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Delivering Enterprise-Grade SaaS & Application Management in the Cloud: A Case Study


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RightScale User Conference NYC 2011 -

Marty Gauvin - CEO and President, Virtual Ark

As a provider of SaaS core business applications for large enterprises with more than 30,000 end users, Virtual Ark offers multi-cloud application deployment support to ISVs who deliver cloud-based SaaS solutions to market. The advantages that ISVs provide to their customers include flexible pricing, reduced IT fixed costs, and improved agility to rapidly respond to customer needs. In this session, we'll present a case study that illustrates the critical role that RightScale plays in the delivery and management of an ISV’s SaaS solution across public and private clouds, as well as cover the tools and processes required to deliver a cloud-based on-demand solution including billing, monitoring, reporting, security, backups, and disaster recovery. We'll also share best practices for maintaining SLA uptime during IaaS outages.

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Delivering Enterprise-Grade SaaS & Application Management in the Cloud: A Case Study

  1. 1. User Case Study Rightscale User Conference 2011 Confidential - Version 8 1
  2. 2. What will you hear today?• How Virtual Ark uses the Rightscale product to deliver managed services to its customers• How Virtual Ark has integrated the Rightscale product into its “Ark” – our Central Management Console (CMC)• Why we had to build a CMC platform to deliver our services• A demonstration of parts of our CMC platform• An example customer deployment in our CMC to support 30,000 enterprise users• An understanding of who we are as a company to provide context Confidential - Version 8 2
  3. 3. Who are Virtual Ark? Some context• A global enterprise application managed services company uniquely structured to leverage the cloud• Team with 12 years managed services expertise• IP for the “Ark” has been developed over the past 4 years• Cloud Broker. Leverages all major Cloud Service providers – Amazon, Windows Azure, Rackspace, Terramark, Savvis and others• Experts in each application we help bring to market• Partners and Operations in Europe, America & Asia• Our customers are ISV’s and Large Enterprise companies• Recently named a Gartner Cool Vendor for Infrastructure Services Confidential - Version 8 3
  4. 4. Virtual Ark’s business model SaaS enablement & delivery ISV through Multiple Clouds App SaaS Virtual Ark solutions sold Application through Managed Next Generation Services existing ISV SaaS sales channels Multiple Clouds Next Generation Outsourcing Confidential - Version 8 4
  5. 5. What cloud services do not do, and therefore why we exist• Cloud service providers do not include the following which is needed to offer a SaaS solution – Operating System Management – Version upgrades – Networking and management – Patching – Backup services – Configuration changes – Application or database – Performance management management – Automation – Installation of new customers – Service Management – Installation of the application – Monitoring – Load balancing – Security – Service desk – Billing – Account management – Data resiliency – Reporting – Performance testing / tuning – Cloud broker – Application modifications Confidential - Version 8 5
  6. 6. What business problems were we seeking to solvewith Rightscale and our CMC?• How to manage multiple ISV and Customer deployments, in multiple geographies, efficiently and consistently• How to deliver the quality and breadth of services expected by large enterprise customers• How to provide an efficient platform for the management of our services, which utilised a range of some 15 tools all underpinned by the Rightscale solution• The need to understand and report all costs to customers and for internal management Confidential - Version 8 6
  7. 7. Application and Service Delivery Platform OverviewThe ARK CMC: An Integration of over 15 SaaS products and multiple cloud services to create our enterprise grade application and services delivery platform Communi- Security cations Global Reach Central Billing Management Console Performance Availability Monitoring Service Mgmt Confidential - Version 8 7
  8. 8. Next Generation SaaS Effort Breakdown Delivery Effort Key Functions Component Contribution Examples • Service Desk 24x7, Global End User Support, escalations, monthlyCustomer Support 25% • Account Management meetings, service improvement, SLAs, performance, • Reporting usage • Version upgrades Upgrade and patch testing, roll out, investigative • Patching support; system administrative changes, application Application • Configuration changes tuning, troubleshooting, capacity management; 35% • Performance management Management automation of new deployments, management tasks. • Automation Service Management system for incident, service request, problem, change, capacity, availability • Service Management management processes; monitoring for • Monitoring Cloud, OS, Middleware, Application; security management • Security and Networking e.g. firewalls, VPN, encryption, load balancing, server • Billing patching; Billing and subscription management Management • Infrastructure management metered, fixed, invoicing, payments; Infrastructure 30% Data resiliency management for provisioning, configuration, scaling; Data Services • • Automation resiliency e.g. snapshots, archiving, data replication; Automation of management activities. • Migrate application Cloud Enablement of • Performance testing / tuning Performance analysis and report. Implementation of Application 10% • Application modifications solutions, develop commercial models. • Commercial model Confidential - Version 8 8
  9. 9. What will you see in the demo to follow?• Integration with our CRM,• Deeper cost management capability• Integration with our chosen service desk product Confidential - Version 8 9
  10. 10. A little about the ISV customer in the demo• A global SaaS ISV• Servicing over 30,000 end users• Large enterprise customers including banks, government agencies, major IT vendors and other major corporates• Challenged by how to: – Deliver cost effectively into multiple geographies – Avoid building ahead of demand – How to scale up rapidly to support new customers Confidential - Version 8 10
  11. 11. Demo• Click here to launch demo Confidential - Version 8 11
  12. 12. Contact:• Locations: San Francisco, London, Sydney• Email:• Web: Confidential - Version 8 12