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Scalability Meets Rackspace


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RightScale Conference Santa Clara 2011 - Companies running web-based applications, ranging from websites and blogs to complex e-commerce and SaaS-based applications, all face similar challenges in the cloud: “How do I build a flexible environment that can be provisioned on- demand?”, “How do I keep my data secure?” and “How do I burst automatically without worrying about my application?” RightScale delivers management and automation using the Rackspace® Cloud with RackConnectTM. Come learn:

• How RackConnectTM enables you to intelligently balance your traffic between Rackspace Dedicated and Cloud Servers.

• How RightScale helps you scale up and down cost effectively to accommodate demand.

• How you maintain a secure environment, while being flexible to your work loads.

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Scalability Meets Rackspace

  1. 1. @Rackspace Toby  Owen   Toby Owen Senior  Product  Manager,  Hybrid  Cloud  Solutions   Senior Product Manager, Hybrid Cloud Solutions Rackspace  Hosting   Rackspace HostingRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM     CONFERENCE  
  2. 2. A QUICK NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY NORMAL FACIAL HAIR Movember grow a moustache and raise awareness of cancers affecting men Want to learn more? Donate? moRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  3. 3. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  4. 4. Dedicated, Secure Slow, High Costs More control, Centralized Inflexible,Not scalableRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  5. 5. Lower Costs Security, Peace of Mind, Scalable, Distributed Less ControlRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  6. 6. Secure More control Scalable Lower Costs Flexible ElasticRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  7. 7. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  8. 8. Security     Performance   Time  to  recode  apps   Compliance   Not  all  the  features  I  need  RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  9. 9. Yes,  but  limited   toes  in   Yes,  but  private  clouds    RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  10. 10. New  web-­‐based  apps   New  web-­‐based  companies   More  nimble  startups  RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  11. 11. I  have  a  better  option?     THE  ANSWER?    HYBRID  CLOUD   Definition:  an  application  or  workload  that  incorporates     cloud  with  other  platforms  RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  13. 13. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  14. 14. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  15. 15. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  16. 16. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  17. 17. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  18. 18. SECURITY BENEFITS OF HYBRID CLOUDS Compliance requirements? Keep confidential data on dedicated storage and DB Add cloud for public portions of site (images, public content, leverage CDN) Need better security? Add a dedicated FW, IDS, DDoS prevention to a cloud backend VPN to encrypt site-to-site traffic Need to know where your data is? Keep your customer data on-site, bridge to cloud for processing Data Protection Act Need to ensure Business Continuity or Data Security? Enterprise storage for data replication, cloud for compute Block based encryption and other data security tools still work better on traditional gearRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  19. 19. TIMING BENEFITS OF HYBRID CLOUDS (AGILITY) No time or budget to rewrite your entire app? Move a piece to the cloud (web tier, batch process, test/QA environment) Gets you using cloud sooner, get some of the benefits sooner (cost reductions, flexibility) Dedicated for average loads, spike into the cloud Scale horizontally, add a lot of capacity quickly Only pay for the peak during loads Time to market Reduce dev time , faster QA testing Improve speed to market, make $$$ sooner on your new app Save on admin costs Dev Ops developers can program the system management tasks now, you can do more job sharingRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  20. 20. ECONOMIC BENEFITS OF HYBRID CLOUDS Relative  Workload  Cost*   $  /  GHz  hrs   Hybrid Cloud economics more disruptive than 100% virtualization Principal driver for cost savings is mix of fixed   and utility pricing 60-65% 65%       Peak  Load  -­‐   Own the   Public  Cloud     25% Base  Load  -­‐ Rent the peak   Private   Dedicated Virtualized/ Public Hybrid Cloud   Private   Cloud Cloud Cloud * Assumes average workload mix and profile; 15% of total peak workload hours shifted to public cloud in an on-demand model; does not include application migration costs Source: Everest Group Cloud Value Assessment Model , http://www.everestgrp.comRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  21. 21. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  22. 22. AN EXAMPLE OF HYBRID CLOUD FROM RACKSPACE gives you the freedom to choose the best platform for your applications by unifying the breadth of the Rackspace portfolio into a single solution. Combine traditional and cloud hosting - put workloads where they perform best Centrally define Network Security Policies - automatically applied to your entire configuration Add the security of a dedicated firewall to your cloud configuration Securely move workloads between your data center and Rackspace over an encrypted VPN tunnel or private linkRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  23. 23. GROWING A BUSINESS USING HYBRID CLOUD Day  1   Situation: startup business Problem: no funding Solution: Cloud ServersRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  24. 24. GROWING A BUSINESS USING HYBRID CLOUD Day  2   Situation: launching first product Problem: needs security Solution: add a firewallRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  25. 25. GROWING A BUSINESS USING HYBRID CLOUD Day  3   Situation: rapid growth Problem: database slowing down Solution: move DB to physical server clusterRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  26. 26. GROWING A BUSINESS USING HYBRID CLOUD Day  4   Situation: seasonal traffic Problem: big spikes Solution: load balance cloud and physical serversRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  27. 27. GROWING A BUSINESS USING HYBRID CLOUD Day  5   Situation: app growing complex Problem: need secure flexibility and fast storage Solution: add Private Cloud and SAN storageRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  28. 28. GROWING A BUSINESS USING HYBRID CLOUD Day  6   Situation: very busy site Problem: constantly adding and removing servers Solution: Rightscale Server Templates and AutoScaling +RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  29. 29. GROWING A BUSINESS USING HYBRID CLOUD Day  6   Situation: very busy site Problem: constantly adding and removing servers Solution: Rightscale Server Templates and AutoScaling +RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  30. 30. GROWING A BUSINESS USING HYBRID CLOUD Day  6   Situation: very busy site Problem: constantly adding and removing servers Solution: Rightscale Server Templates and AutoScaling +RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  31. 31.   Problem:   Large  online  events  with  unpredictable  spikes  up  to   15X  normal  traffic  load     Rackspace  Solution:   Run  high  I/O  Database  on  Dedicated  Servers,  bursting   CPU  intensive  application  servers  into  the  Cloud   - Brian Corrigan, CTO, Major League Gaming/Agora GamesRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  32. 32. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  33. 33. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  34. 34. TECHNICAL BENEFITS OF HYBRID CLOUDS Public Cloud + Hosted Cloud: utility price, deploy in seconds, expand rapidly = agile Dedicated: customizable, performance, security, compliant, feature/product rich, familiar/comfortable Public Cloud + Private Cloud Internal IT as a service provider + more capacity in public Single tenant + multitenant Portability of images = test/dev in public, promote to prod in private My DC + cloud DC Keep my customer data here, use cloud for public workloads Out of space? Bolt on a cloud Need to park your data while you refresh? Rent some storage DR on the cheap? Try a cloudRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  35. 35. RACKCONNECT DESCRIPTION RackConnect is a unique solution designed for customers who require the flexibility and elasticity of the cloud, as well as the enhanced security and performance characteristics of traditional hosting the best of both worlds. In essence, RackConnect enables customers to realize the power of Hybrid Hosting. For Enterprises: Enterprises trust their mission critical applications on highly available and high performing traditional hosted infrastructure, using products such as high speed SAN storage, single tenant virtualization and high capacity load balancers. RackConnect can enhance this infrastructure with rapidly elastic cloud compute and storage resources, allowing you to flex your capacity at a For Small and Midsized companies: Customers with smaller dedicated hosting footprints can realize cost savings by shifting certain components of their application to a cloud platform, such as the web or application tier. Moving image libraries to cloud storage, for example, reduces the dedicated storage requirements and allows faster content distribution via the CDN capability of Cloud Files. For customers using Cloud Servers, RackConnect can allow you to add in a custom-built, high performance database or app server to provide a more secure, single tenant backend for your app. Or layer on a dedicated firewall, Web App Firewall, or DDoS mitigation to help protect your entire solution.RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  36. 36. How RackConnect Works Choose an F5® BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager or any Cisco® ASA firewall to connect your traditional hosted infrastructure to the Rackspace Cloud Cloud Servers can be automatically added to your load balancer, enabling you to scale on demand Connect to Rackspace with an encrypted VPN tunnel, turning the Rackspace Cloud into an extension of your datacenter or existing IT infrastructure Add Cloud Files for easily scalable storageRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  37. 37. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  38. 38. DEDICATED FIREWALL FOR CLOUD SERVER Add the security of a dedicated physical firewall to your Cloud Servers environment. Suitable Use Cases Move from Hosting to Cloud Improve security of Cloud environment VPN access to Cloud ServersRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  39. 39. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  40. 40. COST EFFECTIVE USE CASE Dedicated firewall protecting your cloud servers, and a high performance physical server for your Database back-end. Leverage the CDN to distribute your static content worldwide. Suitable Use Cases eCommerce sites High traffic blogs Content Management Systems Database-driven web applicationsRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  41. 41. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  42. 42. VPN CLOUD BURSTING USE CASE Encrypted VPN tunnel creates a secure connection between your existing data center or IT infrastructure and the Rackspace Cloud Extend your IT infrastructure to the Rackspace Cloud Shift workloads to the cloud (OPEX) to free up valuable data center space Suitable Use Cases Collaboration or messaging solutions, such as SharePoint® and MS Exchange® Secure administrator access to Cloud Servers via VPN Test and development in the cloud Employ cloud as a data replication target Use the Rackspace Cloud as a target for your disaster recovery solutionRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  43. 43. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  44. 44. LOAD BALANCED HYBRID USE CASE Hardware based, dedicated Load Balancer and Dedicated Firewall. Load balance dedicated and Cloud Servers together. Size your environment to your average capacity, and use utility-priced Cloud to handle peak traffic needs. Suitable Use Cases Unpredictable Traffic Marketing campaigns Rich Media Seasonal traffic apps, such as eCommerce ApplicationsRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  45. 45. RACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM    
  46. 46. ENTERPRISE HYBRID USE CASE Highly Available solution for large, complex configurations. High Speed Dedicated Storage Hosted Private Cloud Multiple security layers Meets various levels of performance needs Suitable Use Cases Mission Critical Deployments requiring multiple levels of redundancy Complex Enterprise applications with specific technology requirementsRACKSPACE®  HOSTING        |        WWW.RACKSPACE.COM