica overview• TransGaming Architecture Review• Panel Discussion• Q&A Please use the questions window to ask questions anytime!
  4. 4. 4#Key Challenges• Highly competitive• Need rapid time to market• Things happen fast• Need to maintain control
  5. 5. 5#Your Focus PRODUCT SALES & ITDEVELOPMENT MARKETING 33%? 33%? 33%?
  6. 6. 6#RightScale + Couchbase + AWS + Apica PRODUCT SALES & IT DEVELOPMENT MARKETING  Reduce time to market  Lower cost  Complete control 100%  Global scale
  7. 7. 7#RightScale: Fully Automated Cloud• Managed Cloud Deployments for over 4.5 Years• Launched over 2.8MM servers• Behind the largest production deployments on the cloud
  8. 8. 8#Extensive Experience in Games
  9. 9. 9#RightScale Methodology: ServerTemplates VS.• Integrated approach that puts together all the parts needed to architect single & multi-server deployments• Easily design, launch, monitor, cycle back, iterate, and re- launch servers in the cloud!
  10. 10. 10#RightScale Deployment:Sample Gaming Architecture • Accelerate time-to-market w/ pre- configured proven ServerTemplates • Reduce Costs with development and test using multiple virtual configurations • Ensure production success and scalability using ready-to-scale architectures
  11. 11. 11#The Reference Standard for Games Apica performance testing tools + Membase NoSQL ServerTemplates accessed and managed by … RightScale cloud management platform all on … Amazon Web Services scalable and cost-effective cloud computing platform Utilize the solution that powers the most successful social games in the world today!
  12. 12. 12# 1 2The GameTree TV Gaming Platform for Smart TVby Roberto MongeChief Architect
  13. 13. 13#TransGaming Has made life easier for Game Developers by providing tools that rapidly enable and simplify distribution of games across multiple platforms Digital Distribution GameTree TV GameTree Mac Portability Tech PC Games-> Linux based OS DirectX->OpenGL Windows APIs->Native APIs DirectSound->Native Sound DirectInput->StreamInput Graphics tools SwiftShader, ANGLE But wait there’s more
  14. 14. 14# 1 4 Gameplay GameTree TV UITV UI
  15. 15. 15 # #Games: PvZ on my TV!
  16. 16. 16#Where can GameTree TV work? Smart Televisions 500M Connected TVs by 2015 Cable or Broadband Boxes Consumer Boxes
  17. 17. 17 # #Ease of Enablement and Distribution GameTree TV Platform (9-12 months to develop) • Digital Distribution • eCommerce • Pricing options rentals/unlimited • Different purchase methods (cable bill or CC) • Discoverability (ratings, categorization, favorites) • Portability Engines (PC games DX9 -> linux OpenGL ES and ES2) • Game update management (bug fixes, features) • Game-centric CMS • DRM (licenses and copy protection) • Analytics and Troubleshooting GameTree TV Games (2-4 weeks to port from PC) • Performance (how does it run on the platform) • Usability (10 ft experience vs PC proximity) • Input (touch, gesture, mouse) • Localization
  18. 18. 18 # #Platform: Why the Cloud? High volume • Each Cable/Broadband operator brings a large audience Elastic loads (TV ad traffic) • 100X the normal traffic
  19. 19. 19 # #Why RightScale? ServerTemplates • Repeatable server setups • Hardened application configurations (Haproxy, MySQL, Apache) Multi-cloud • AWS • RackSpace and others available if needed Useful higher-level management views • Account/User Management • Event auditing • Monitoring and Alerting
  20. 20. 20 # #Platform Toolbox HA Proxy: Load balancers Varnish: Page CachePython/Django: Webservices Redis: Object Cache mySQL: DB Splunk: Analytics and troubleshooting AWS S3: Storage AWS ec2: Servers RS: Management and Monitoring Chef: Server automation
  21. 21. 21 # #Platform: Lessons Learned Scripting everything is challenging but pays off dividends when you need to clone a whole system Load test your system early • Characterize the system (know what knobs make a difference) • Try different server sizes my.small, m1.large, m1.XL • It’s much easier to tune your system if you aren’t live yet Splunk rules • It allowed troubleshooting system issues in seconds rather than minutes/hours • There was no need to slog through log files on multiple systems Run in multiple availability zones or data centers Using the cloud allows experiments that would not normally be feasible • Load testing a system the same size as production
  22. 22. 22#Apica’s TechnologyA Single Platform: Apica LoadTest - Load Testing via Synthetic users that emulates real load from multiple locations Apica WebPerformance - Scalable world wide SLA / response performance monitoring from any location Record & Deploy Selenium Scenarios Browser emulation and executions via Apica’s ´Cloud service Apica WPM Upload Checking different Web pages from User Scenario Scenarios Multiple locations definition Local Vital Signs Agent Produce Scenarios via Apica’s ´Full Service Customer site Apica LoadTest Scenario executions Dispatch to * apica * Manage LoadTest executions and results network
  23. 23. 23#400+% Improvement in Performance Before After What challenges were  Initial deployment estimated to be in the millions of users in France they facing?  Needed method to ensure that performance met client and user expectations  Load tested to over a million users over 15 minutes How did Apica help?  Identified application and networking bottlenecks  Tested cloud infrastructure and failover rules  Identified architecture bottlenecks  Identified application and network bottlenecks What was the outcome?  Validated test with over a million users successfully  Improved capacity and performance by 400%
  24. 24. 24#Amazon Web Services - Flexible Compute Elastic Compute Cloud Elastic MapReduce Database Amazon Relational Database Service Amazon SimpleDB Storage Amazon Simple Storage Service Elastic Block Storage Networking Virtual Private Cloud Route 53 (DNS) Elastic Load Balancing Auto Scaling Management Amazon CloudWatch AWS Management Console
  25. 25. 25# Amazon Web Services - Scalable Amazon Region Machine Availability ZoneImage (AMI) Ephemeral Storage EC2 Instance ElasticCloudWatch Block Storage Security Group(s) Auto Amazon S3 Scaling Elastic IP Address EBS EBS Snapshot Snapshot Load Balancing
  26. 26. 26#Amazon Web Services – Cost Effective• Pay as you go model• Credit card billing• Published pricing• No minimum charge• Pricing units: • CPU (by the hour) • Storage (by the gigabyte month) • Bandwidth (by the gigabyte)
  27. 27. 27# Membase Server is Simple, Fast, Elastic27
  28. 28. 28# Membase Server is Simple, Fast, Elastic28
  29. 29. 29# Membase Server is Simple, Fast, Elastic29
  30. 30. 30#Panel DiscussionPanel:• Roberto Monge: Architect, TransGaming Digital Home• Jeff Barr: Sr. Web Services Evangelist, Amazon Web Services• Frank Weigel: Director of Product Management, Couchbase• Craig Irwin: COO / VP, Sales Engineering, ApicaModerator:• Josh Fraser: VP, Business Development, RightScale
  31. 31. 31#Q&A - Getting Started1. Sign up for AWS: Get a RightScale VIP account: Info:AMAZON:; (866) 720-0208COUCHBASE: info@couchbase.comAPICA: craig.irwin@apicasystems.comMore archive:
  32. 32. Thank You!