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Right People presents a unique service - The Right Direction to guide Business School Students in achieving their professional targets.

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  • The Right Direction

    1. 1. Right People presents…Right Direction 01
    2. 2. Right Direction – What is it? Right Direction is a career coaching initiative committed to helping students find the perfect career. We work with business schools, delivering career services, informative lectures and recruitment services. With the backing of an exceptional team, we have designed tools and services that help students to analyze and develop their competencies on the key attributes of their profile Our services will assess the competencies of b-school students, provide feedback on the assessment and coach the students to strengthen their competency taking their future career plan into consideration. 02
    3. 3. Why Competency Assessment? The Need Students can attain technical skills within very short period, but competency is something that is built in over years. Competency reflects their behavioral and social context. Are your students capable in handling conflicts and ambiguous situations? A manager responds to particular business situations that are intertwined with a number of social repercussion. Students’ response in a social context is more important than their knowledge in any subject matter. They need to build trust in their intellectual capability. They should not only aim for a mere job, they deserve a career. 03
    4. 4. Honesty is good but sometimes it hurts… 04
    5. 5. Essentials before getting interviewed… Self Introspection: Know what you want Research: Know Technical skills what recruiter wants Right Soft-Skills Practice 05
    6. 6. Right Direction – Service Offerings Know Yourself Workbook Competency Based Interviews Sessions: What Assessment recruiters Workshop want? 06
    7. 7. Right Direction – Delivery steps Session by Subject Expert Interactive session Introspective Workbook Face to Face video recorded interview Interviews Interviews Don’ts in Yourself Do’s & Feedback & Know Mock Awareness: What Recruiters want? Recommendations 07
    8. 8. Interview Practice SessionsMock interviews, includes giving students an Our interviewers are experienced in bothimmediate critique and written feedback. MBA and executive recruiting and have beenThe majority of companies interview against trained to recruit using these competencies.competencies. These soft skills are difficult to We give students a ‘mock interview’ and soassess from looking at a CV, which deals more we recommend that, in addition to their CV,with hard facts. students give us an example of the typicalIn our competency-based interview type of job they are targeting. This enables usquestions, we measure candidates against to prepare our interview around thesecompetencies such as: specific competencies.• Communicating with impact We recommend video recordings of the sessions for future use and feedback. We give• Interpersonal effectiveness the results in a positive and constructive way,• Co-operation and teamwork which encourages a student to learn and• Motivating/developing others apply our suggestions. Typically sessions last• Flexibility/handling ambiguity one hour and include interview, written• Entrepreneurial spirit feedback and CV critique.• Creativity and innovation 08
    9. 9. Some of the things we preach... Influential Communication Think Beyond ! Interpersonal Skills Presentation Skills Art of Networking Interviewing Skills Soft Skills Motivation Creativity Innovation Competency Interviews Body Language Behavioral skills Team Work CV Critique Resume Assertiveness Career Counseling Writing The Right Attitude ! Consulting Listening vs. Speaking Quality Engineers Leadership Talks 09
    10. 10. Get in Touch Right People presents… Right Direction www.RightPeople.inCONTACT USMs. Shreya JainPhone: +91 987 876 8898Email: 10
    11. 11. THANK YOU !FOR YOUR ATTENTION Right People presents… Right Direction Phone: (c) All right reserved Email: 11