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Using Data and Content to find the Ideal Customer

  1. AGENDA  Challenges facing marketers today  Smart solutions  Finding your ideal customer  The intersection of data & content o Data & Technology o Systems o Lifecycle Marketing Automation o Engaging Content  Summary  Questions
  2. CHALLENGES  Consumers have changed o Access to more content than ever before o Access to other consumers o Economy  We are looking at the wrong data
  4. DATA  INSIGHT  IMPACT  Knowing what data to gather  Quality of your content and what problems your customers are searching for  Knowing how to go from data  insight  impact
  5. SMART SOLUTIONS: BIG DATA Big Data separates the winners from the losers.
  6. FIND THE IDEAL CUSTOMER Every brand has multiple interaction points that help create the customer experience.
  8. DATA + CONTENT  Attracting customers + Big Data  Knowing what content to write/produce o Social media o Blogging o Video and YouTube o Infographics
  9. DATA + CONTENT Data & Technology / CRM  Converting  Databases (i.e.,  Personalization
  10. DATA + CONTENT Systems  SiteCore or Kentico   Right On Interactive
  11. DATA + CONTENT Lifecycle Marketing Automation  “Use this, then use that”  Use big data to create automated triggers based on user behavior.  Develop specific follow-up actions prompted by customer behavior. Source: The Mozy Blog. By James O’Brien. data-5-key-tips-for-bringing-them-together/
  12. DATA + CONTENT Engaging Content  It’s so easy to hit “delete”  Are your customers and prospective customers interacting with your brand? Source: Hubspot. Marta Kagan. Every-Marketer-Should-Know.aspx
  13. IN SUMMARY… DATA  INSIGHT  IMPACT 1. Identify ideal customer 2. Relevant content 3. Embrace technology
  14. QUESTIONS? Gary Galvin President, Galvin Technologies @gary_galvin Andy Clark VP, Business Development, Right On Interactive @clarkao

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