2012 RightScale Roadtrip - Business Software Used by Real Businesses, Coupa Software


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  • 265 Customers and growingEnterprise customer with financial transactions These are the customers who have already reviewed Coupa Cloud and Cloud Operations 14 Billion of spend through the system 500,000+ suppliers on Coupa supplier platform Integrations to all kinds of ERP Lawson, Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, JD Edwards etc..
  • Trustworthy - Build a cloud that customers can trust to succeed and sales can trust to sellZero data lossSecureAlways onAwesome Customer Experience - Provide the most frictionless user experience to customers so that they can forget about Coupa and focus on their businessEasy to useFast PerformanceSeamless integrationTrue Cloud - Build a cloud that is truly elastic and resilientFault Tolerant (Designed for failure, Self-healing)Elastic (Auto-balancing, Auto-scaling, Auto-provisioning) Zero physical hardwareMulticloud – Work seamlessly in public and private cloudHigh ROI - Build tools to provide the highest return to Coupa by empowering and making everyone at Coupa hyper-productiveMeasure everythingMinimal infrastructure costsEmpower Team Coupa
  • Cloud spend management company not Operations companyOutsourced infrastructure to AWSOutsourced system administration to RightscaleAutomated everything elseNot a single piece of server hardwareOn Amazon for 3+ years since EC2 was in betaOn Rightscale for 3+yearsYoung, 5 year old company. Went from server in garage to cloud directly. No data center baggage.
  • Servers are hosted on $1,000 commodity hardware not $30,000 high end highly redundant serversRightscale RailsHAProxy, Front-End, App Server, Database Manager templates with instances in multiple AZsReplicate data across zones – across clouds in the future for failoverBackup data across clouds for DR
  • Make application CPU boundShard from the startHybrid multi-tenant instead of monolithic multi-tenantAllows data segregation for data securityAllows auto balancing and auto provisioningRightscale deployment clusters for customer Tiers, Regional data protection legislationRightscale arrays – Schedule for known traffic patterns, triggers for unknown surges
  • Use Open technologies instead of custom vendor technologiesAllows using any cloud to comply with regional data protection directivesCoupa will host on a cloud if Rightscale supports itPaaS should abstract and still provide knobs and levers for lower level tuning e.g. Amazon outage
  • 2012 RightScale Roadtrip - Business Software Used by Real Businesses, Coupa Software

    1. 1. Coupa - Business SoftwareUsed by Real BusinessesHosted Completely in the CloudAmit UtrejaCloud Operations Architect, Coupa SoftwareNovember 1st, 2012
    2. 2. 2Helping customers succeed
    3. 3. 3Coupa Cloud Goals• Trustworthy• Awesome customer experience• True Cloud• High ROI
    4. 4. 4Coupa Cloud SaaS API INFRASTRUCTURE WEB APPLICATION CONFIGURATION DEPLOYMENT PaaS MANAGEMENT Rightscale Ruby on Rails/MySQL Capistrano MANAGEMENT Puppet Private Cloud IaaS AWS (CloudStack) Cloud (…) Cloud (…)
    5. 5. 5Design for HA
    6. 6. 6Scale out 7:00am 8:00am 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm 4:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm
    7. 7. 7Avoid cloud vendor lock-in
    8. 8. 8Thank You! We’re Hiring jobs.coupa.com amit@coupa.com