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RightScale Webinar: Provide a Self-Service Portal for vSphere, AWS and Other Clouds


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In this webinar you’ll learn how to enable your organization with fast, self-service access to your VMware vSphere resources as well as public clouds such as AWS, Google and Azure. We’ll cover the following topics:

1. Create a Self-Service Portal for vSphere and Public Clouds
Are virtualization and cloud the same thing?
How does vSphere fit with cloud self-service?

2. Create and Manage Portable Workloads
Can I move from vSphere to AWS? and back?
Choosing between in-place management, migration and portability.

3. Provide Visibility and Control for Self-Service
Ensure workloads meet corporate standards.
Manage capacity and costs.

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RightScale Webinar: Provide a Self-Service Portal for vSphere, AWS and Other Clouds

  2. 2. • Rishi Vaish • VP Product, RightScale • Ryan O’Leary • Senior Product Manager, RightScale Q&A • Utpal Thakrar • Senior Product Manager, RightScale • Nick Martinazzi • Sales Development Representative, RightScale Please use the “Questions” window to ask questions at any time Your Panel Today
  3. 3. • Virtualization vs. Cloud? • The world without self-service • The RightScale solution • See it in action - Demo • What about my existing workloads? • Manage in place • Migrate to cloud • Make portable • Q&A Agenda 22
  4. 4. Cloud Usage is Ubiquitous
  5. 5. Hybrid is the Preferred Strategy
  6. 6. Dev, Test and Web are the Top Workloads
  7. 7. Self-Service is Needed to Reap the Benefits
  8. 8. VMware Dominates in Private Environments
  9. 9. But is Virtualization a Cloud? 8 “If you think a private cloud is just another name for virtualization automation, think again. The business sees value from cloud services that deliver agility, autonomy, and pay-per-use economics. If your private cloud doesn’t deliver this, the business will look elsewhere to get this value, even going so far as to build its own.” James Staten and Lauren E. Nelson Rise of the New Cloud Admin
  10. 10. The World Without Self-Service
  11. 11. What Developers Get 1010 In a virtualized environment In the cloud Long waits Confusion
  12. 12. What Developers Want 11 In a virtualized environment In the cloud
  13. 13. What IT Gets 1212 In a virtualized environment In the cloud Manual work Heterogeneity and chaos
  14. 14. What IT Wants 13 In a virtualized environment In the cloud Automation and control
  15. 15. What Finance Gets 1414 In a virtualized environment In the cloud Cost Complexity Unpredictability and waste
  16. 16. What Finance Wants 1515 In a virtualized environment In the cloud Cost Clarity and Savings
  17. 17. • Long waits • Dissatisfied business users • Shadow IT • Lack of governance • Underutilized private environments • Cost escalations in public cloud The Result? Not good! 1616
  18. 18. The RightScale Solution
  19. 19. Unified Management • Single pane of glass across clouds and virtualized • Deploy to clouds and virtualized environment • Move between clouds and virtualized Cloudify vSphere 18 On-premises Private Clouds RightScale Self-Service Corporate Firewall RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere vCenter Server™ ESXi VMware® vSphere® Public Clouds
  20. 20. We Can Cloud-Enable your Enterprise Your Cloud Portfolio Self-Service Cloud AnalyticsCloud Management Manage Govern Optimize RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management Public Clouds Private Clouds Virtualized Environments
  21. 21. Capabilities • Quick Provisioning • Curated clouds • Standardized stacks • Enforce policies • Scheduled shutdown • Cost controls Offer Developers a Self-Service Portal 20
  22. 22. See It In Action - Demo
  23. 23. Request cycle with IT
  24. 24. Overwhelming choice… 23
  25. 25. Endless requests…. 24
  26. 26. But What About my Existing Workloads?
  27. 27. Three Strategies for Existing Workloads 26 Manage natively Migrate elsewhere Make portable
  28. 28. Manage Natively
  29. 29. Bring Your Own Assets 28 VMs, VMDKs Cloud Formation templates AMIs Native RightScale Self-Service Catalog ServerTemplates CM Scripts Portable VM VM AMI VM CF CF ST ST ST Chef Chef Chef
  30. 30. No Lock-in 29 • Manage in parallel using RightScale and vCenter • vSphere admins continue to use vCenter • Developers and cloud users can leverage RightScale in parallel • Transparent view of vSphere workloads in both tools, regardless of where launched Manage vSphere Workloads with RightScale RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management Private VirtualizedPublic vCenter
  31. 31. Migrate Elsewhere
  32. 32. What Everyone Wants vSphere AWS or other clouds
  33. 33. • Newer OS versions • SSL termination • Clustering of LBs • App clustering • Multi-cast • Shared Filesystems • Static IPs 14 Considerations for Migration 32 • Licensing • Tenancy • Scale-down Logic • Bandwidth • Virtual IP requirements • Multi-master DB • Database I/O requirements
  34. 34. Where to Start: Segment Your App Portfolio • Web architecture • Elastic design • Monolithic • Legacy • Traditional vendors Cloud-Ready • Greenfield • Designed for cloud Elastic Web Traditional
  35. 35. Assess Apps for Cloud Readiness 34 REFACTOR DON’T MIGRATE HOLD OFF QUICK WINS Technical Fit BusinessImpact App 1 App 7 App 3 App 12 App 4 App 6 App 2 App 5 App 8 App 11 App 10 App 9
  36. 36. Make Portable
  37. 37. • Multi-hypervisor support • Preserve hypervisor options • Lifecycle-based multi-cloud deployment • Dev vs. Test vs. Staging vs. Prod • New (Unpredictable) vs. Mature (Steady- State) • Disaster Recovery • Private for primary, Public for backup • Cloudbursting • Base capacity in private, burst to public Why Portability? 36
  38. 38. How to Make Portable Apps 37
  39. 39. 38 Wrap Up Self-Service Access Workload Portability Single Pane of Glass
  40. 40. 39 Next Steps and Q&A Get the vSphere whitepaper: Get the RightScale 2014 State of the Cloud Report:
  41. 41. THANK YOU.