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Back that *aa s up – bridging multiple clouds for bursting and redundancy


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Back that *aaS up – Bridging Multiple Clouds for Bursting and Redundancy

Peder Ulander, VP of Product Marketing, Cloud Platform Group, Citrix Systems

Bridging multiple cloud computing environments allows enterprises to plan for peak usage even while only building capacity for today’s needs. Using CloudStack, CloudBridge and RightScale can enable Enterprise IT to extend resource pools beyond physical datacenter boundaries and leverage additional private clouds or public clouds to meet peak usage requirements and smoothly manage planned or unplanned capacity spikes.

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Back that *aa s up – bridging multiple clouds for bursting and redundancy

  1. 1. Back that *aaS upBridging Multiple Clouds for Bursting andReliabilityPeder Ulander (@Ulander)VP of Product Marketing, Citrix Cloud Platforms GroupJune 13, 2012
  3. 3. PC Era Cloud Era
  4. 4. Hybrid cloud is the preferred model 2% 5% 7% Which type of cloud computing IaaS deployment 32% are your users most interested in? 46% 40% No preference/ dont know Hybrid cloud (combo of public or private cloud and local servers) 41% Hosted private cloud 37% 34% Public cloud 21% 13% 16% Adopted Planning EitherSource: Forrsights Hardware Survey, Q3 2011
  5. 5. Multiple cloud strategies provide flexible options Balance cost and scale with security and control Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Public • On premise • On/off premise • Off premise • Dedicated infrastructure • Low utility cost • Shared infrastructure • Fixed cost • Self-service • Low utility cost • Complete control • Fully elastic • Elastic capacity • Known security • Trusted security • Corporate control
  6. 6. Leverage infinite scale and flexibility across private and public clouds Connect Private Cloud Public CloudEvolve the datacenter to Extend the datacenter tobe more cloud-like gain unlimited capacityBuild an Amazon-style Tap low-cost compute fromcloud for maximum flexibility service providersMaintain control and keep Ensure network transparencysensitive data on-premise and security across clouds
  7. 7. I would like thisHybrid Cloud Use Cases one from enterprise cloud networking photo choices • Capacity Extension ○ Burst out separate clusters: dev/test, builds, batch processing • Geographical Coverage ○ Public clouds offer rapid, broad coverage – private go anywhere • Price-to-Performance Ratio ○ Purpose-built cloud • Disaster Recovery ○ Ramp up DR deployment from cold, warm, or hot spares • IT Self-Service ○ Simple IT vending machine can launch workloads anywhere
  8. 8. Build Automate Connect
  9. 9. Best way to understand cloud orchestration:look at the inventor of IaaS cloud - Amazon INFRA- DEV MOBILE DISASTER BYO APPS & YOUR STRUCTURE & TEST APPS RECOVERY PLATFORM DESKTOPS SERVICE Amazon eCommerce Platform EC2 API Amazon Proprietary Orchestration Software Open Source Xen Hypervisor Commodity Networking Storage Servers
  10. 10. • Market leading provider of infrastructure cloud software – Designed from ground up for cloud – Proven in 100+ major clouds – Open Source and Open Standards – Focus on SP/Telco, WebScale and Enterprises• CloudStack momentum – Growth in customers, cloud revenue supported, community, downloads, etc.
  11. 11. CloudStack is core platform to build Amazon-style clouds INFRA- DEV MOBILE DISASTER BYO APPS & YOUR STRUCTURE & TEST APPS RECOVERY PLATFORM DESKTOPS SERVICE Amazon eCommerce Platform CloudPortal CloudAPI EC2 APIs Amazon Proprietary Orchestration Software CloudStack Orchestration Software ESX Hyper-V Source Xen Hypervisor Open XenServer KVM OVM Commodity Networking Storage Servers
  12. 12. Build Automate Connect
  13. 13. Build Automate Connect
  14. 14. Connect clouds… on demand • Connect your datacenter to any cloud with full transparency, security and performance • On-demand connections to multiple cloud service providers • Simple, one click provisioning
  15. 15. Built-in cloud providers… or add your own
  16. 16. Challenges & opportunities Build a cost-effective, private cloud to enable university researchers unlimited access to academic IT resources Solution Citrix CloudStack with XenServer enabling an integrated solution for provisioning, management and operation of IT resources from a unified portal Result Reduced operational cost and power consumption per server by up to 20 percent Provided an agile environment for consuming IT resources Equipped faculty members with a cost-effective method to share, collaborate and store academic dataCitrix Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  17. 17. Challenges & opportunities Extremely complex IT services policies with highly distributed IT services requirements and strict security and compliance rules Solution Launched private cloud based on Citrix CloudStack, XenServer and NetScaler Result Improved project support by moving provisioning process closer towards the customer Increased efficiency and planning by delivering the service on-demand vs. over provisioning Provides governance/consistency layer for apps Improves quality of service by eliminating variance in applications and infrastructureCitrix Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  18. 18. Challenges & opportunities Build private cloud for corporate research development projects which had high upfront expenses, slower setup times and lacked standardization across distributed sites Solution Citrix CloudStack for rapid provisioning of compute resources for development and test environments Result Achieved 21st century speed setting up new research projects with “instant-on” access to compute resources Lowered administrative overhead with a “single pane of glass” for managing projects across several locations Maximized existing investments with flexibility to integrate different networking, virtualization and management componentsCitrix Confidential – Do Not Distribute
  19. 19. Established CloudStack Ecosystem * * ** * *