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RightScale News November 2013: Launch of Cloud Analytics


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On November 7, 2013 RightScale announced Cloud Analytics, a new enterprise-grade cost management solution that provides sophisticated cloud usage and cost analysis as well as forecasting and scenario planning across major public and private clouds. Cloud Analytics is integrated with the RightScale Cloud Management platform, providing a mechanism for enterprises to quickly execute optimizations to their cloud portfolio.

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RightScale News November 2013: Launch of Cloud Analytics

  2. 2. RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management Cloud Management Manage Cloud Analytics Govern Analyze Optimize Your Cloud Portfolio Public Private Hosted Virtualized 1
  3. 3. A Complete Solution for Cloud Adoption Product and Business Mgrs Development Cloud Management Focus Operations IT Management Cloud Analytics Focus Finance and Procurement
  4. 4. Built on RightScale Multi-Cloud Platform • • • • Public and private clouds Instance-level data Near real-time Enterprise access controls 3
  5. 5. Five Keys to Managing Cloud Spend Visibility What am I spending? Planning & Forecasting What will I spend in the future? Governance How can I control who spends what? Allocation Optimization How can I allocate costs or chargeback? How can I reduce my spend?
  6. 6. Quickly Decode Cloud Spend By Application Usage & Cost Trends By Team Challenge: “I spend 5 hours each week going through our usage and putting it on a spreadsheet for management.”
  7. 7. Understand Application Trends Application Usage Challenge: “ We want visibility into usage trends during our upcoming product launch.”
  8. 8. Forecasting Future Costs Challenge: “If you run up a bill on a cloud, you have to pay. You can’t change the past, its all about the future.”
  9. 9. From Forecasts to Budget Controls 8
  10. 10. Optimize Costs Challenge: “We know there are so many instances we should not be running.”
  11. 11. Getting Started with Cloud Analytics o Get a Demo • RightScale experts give you a one-on-one tour of Cloud Analytics o Pre-sign up for Beta (Beta in Q1 2014) • Get on the waitlist for the beta program o General Availability (GA in Q2 2014) • Subscription tiers based on cloud usage o Visit
  12. 12. THANK YOU. 11